Dubuque, IA, May 20, 2019: Eagle Point Software Corporation announced today they have completed a project that allows users to more quickly and easily add content to the Pinnacle Series platform.

The Pinnacle Series platform is designed to bring Continuous Learning, Knowledge Capture & Sharing and Increased Productivity to companies in the AEC industry.

In addition to presenting pre-loaded content, Pinnacle Series has always allowed organizations to add custom content. Now, with Universal Document Integration the process of incorporating custom content is made easier by allowing for the upload of Excel files, Word Documents, PDFs, HTML and PowerPoint Presentations.

“Pinnacle Series has always been 100% customizable, but customers have been asking for the ability to use documents that already exist. Universal Document Integration shortens content creation projects tremendously while expanding the flexibility of the Pinnacle Series platform”,  John Biver, President & CEO at Eagle Point.

Uploaded documents remain in their native format and their contents are completely searchable through the Pinnacle Series platform. Additionally, the documents can be viewed independently and/or incorporated into Learning Paths, Courses and Workflows.

Please reach out to Eagle Point’s media contact for inquiries regarding this release.

About Eagle Point Software

Since 1983, Eagle Point has been focused on increasing the productivity of its clients. Over the last 36 years our products have evolved but our focus has not changed. Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series is the most awarded productivity platform in the Autodesk ecosystem. With access to customizable Autodesk learning paths, workflows, cheat sheets, videos and support, Pinnacle Series allows organizations to get the most out of their technology investments.  Pinnacle Series – Productivity… Not Just Learning.


Media Contact:
Melissa Christensen
Marketing Manager
866.678.6565 x3478