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Since 1983, Eagle Point has been helping engineering and architectural organizations successfully implement and productively use Autodesk technology. Our software and service solutions have helped tens of thousands of customers worldwide. But don't just take our word for it.

Eagle Point Companion Series for AutoCAD Civil 3D

"I have owned AutoCAD Civil 3D for a year and have struggled with trying to apply all it to my everyday surveying needs. The COGO routines have been awkward and following them in a logical progression has left much to be desired. Recently I purchased the Surveyor's Companion add on. This made an entire world of difference.

Civil 3D is a powerful, amazing program. But, from my perspective, it is generally written for civil engineering and not land surveying. Eagle Point's Surveyor's Companion changes all of that and opens the door to more ease of use for us surveyors. Thanks Eagle Point!"

Mel March, PLS
March Surveying

"Having used Eagle Point civil survey solutions since its inception, we have found that Surveyors' Companion continues the history of easy to use products. This program makes the AutoCAD Civil 3D learning curve more manageable and is and able to be quickly implemented in a small business environment. Civil 3D is a sophisticated program, but Surveyors' Companion provides familiar commands and user interface that make surveying calculations and data transfer from field to office a simple, seamless process."

Greg Sharp
Vice President
Anderson Engineering and Surveying, Inc.

"Eagle Point Data Reduction is pretty cool. It really enhances Civil 3D by allowing us to dump points, insert objects, blocks, and draw lines; all in one clean operation with minimal amount of setup."

James A. Bevel
CAD Technician
Smith & Co. Engineers

Ideate BIM Tools

"Ideate BIMLink has immense potential in opening outside access to the Revit database. The product should help users enter model data efficiently and ward off the temptation to detach schedules from the model. I can see it being largely beneficial to project managers and other project stakeholders not proficient in Revit."

Ishtmeet Singh, AIA
GBJ Architecture

"Although we are currently using Ideate BIMLink to allow input from principals in programming and door hardware manufacturers in hardware specs, we find this is the tip of the iceberg. We look forward to discovering the outer limits of this incredible product."

Guy Messick, AIA
Architect | Director of Design Technology
TLCD Architecture

"We appreciate the Ideate Explorer for Revit and use it extensively to manage our Revit models. The search tool is so critical to our processes, that we have actually created internal training documents featuring the Ideate Explorer for Revit."

Dan Dankert
Mead & Hunt

"Thank You Ideate for creating Explorer for Revit. I was tasked with deleting the revision clouds, revision deltas and associated text from a drawing file containing more than 100 sheets. In AutoCAD, opening 100 files and using layer to isolate this task would take about six hours. In Revit, without Ideate Explorer, the task would take about four hours. With Ideate Explorer and Revit, I was able to complete the task in 45 minutes."

Ty Russell

LandSketch Series

"The user interface is refreshingly simple, with minimal menu items and side menus. This simple interface actually hides an extremely complex program that can automatically draw and adjust the lots.

I enjoyed working with LandSketch and feel that it is a great tool for the early design phases of a residential subdivision. With its simple but effective user interface, there is no need to be CAD or GIS-fluent in order to learn and use it quickly. It is very efficient at trying multiple design scenarios quickly and having the results be useable from the aspects of both proper road and lot geometry."

James White, PLS
Professional Surveyor Magazine
April 2009

"LandSketch for Highways offers the first real opportunity to unite the engineering task with the environmental assessment/documentation tasks. LandSketch allows the engineer to coordinate with the environmental group's GIS data at the beginning, before the alignment is developed. Critical hot spots are identified within the graphic environment in which the engineered alignments are being generated, so that those areas can be avoided from the beginning.

Additionally, the speed at which LandSketch is able to generate the construction limits, right-of-way and subsequently the impacts on the environmental features of an alternative, will allow our engineers to instantly know how the alternative performs compared to other alternatives."

Brian Litherland, P.E.
Chief of Highway Design
Bernarndin, Lochmuller & Associates, Inc.

Pinnacle Series

If you can't learn AutoCAD Civil 3D after using Pinnacle Series, you should get into another line of work!

