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Dubuque, IA – November 2, 2020 – Eagle Point Software’s Pinnacle Series has announced a partnership with Cadnetics, a Pittsburgh-based full-service BIM firm specializing in the AEC market.

“While the presence of Pinnacle Series is expanding around the globe, we are especially pleased to partner with Cadnetics and strengthen our relationship across the United States,” explained John Biver, President and CEO of Eagle Point Software. “In Cadnetics, we have found an outstanding partner with a strong focus on CAD/BIM professionals within AEC firms who look to focus on architectural and engineering output. Like the Pinnacle Series team, everyone at Cadnetics looks to move the industry forward and improve the productivity of clients.”

The Pinnacle Series AEC e-learning system features a comprehensive content catalog developed by engineers, architects, and industry experts. The platform, which includes thousands of videos, documents, learning paths, and other resources, enables long-term employee training and on-demand problem-solving.

Gabrielle Bovard is Director of Cadnetics U, Cadnetics’ software training and support service.  She spoke about the new partnership: “There is such strong value in BIM technology today, as it is used by architects, engineers, building owners, and facility managers in both residential and commercial applications. Pinnacle Series is an essential tool that helps to enable users of all levels to develop proficiency, and in some cases expertise, in the various software that drive our industry. Our partnership will help our clients not only stay current in all things related to building and technology but deliver value and drive efficiency and productivity to a whole new level.”

About Pinnacle Series
Pinnacle Series creator Eagle Point Software has been helping AEC companies work more efficiently since 1983. Based in Dubuque, Iowa, the Pinnacle Series team is comprised of engineers, architects, and construction technologists with hundreds of years of combined experience, delivering the leading AEC and manufacturing learning and productivity platform to more than 250,000 global registered users. Pinnacle Series offers a robust library of on-demand software learning content created by industry professionals, knowledge capture and sharing capabilities, and ultimately increased efficiency.

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About Cadnetics
From the time James Mauler established Cadnetics in 1993, we have been the premier technology partner for the AEC industry. For us, it’s not enough that we are at the vanguard of CAD and BIM; we are committed to moving our industry forward, and continue to do so today through Cadnetics U.  Directed by Gabrielle Bovard, Cadnetics U offers results-driven training, customized online courses, and support through Pinnacle Series. Cadnetics U students to remain billable, while developing the ability to efficiently predict and solve problems in the software they need to learn. For more information visit

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