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Thousands of organizations leverage our solutions to solve critical problems unique to the AEC and manufacturing industries. These case studies are from real companies that have achieved meaningful results with our e-learning system. Learn about the challenges they’ve overcome and how you can also obtain successful outcomes within your organization.


“You don’t feel like in six months you’ve reached the full potential of what you can do on the platform – there’s still so much more for us to tap into. [Pinnacle Series is] just stunning in terms of the support and the work that we can do to collaborate to really push and drive engagement.”

Kevin H.
Business Performance Manager

“Beyond the bottom line, and beyond the money, we were able to make a case that rather than scrambling to hire people when we get an influx of work, that we needed to optimize and upscale the existing human capital, to show them and to remind them that our employees really are our greatest assets. When we invest in our own, we grow our own.”

Ron R.
BIM Manager


“Pinnacle Series takes a big load off our support staff. It has reduced the amount of time we spend answering people’s questions by 50 percent.”

David T.
BIM & Digital Engineering Operations Manager


“I’ve worked closely with a lot of the Pinnacle people, I have a good relationship with them and their support is by far the best I have ever dealt with. The content is always there, they listen to what you have to say and implement the content if they can. It’s just a great company and a great product.”

Tony W.
CAD/BIM Manager

“If we hadn’t gone with Pinnacle, I think we would’ve been faced with a significant investment in effort and development requirements to achieve what we were able to achieve quickly through the Pinnacle platform. Those were really the big advantages – that it was professional content, it was readily available to anyone from anywhere, and we were able to get it up and running very quickly.”

Bill M.
Technical Services production Manager

“This has truly been a work-life change in terms of how we view and share information. I was just told by our CEO that this is the best solution we have come up with training wise in the 40+ years he has been here as we are now able to share all of our ways of doing things across all offices nationwide.”

Melanie B.
Senior Human Resources Representative

“Our efficiencies have definitely improved because we don’t have to send people away for training for a week… the turnaround time in learning new material has been shortened quite a bit.”

Selvan M.
Digital Practice Leader

“It’s easy to go to Pinnacle, search for specific fields that you’re busy with, and do the training while you’re busy problem-solving.”

Samantha D.
Digital Collaboration Leader

“If you’re using AutoDesk products, Pinnacle Series is a great resource for facilitating training within your organization. Today, over 100 of our staff members are finding answers and getting trained on Pinnacle Series”

Melissa P.
BIM Specialist

“After speaking with Eagle Point, I immediately knew that the Pinnacle Series could solve more than just our training issues. In the wake of witnessing the capabilities of the Pinnacle Series, I realized that P2S required much more than just a training tool. We also needed a consolidated knowledgebase to store and share our custom P2S content.”

Fred O.
BIM Manager


“That had a lot of useful training – there are a lot of complexities that people don’t plan for when they go to work from home, like setting up a daily work schedule. That was very helpful to be able to just give to everybody, right when we’re all going through that.”

Jake B.
Manager of Engineering Development


“I have used other online learning tools and found that Pinnacle is probably one of the best from an ease of use, and from a return and effort that the staff has to create custom modules. What I saw was a platform that would be able to help us with the adoption of other technologies that Golder hadn’t actually started to use yet.”

Scott G.
Manager of Engineering Development

“Pinnacle provided a lot of flexibility to organize information to allow for targeted distribution. That official information gets into the hands of our users faster than if they did a Google search. By working closely and collectively with Autodesk and Pinnacle, our content libraries remain current and custom. It helps me achieve my goals for technology integration at CHA.”

Jessica C.
Associate Vice President of Technology

“E-learning with Pinnacle Series is a part of our digital transformation programme, and our commitment to ensuring BIM Level 2 is business-as-usual by 2020. On this project they are instrumental in making effective e-learning and job specific learning pathways work for us; driving our long-term strategy as well as day-to-day productivity improvements.”

Mark N.
CAD Manager

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