Eric Nolder
Design Technician
Senate Engineering Company

"The videos are extremely handy. I use chat with an expert quite a bit. We've also used the remote-in-desktop feature several times. The nice thing about that is Eagle Point's Civil 3D expert can find the error located deep within the program. Why is that important to us? Because if you're hung up in the middle of a big project it will get you the answers quickly vs. racking your brain...and time is money!!"

Pate Easterling
CAD Manager
CLB Engineers

"We were strongly considering in-house training to help save on costs and then I was introduced to Scott Coleman at Eagle Point. He was attentive, patient, informative and responsive to my questions about Pinnacle Series.

Now that I have used Pinnacle Series for a few months, I am thankful we have such a resource. Personally I have used the cheat sheets, workflows, videos, chat sessions, even phone calls for tech support. They are all key to my skill development. We have even created our own cheat sheets for problems we have solved individually and want to share with our associates. As an organization, we are about to create a File Organization Standard for our CAD projects and Pinnacle Series will be key for us to communicate these upgrades. We will also be adding to our Standards Library. We plan to use Pinnacle's features to share the newly added items.

If you are looking for advice. Don't be shy. The Eagle Point Team is patient and understanding, no matter what level you are at. Continue to ask lots of questions as you use the product more, so you can take it to its potential. For our occasional user or the one serious about improving their AutoCAD skills, at any level, Pinnacle Series has been a great solution to our needs.

Lori Miskines
CAD Technician
Douglas County, Department of Public Works Operations

"We are very happy with Eagle Point and Pinnacle Series. I have appreciated Eagle Point for many many years. And now Eagle Point and Pinnacle Series have played an important role in our successful transition to Civil 3D."

Steve Powers
Design Engineer
Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

"The Pinnacle Series is the best training product because it has tools for all levels of users from beginner to advanced. A beginner can work through the workflows with step-by-step instructions and an advanced user can chat with an expert on a design approach. Another benefit of the Pinnacle Series is having training when you need it, at your convenience."

Lindsey Jones
Project Engineer
J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

"From a design budget aspect, every minute we are not wrestling with the software is profit. A small firm, like the one I work for, needs to stay cutting edge with the latest programs, and learning as I perform my job is something Eagle Point Pinnacle Series not only provides, but excels in. The support I receive through Pinnacle Series from their talented staff impresses someone with 15 years CADD experience, to the point of seeing them as a panic button that has all the answers."

Matt Boyce
Civil Designer I
Cranston Engineering Group, P.C.

"We had to find a way for our civil department to transition to Civil 3D, and make this move as smooth as possible. Well after several discussions with our contact at Eagle Point, we made the decision to give Pinnacle Series a shot. Well, long story short, we had a project that was brought to us from a local mining operation and they wanted an expedited timeline. So here we were - a support software that we had never even tried, new software that we hadn't even installed yet, and of course a new client that wanted us to prove that we could do what we had told them we could do. So we jumped, no I mean, JUMPED, head first into the biggest challenge we had implemented within our department. Well, I can say, we not only learned Civil 3D, but we got the project out ahead of schedule, and best of all, the client was so pleased that we do a large percentage of their civil design work. I can say, without a doubt, if we didn't have Pinnacle we would have been up a long creek without a paddle. We at Hermanson Egge Engineering appreciate and will continue to utilize Pinnacle Series, and Eagle Point for all of our Autodesk needs.

Thanks for making me look REALLY GOOD. Thanks Guys, YOU ROCK!"

Mike Schon
Project Manager
Hermanson & Egge Engineering

"I have been using Civil 3D since 2006, basically when it was released. I have used many different avenues of tech support and training to learn this intricate program. By far the Pinnacle Series software has had the most positive results for understanding the intricacies of the Civil 3D program, as well as the absolute best for technical support. It has also been a great system for self-training new users that have just started using the program. Thanks Eagle Point!"

Engineering Technician

"Thank you for the well-crafted and informative presentation on Infraworks today. We are Pinnacle subscribers, and it is an outstanding training tool. Today's live training was informative and helpful. Steve Biver and Don Quinn have been so helpful, and I am confident the Pinnacle Series will pay great dividends for us this year."

Mark Houston Ricketts, PE, LS
Vice President
Site Improvement Associates, Inc.

