Expanding possibilities for AEC & M organizations
around the world

The Eagle Point Software reseller program allows our team to join forces with software reseller organizations, expanding the reach of our Pinnacle Series learning management system and
unlocking opportunities for learning and development for AEC & M teams across the globe.

Give your customers the power of Pinnacle Series

With the Pinnacle Series learning management system, your software customers can experience a range of benefits including:

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Pinnacle Series has the tools your teams need to do more, in less time.

Time & Money Savings on In-Person Training

With Pinnacle Series, there's no need to spend time or money on ineffective in-person training events.

Talent Acquistion & Retention

Employees are increasingly looking for organizations that will invest in their growth with resources like PInnacle Series.

Happier Clients & Fewer Errors

With Pinnacle Series, users have the tools they need to get the job done right on time, the first time.

Meaningful Company Growth

When organizations invest in their employees' development, they're investing in their own growth.

Personalized, Targeted Learning

No more time wasted training employees on skills they've already mastered.

Current Resellers

"While we are just beginning our journey with Pinnacle Series, their support to date gives me confidence that we will have a successful implementation and this will complement our firmwide strategies for years to come."

Why Partner with Eagle Point?

We’ve made a name for ourselves for the unmatched support we give to the AEC
and manufacturing companies that purchase our software, and the partners who sell it as well.

Responsive Customer Service

Our industry-leading partner team makes the buying process a breeze – but that’s not where our service ends.

Support every step of the way
Assistance with custom content creation
Customer Success team to ensure smooth implementation and usage for your customers

In-House Development Team

When you request changes or custom content, the work is done directly by our stellar in-house developers.

Consistent updates about development process
Final product that meets your functionality requirements
Marketing team & materials available

Positive ROI

We know that partnering with us will be a positive experience for your company.

Flexible subscription model
KnowledgeSmart integration
Customizable, expert-created content
Devoted customer service team

Interested in Becoming
Reseller Partner?

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