"Between the project specific training and all the Pinnacle Series tutorials, I've impressed a lot of the people above me with how quickly I've become proficient/efficient with the software. In fact, in 6 months I've brought the C3D style sets into compliance with our historical office standards and I've been producing some top notch cross-sections. Thank you for all the help."

County of Fresno, Public Works & Planning

"As more of our group move over to Civil 3D, we've been finding Pinnacle Series is very helpful to get everyone up to speed in the basics of the program. There are always some aspects that need extra research sometimes to sort out issues, but that can be said of anything. We've never had to call in to chat with an Eagle Point support yet, but I'm sure it will happen at some point, and it's nice to know we have that extra cushion of support if needed.

The biggest plus we've found is unlike a sit down training session that comes at you extremely fast, we can sit down and re-watch any Pinnacle Series how-to video and skim through the videos to refresh our memory. I've had sit down training, and unless you start immediately doing all the tasks, you lose that information quickly. The training books they give are useful as reference, but it's good to see the commands being done. And with Pinnacle Series, you can right click in a video and set it to speed play – since the presenters take it slow to make sure you understand them, a little speed play lets you zip through the presentation faster and is still very easy to understand."

Perry Raglin
Project Engineer
Jp2g Consultants Inc.

"I began work with Bledsoe Riggert and Guerrettaz in April 2012. My position demanded that I learn as much as I possibly in the shortest time frame. As a new user to Civil 3D, I was presented with the challenge of obtaining the best training in the shortest time period possible. I needed to go from taking Civil 3D out-of-the-box to the point of being able to produce a product for my firm. Most training at this point in time for Civil 3D takes place in a course which is given to students in a four-day window. This sort of training is not one that I feel is going to be beneficial to an engineer simply due to the fact there is far too much to absorb and get a handle on using. People need time to use the product to gain a basic understanding of the tools themselves. This allows a person to add tools to their toolbox that are relevant to the tasks they actually perform. Having the ability to easily get in touch with Eagle Point via the tools they have provided has been invaluable in my success using the program and equally so with my new position at Bledsoe Riggert and Guerrettaz."

Jim Brown
CAD Tech Designer
Bledsoe Riggert & Guerrettaz

With Pinnacle Series, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium gets more value from its Autodesk investment. Read the Case Study.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

"Pinnacle Series: 'Just In Time' Training At Your Fingertips"

James Coppinger Guide

"We have found Pinnacle to be a very useful tool thus far, and I am very excited about its future potential and features."

Jeremy McMartin
Kikor Architects

"I am still learning the Pinnacle series and don't have a firm grasp on all the aspects of the product, but it has been a tremendous help in getting a grip on Civil 3D. Without it, I would still be floundering."

Maury Fortney
M.E.F.I. Engineering

"I couldn't have created our company standards and templates without the help of Pinnacle Series! And when I need support, I just get on a chat session and get what I need."

Tom Baker
WW Associates, Inc.

"Pinnacle Series is an invaluable tool for our office. When we have a question or problem the first place I go is to the Pinnacle Series icon on my desktop. We use support, cheat sheets, videos and training within Pinnacle Series. Sessions on Pipe Networks have been great."

Robin Swan
CAD Technician
Barker & Associates, Inc.

"I'm really really glad I went with Eagle Point and got Pinnacle. I questioned it in the beginning and wasn't sure what value it would bring. It really is good! IT'S WORTH IT!!!!"

Jennifer Trice
Trice, PC

"It's up to a company to take advantage of Pinnacle Series so they can use everything that's in AutoCAD Civil 3D, because there's no way of knowing 1/2 of AutoCAD Civil 3D; it's so in-depth."

"I like to watch the short just-in-time 'how to videos' before I start the process. This allows me to know what I'm trying to accomplish before I start. But the real value is being able to contact tech support when I get stuck."

Richard Graeser
IT Manager
Benchmark Group, LLC

"I 'attended' my first online training via Pinnacle Series this morning and am very happy with the format. I'm excited about how this works and am confident that I will make some rapid progress with the use of Civil 3D via all that the Pinnacle Series has to offer. I have a long way to go, but at least I'm starting to get a clue."

Mel March
March Surveying

"I recently signed up for Pinnacle and I just have to let you know how impressive your staff has been, especially Drew Leino, who was amazing today! I have been using AutoCAD for about 20 years but fairly new to Civil 3D, so I have been pretty needy in that area. Your guys have been patient and super-knowledgeable.

Pinnacle is a great investment, even/especially for a small organization like mine."

Liesl Mitchell, C.E.T.
THINK Design & Drafting

"It became apparent to our department after attending training courses on Civil 3D and attempting to work with the program that an office-wide upgrade to the software would be extremely difficult, much more so than previous software upgrades. This led us to delay the transition to Civil 3D indefinitely, with no formal plan of upgrading. Then, we viewed a webcast of Eagle Point's Pinnacle Series and subsequently purchased and, with the assistance of Eagle Point, deployed the Pinnacle Series software.

We are now using Civil 3D for all new projects, and Pinnacle Series has been the essential tool in our upgrade. Pinnacle Series is useful for our inspectors/techs who only draft in the winter, who now have an on-screen guide to follow. I recommend Eagle Point and the Pinnacle Series software to anyone contemplating an office-wide upgrade to Civil 3D."

Cody Eilertson, P.E.
Civil Engineer II
City of Fargo Engineering Dept.

"First and foremost it provides users with a simple and efficient interface, the content of which is updated over the network as changes are made to the various workflows. This guarantees that everyone is always looking at the latest processes that have been implemented. This also means that we need not wait for all department workflow procedures to be completed before distributing electronic documentation. Second, Pinnacle Series can function as either a step-by-step guide for someone doing a task for the first time, or as a simple reference for an experienced user wanting to make sure they didn't miss a step somewhere. A large part of how we use Civil 3D is dependent upon the needs of the other departments working on the project.

By having procedures published in a clear and concise manner such as Pinnacle Series, we can ensure that we take full advantage of the dynamic linking capabilities that Civil 3D allows."

Jason Ferrell
Civil Engineering Technician
David Evans and Associates

"While we yet have a lot to learn, we feel comfortable in our current use of Civil 3D and Pinnacle Series. We are making a commitment to both products. Our goal is to better serve all our clients by becoming the leading user of these products in our region. For example, so at the time the Wisconsin DOT makes their switch and are fully engaged in using these products, we will be ready to work with them on their improvement projects."

Greg Jewell, P.E., R.L.S.
Jewell Associates Engineers, Inc.

"Part of the difficulty in tackling the automation of the development process with technology is that virtually every project is unique and unlike another. Fortunately, a product called Pinnacle Series has been developed by Eagle Point that allows easy customization and is also adaptable for simple communication to the varied participants in a project, regardless if it is the designer (architect/engineer), developer, or contractor."

Steve Gaze
Mapping the Development Process
Sustainable Land Development Today, October 2007

"Working with Eagle Point to establish our styles and implement Pinnacle Series allowed our company to finally make effective use of a program we have been struggling with for several years. We knew Civil 3D was a powerful design tool, but we were previously not able to tap into the full potential of the program.

I'm glad we went this way. Implementing Civil 3D, with specific workflows geared towards us and helping us set up our styles was better than sending someone to classroom-style, Essentials training. The price tag was nearly the same as sending someone to training and the value we received was far greater because at the end of the process not only had we gained a better understanding of Civil 3D but we had both a resource to help us recall what we learned and a means to share that knowledge with all our employees.

Pinnacle Series is an ingeniously simple tool which helped tame the complexity of Civil 3D."

Kristin Knickerbocker, RA
Corporate Technical Manager
Clark Engineering & Surveying, P.C.

"The Pinnacle Series is one of the better frameworks I have seen to document and analyze business processes."

Michael Binge
POB Magazine
September 2007

"It's easy to be intimidated by the breadth and scope of the Civil 3D software. However, Pinnacle Series makes implementing the many facets of Civil 3D software relatively simple. I would definitely recommend both the Civil 3D and Pinnacle Series software to engineering firms both large and small."

Mary Wohnrade, P.E.
Mary Wohnrade, P.E.

"I would like to take the time to thank Eagle Point Software for an excellent product in their Pinnacle Series. Even though we purchased the Civil 3D version of the Pinnacle Series, we have gone well beyond that venue. We use Pinnacle Series to present workflows of everything from the Surveyors data imports to their base map deliverables, CAD Standards Compliance to Engineering for their review process and redline status.

We currently use the Pinnacle Series products on a daily basis, and are continuing to find new applications and processes that can be added to the workflows. Thanks again for the wonderful product, and keep up the good work."

Karl L. Hill
CAD Systems Supervisor
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

"We've been using Pinnacle Series for over two years and have found it benefits our organization both internally and externally. We had CADD manuals before, but this product improved them and makes them much easier to keep updated. We actually keep all of our manuals updated with this product now.

We also improved our own internal efficiencies by using it to help on-board new employees and roll-out new computers to our staff."

Don Broussard
Systems Manager
Hunsaker and Associates San Diego

"The Pinnacle Series has greatly reduced the learning curve introduced by the 'start - stop - start - stop' nature of our public works design projects. Pinnacle allows us to quickly re-familiarize ourselves with the project when the 'start' cycle begins. It has eliminated the guesswork on our processes and increased the quality necessary for exceptional roadway designs in Jackson County."

Al Richmond
Assistant County Engineer
Jackson County, MI

"The Pinnacle Series works brilliantly! Our main concern with learning a new program is the expected slow transition period and interrupted workflow. However, Eagle Point's Pinnacle Series allows for a speedy transition without a drop-off in production. Pinnacle Series made learning Civil 3D processes incredibly easy to understand and reflects Eagle Point's commitment to simplifying complex programs for its clients.

We thank you for your continued efforts to update and maintain our company's software needs."

John Winters
Landscape Architect
Jacobson Golf Course Design

"In my role with my company, I do not have the luxury to sit down and design projects (even in a good economy!) with the muscle-car known as Civil 3D every day to be efficient with the software... but on days when I need to sit down and bang out some grading or piping alternatives quickly, I can use Eagle Point's Pinnacle Series to steer through the design steps and not get lost in the Civil 3D commands. Thank you for an awesome product!"

Pat Fuhrer, P.E.
MAP Ltd.

"Stetson Engineering has gotten a lot out of the Pinnacle Series. It has really reduced the learning curve for our organization and the training videos that go along with the Pinnacle Series are very informative."

Rick Calvert
Senior Engineering Technician
Stetson Engineering, Inc.

"Everyone who has laid eyes on Pinnacle Series has had a favorable opinion of it. From those building the workflows to the end users, everyone has commented on the ease of use. End users like that they can select the command they need to initiate in Civil 3D by following the process built into Pinnacle Series."

John Volk
David Evans and Associates

"We had a vision of developing a complete pipeline design process from the field to a finished project using AutoCAD Civil 3D but with the new software we struggled with getting off the starting blocks. That is where Pinnacle Series and Eagle Point came into the picture. Expertly Eagle Point guided us through the whole development and implementation process. To have these tools and to have an expert like Eagle Point help our organization has made a huge difference. We would be in the starting blocks still but now we our off to the races."

Gabriel Lucero
Area Engineer

"After taking a Civil 3D training course, our office agreed that Eagle Point's Pinnacle Series would be a great help to transition into the Civil 3D world, if only for terminology sake. I do recommend Pinnacle Series for the transitional phase into Civil 3D. I also like the fact that if you run into a road block or get lost in the maze of Civil 3D, Pinnacle Series provides good tips to work through the problem because there should always be 'more than one way to skin a cat'."

Matt Kottenstette
Design Engineer
Pueblo County Public Works

"I can't tell you how many times I've had to listen to instructions being conveyed verbally by an experienced field crew member to a new trainee. Multiply this by the vast number of tasks you encounters in your day-to-day activities and you can see the time savings, both operationally and in the training area.

The Pinnacle Series is packed with useful features and is a very well thought out program. Having lived through various process management initiatives in different companies, I think this is just what the doctor ordered.

It can help your company successfully implement process management and improve your productivity and profitability."

Jeff Salmon
Business Angle, August 2007
Professional Surveyor Magazine

Support and Customer Service

"I worked with Luis with a problem I had on a project and he was very thorough. He worked with me to gather all the information and then took the model for further exploration of my issue. He came back the next morning (sent my file around 5 pm the evening before) and by 9 am I had an email and a phone call with a working resolution to my Revit issue. I sincerely appreciated all his help and willingness to solve the problem quickly and efficiently."

Michael Dalezman

"Your help and customer service focus has been exemplary. In fact, it has been some of the best I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for that. Particularly in the CAD area, there are many of us who feel quite lost and alone when it comes to getting issues, concerns and items we need addressed quickly, smoothly, and effectively. Our experience with you specifically, and Eagle Point in general, has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you!!!"

Mark Houston Ricketts, PE, LS
Vice President
Site Improvement Associates, Inc.

"Today we had the pleasure of working with Steve Biver on a complicated grading issue in Civil 3D. Our firm works on quite a few quarries that require complicated grading schemes to address varying soil/rock conditions. In this instance we needed to know how to create a template that allowed for different slopes in different soil/rock conditions and yet continue to get our benches to automatically be inserted in the grading. I just wanted to share how impressed I was with Steve’s response. Not only did Steve address our concerns right on target, his response was clear and patient and he provided a written response via email that was easy to follow. In addition, it was timely, which was critical given that we have an agency meeting early next week! I want to thank Eagle Point for having such qualified help in responding to our issues."

Cathy McKeon
Rau & Associates, Inc.

"As far as working with you and the engineers; I thought you did a great job and were very helpful. You got me back working and it was a pleasure dealing with you."

Scott R. Mizelle
Mizelle Consulting Inc.

"This is just a quick note to thank you personally, Tiffany and Eagle Point Corporation for assisting our Engineering and Surveying business with our software purchase and transition to Civil 3D. I'm impressed in how efficient, professional and flexible the service was and how much we will soon benefit with our implementation which will help our ability to operate more tactically and efficiently.

I appreciate it when a vendor challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions under this difficult economic time we are experiencing. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call and email. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference."

Javier Rau
Operations Manager
Rau & Associates, Inc.

"Eagle Point has been a necessity in our work place from surveying to the final product. Our drafting and surveying department has used Eagle Point for many years with a recent transition to Civil 3D. The Eagle Point Sales and Tech Support Team has assisted us in getting the necessary software and addressing any issues to keep our workflow and production on track."

Picciola & Associates, Inc.

"I would like to take this time to thank Eagle Point for the great support you have given Public Works at the City of Chesapeake, Virginia. Over the years you have gone out of your way to assist us with any problems. The big surprise came when I found that Eagle Point had the best Techs that solved not only Eagle Point but ran rings around AutoCAD's support system. Let your Tech support crew know they did a more than great job with both software solutions. Eagle Point has never let me down with your software or with your tech support. Thank you."

Bob Wetherington
CAD\GIS Coordinator - ETS
City of Chesapeake, Public Works Department

"I'm a highway technician with Faribault County Public Works and have been very satisfied with the technical support provided by Eagle Point for our AutoCAD Civil 3D. The quality of the support staff is very high and they have done a superb job of answering my questions and providing any information that I require.

The price of support was reasonable and is well worth the price in time savings!"

Jim Franzen
Highway Technican
Faribault County MN. Public Works

"Eagle Point has been a great partner for the last 16 years and has helped our firm to remain strong throughout the years. You guys are awesome! Looking to continue a strong and lasting partnership for many years to come. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication."

Jon A. Fetter
Project Manager
Donald W. McIntosh Associates, Inc.

"It has been about six months now since we upgraded our Eagle Point Civil/AutoCAD 8.0 software to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011. Although we are still in a learning curve, we are seeing more and more the benefits and capabilities of this new software. We have no doubt that it will serve us well by enabling us to become more productive and provide the kind of services and products our clients have come to know and expect.

Your continued support, even after the purchase, has been outstanding. I've always had the sense that you truly care about us and the success of our business. We were not just another sale for you to make or commission to earn. You have taken the time to really get to know us and our particular needs. Anytime we call or email, you quickly respond and help us find the information we need.

Thanks again and we look forward to a continuing partnership with you in the future."

Richard Edmonds, P.E.
Vice President
White, Lynn, Collins and Associates, Inc.

"With a large project and a small window in which to complete it, we needed a vendor who could provide us with answers immediately. I was surprised at the speed with which our staff was able to productively use Civil 3D and Task Navigator. We appreciated having Drew Leino as our one point of contact for support. Our main users are confident in his abilities and he has become their trusted advisor."

Greg Jewell, P.E., R.L.S.
Jewell Associates Engineers, Inc.

"Tiffany's understanding of the products and their implementation into various situations is impressive and was very helpful in configuring our small business needs. From all accounts our transition seems to be going quite smoothly."

Pat Christensen
Office Manager
Landes Engineering, LLC

"I am very satisfied with your assistance, product knowledge and the assistance your engineer gave us when trying to figure out what we needed. Thank you for the great service!"

Melissa Herrington
Product Development
McManus Consulting Engineers

"In the time I have worked in the consulting field I have had the opportunity to deal with many different vendors. No other company has been able to provide the level of customer service that the employees at Eagle Point have.

Several staff members have attended training classes for various Eagle Point products. The training we received at these classes was vital to our transitioning from one platform to another. The support team is extremely knowledgeable and we have always gotten prompt responses to any questions we have had about the product that we have purchased.

Throughout all the phases of deploying a new software package, Eagle Point and its employees have made sure that our satisfaction, whether it was with the software or services, was their number one priority."

Jamie D. Gunn
Network Administrator
Warnock & Associates, LLC

"I can say that I have never been disappointed in your staff's service in all of the years since 1994. My recent experience with Larry picking me up at the Dubuque airport and personally shuttling us to training and a few nights out... has been the best welcome I have had for any event/training. Larry welcomed us like family and the trainers Donny & Drew did an outstanding job of training! Your company and its service is rock solid... an attribute I will depend on for years to come. Thank you."

Joe Carri, S.E.
Carri Construction

"I recently have been restructuring the software future of DWB and Larry has been an essential part of how we will tackle the current environment and development within the civil engineering world. I have had several conversations with Larry about our needs and had responses that are through and timely. I, and the DWB management team, are indebted to Larry for the time he takes to understand our needs and his solutions to our continued evolving industry here in Canada. Thanks Larry for the 'brotherhood' we feel for your efforts."

Wil Moroz, AScT
Civil Engineering Technician
DWB Consulting Services Ltd.

Training and Implementation

"Don is a very likeable and knowledgeable instructor. He presented the styles and custom training classes with a very casual approach which I believe makes the learning process much easier. Unfortunately, we can't help it that he is a Steelers fan; it is something we just had to deal with.

I was very pleased with this class, however my only wish is that we had more time to collect extra information. Our company has some unique processes that have been implemented over the years in the way we previously used AutoCAD and I thought we had Mr. Quinn stumped. He proved us wrong the next day as he told us it bothered him that he didn't have an answer to our issues. He mentioned that he worked late into the night and came up with a few different ideas on how to most likely solve our dilemma.

I would like to thank all of you for your time and effort that was extended to get my company up and going on this program."

Lenny Carlson, P.L.S.
Vice President
Sunde Land Surveying, LLC.

"Yaggy Colby and Associates has gotten a lot out of the Task Navigator for Civil 3D. Coupled with Eagle Point's Civil 3D on-site training, our learning curve for this dynamic software was greatly reduced. Yaggy Colby Associates greatly appreciates Eagle Point's efforts with our Civil 3D implementation process."

Brian Holtz
Firm Associate
Yaggy Colby Associates

"Staying an additional day beyond the class to create the styles side by side with Drew specific to Milwaukee County was a great use of time. The styles that Drew was able to create in an 8 hour period would have taken me weeks to accomplish.

Budgets to get designs completed are small and deadlines to get projected completed are always present. We needed to shorten the learning curve as much as possible. With Eagle Point providing three days of training using the software and the Task Navigator, the two days of styles training and the one day of setting up the styles, we are now able to implement the Civil 3D software successfully.

The final ingredient has been the use of Eagle Point's Technical Support. I have used it a couple of times since the Civil 3D training. I found the engineers at Eagle Point to have an excellent understanding of the software. Their ability to set up a meeting so that your computer screen can be seen by the technical support engineer has been extremely beneficial.

I appreciate all of your assistance thus far as we migrate over to Civil 3D."

David S. Gulgowski
Managing Engineer, Site Development
Milwaukee County

"The Civil 3D Styles workshop was well worth the travel to Dubuque. The workshop instructor was clearly experienced in project development and effective in the presentation of workshop topics. Without question, the workshop has assisted me in the process of making the transition to Civil 3D. I encourage anyone interested in improving their technology skills to consider working with Eagle Point in their training programs."

Bruce Elster, PE
Shoreline Engineering

"I felt that we came away with a great foundation to build our standards on - which is something we had been trying to accomplish for some time. I feel that Steve made very good use of both examples and his 'hands-on' times with each of us and was very quick to answer any question we or any of the others had, whether these questions were very elemental or not. If he did not have the answers he took them away with him and came back the next time period or day with the answers - the mark of a truly good teacher. Someone who may not know ALL the answers but KNOWS where to get the answers.

I certainly feel that we benefited very much from this class and as I told my boss early on - just four words- WELL WORTH THE MONEY."

Sheila Lietz
IT Administrator/Project Manager
Vegrzyn, Sarver and Associates, Inc.

"After purchasing a few books on the new upgrade and working thru the tutorials on Autodesk, I realized that I needed some hands on help.

Since the styles class, I have a much better understanding on Civil 3D, it was extremely beneficial for our department. I would like to thank you Tiffany for all your assistance over the last several months, you have made my new job much easier."

Jesse Galban
Asst. City Engineer
City of Searcy, AR

"When we first looked at Civil 3D after our purchase, we were somewhat surprised by the complexity of it and how advanced it was from the traditional Eagle Point desktop line. Although we still have a ways to go with the implementation, Eagle Point has helped us move in the right direction by hosting an informative Civil 3D styles creation class along with a workflow creation class. Every day, our organization feels more and more comfortable with Civil 3D."

Department of Public Works
City of Rochester, MN

"The AutoCAD Civil 3D styles training workshop was a great mix of demonstrations and hands on training which enabled me to come away from the workshop with confidence to complete my company's Civil 3D drawing templates. The real bonus was having a knowledgeable instructor on hand to answer any questions or solve any problems that arose while setting up our specific styles - in a setting void of workplace distractions. I highly recommend the workshop to everyone migrating to Civil 3D!"

Joan Herbst
Designer/CADD Manager
Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.

"If you're going from Eagle Point to Civil 3D the AutoCAD Civil 3D Styles Workshop brought to you by Eagle Point is a must have. This workshop gives you the most cost effective way to get your styles for Civil 3D developed."

Bryan Seymour
Senior CAD System Manager
Lawson-Fisher Associates, P.C.

"I want to thank Eagle Point for the regional training class this past week. At first I was apprehensive about the value of the class, but after the first day - WOW! The time spent was worth every minute and then some."

Kevin Fry
Elmwood Partners

"We recently worked with Eagle Point to effectively implement AutoCAD Civil 3D. After many frustrating attempts and wasted hours, we turned to Eagle Point to help us plan a successful deployment for implementing Civil 3D.

By combining, Eagle Point's Task Navigator, product training, and customized workflow creation, we are now moving in the right direction and becoming more efficient. We were also very pleased with Eagle Point instructors and engineers who have been instrumental in helping us to better understand how to be more productive with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Whether you are new to Civil 3D, migrating from Land Development Desktop or, like us, want to improve your productivity, we believe Eagle Point has the right solution for you."

Andrew Gulden
CADD Department Manager
Robinson Engineering

"The AutoCAD Civil 3D training outlined the basic steps of getting started using the new software. Overall, the training was very beneficial for our group in implementing the new software."

Don Moore
Highway Design Specialist
Cherokee Nation Roads Program

"Having Eagle Point support our companies transition to Autodesk's Civil 3D program was one of the most important ingredients to a successful implementation and deployment plan. The high quality in house training provided by Eagle Point's team and the Task Navigator for Civil 3D empowered our employees with the knowledge and skills to complete projects with confidence."

Jason Smith
CTech | IT Manager