Platform Updates and Content Releases

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We are constantly updating existing content and releasing brand new content and platform updates for our Pinnacle Series e-learning system to make sure it houses the most up-to-date software and standards for your organization. See a full list of our new releases and updates below!

ProgramRelease DateRelease NameDescriptionType
microsoft-suite-software-training.pngJul/09/2024Microsoft Library UpdateThe July update to our Microsoft Library includes six new learning paths for Copilot. Copilot in Outlook 365 – Shows users how to streamline tasks in Outlook 365 with the help of Copilot. Copilot in Powerpoint 365 – Explores the intelligent assistance of Copilot to create PowerPoint presentations. Copilot in Microsoft OneNote 365 – Course is designed to help individuals eager to elevate their note-taking and content management capabilities using Copilot. Copilot in Microsoft Loop – Offers guidance on using Copilot to enhance the creative process. Copilot in Microsoft Whiteboard – Helps users understand and explore Copilot’s role in Whiteboard. Copilot in Microsoft Forms – Improve outcomes by leveraging intelligent help from Copilot. Content
autodesk_construction_cloud.pngJul/09/2024Autodesk Construction Cloud UpdateNew this month in the ACC Library are three new Workflows. Mapping Assets for Autodesk Build covers processes for importing assets and mapping assets from a model while the new Issues Workflow covers processes for issue settings, create an issue, and import issues. The third new Workflow features process for Issues in Autodesk Docs – issue settings, create an issue, and import issues.Content
Procore_Logo_FC_Black_RGBJul/09/2024Procore Content Library UpdateNew for July, Procore users have access to a new Workflow titled Field Management With Procore. This workflow covers incidents, inspections, observations, and action plans.Content (2)Jul/09/20243ds Max Content UpdateOur 3ds Max content and Library has been updated to align with the Autodesk 2025 release. Assessments for 2025 have also been updated.Content
autodesk-inventor-professional-small_social-400.pngJul/09/2024Inventor Exercise File UpdateExercise files were added to the Inventor: Part Modeling Essentials Learning Path videos. These files can be downloaded from the description and used to follow along with the video. Content
SolidWorksJul/09/2024SOLIDWORKS Library UpdateThis month’s SOLIDWORKS update features the addition of the new Sheet Metal Advanced Learning Path. This Learning Path contains five new Courses – Sheet Metal Admin, Primary Features, Converting to Sheet Metal, Secondary Features, and Working With Flat Pattern. In total, 25 videos, 10 documents, and 5 videos have been added to the SOLIDWORKS library. Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400-1.pngJul/09/2024Civil 3D Assessment UpdatesThe following Assessments have been updated to include both imperial and metric units of measurement – Civil 3D 2025 Basics | Interface | Sharing Data, Civil 3D 2025 Alignments | Profiles | Assemblies, Civil 3D 2025 Corridors | Sections | Plans,, Civil 3D 2025 Pipe Networks | Pressure Networks, Civil 3D 2025 Points | Lines | Parcels | Point Clouds, Civil 3D 2025 Surfaces | Feature Lines | Gradings, Civil 3D 2025 Xpress. Content
autocad-online-training2Jul/09/2024AutoCAD Assessment UpdatesThe following Assessments have been updated to include both imperial and metric units of measurement – AutoCAD 2025 2D Fundamentals, AutoCAD 2025 Xpress, and AutoCAD 2025 Occasional User Content
newsletter-recap-140Jul/09/2024ReCap Library and Assessment UpdateOur July update for ReCap includes one new Learning Path for ReCap Fundamentals. This learning path covers the basics of ReCap, including an overview of reality capture, a brief review of the ReCap user interface, and an introduction to commonly used tools to get you started. The ReCap Fundamentals Learning Path features three new Courses (20 total videos) for Getting Started, Scan Projects, and Photo Projects. In addition, this update includes one new Workflow and one new AssessmentContent
autodesk-logo-w-markJun/11/2024**NOTE** Autodesk Construction 2025 UpdateWith Autodesk Construction Cloud being a cloud first product, updates are released throughout the year, rather than in a single “version” release. This means that there will not be a typical “2025” version like other Autodesk products. Instead, look for these updates in these content releases every monthContent
autodesk_construction_cloud.pngJun/11/2024Autodesk Construction Cloud Content UpdateNew this month, we updated the “Docs for Autodesk Construction Cloud” course. This update includes nine updated videos for Files, Issues, Markups, Reviews, and Transmittals. In addition, we added four new videos covering Specifications and Bridge. Quiz and Assessment updates were included for this course.Content
autodesk-logo-w-markJun/11/2024Autodesk Manufacturing 2025 Content Library UpdateIn the June content release for Pinnacle Series, the Autodesk Manufacturing libraries have been updated for 2025. What’s New videos and relevant content updates for 2025 products (including Inventor) can be found under their respective product titles in the Asset Library and in the Search filters. The 2025 KnowledgeSmart Assessments are also available. Content
SolidWorks-LogoJun/11/2024SOLIDWORKS Content Library UpdateThe June SOLIDWORKS update includes the addition of a new course for Large Assembly Modeling. The Large Assembly Modeling Course features 8 new videos (with transcripts and bookmarks), 1 new quiz, and 1 new assessment. This course was added to the Assembly Modeling Advanced Learning Path. Content
autodesk-logo-w-markJun/11/2024Autodesk Building Desing 2025 Content Library UpdatesIn the June content release for Pinnacle Series, the Autodesk Building Design libraries have been updated for 2025. What’s New videos and relevant content updates for 2025 products (including Revit) can be found under their respective product titles in the Asset Library and in the Search filters. The 2025 KnowledgeSmart Assessments are also available. Content
autodesk_revit-logoJun/11/2024Revit Content Library UpdatesThis month’s Revit update includes 97 new videos with bookmarks and transcripts These videos have been added to existing learning paths and courses. These courses include: Datum, Deliverables, Essential Skills, Family Creation, General Piping, Hydronic Systems, Interoperability, Introduction to Revit, Materials, Model Groups, Object Display, Piping Systems, Project Coordinates, Roofs, Schedules, Structural Reinforcement, Views, Walls, and Worksharing.Content
autodesk-logo-w-markJun/11/2024Autodesk Infrastructure 2025 Content UpdateIn the June content release for Pinnacle Series, the Autodesk Infrastructure libraries have been updated for 2025. What’s New videos and relevant content updates for 2025 products (including Civil 3D) can be found under their respective product titles in the Asset Library and in the Search filters. The 2025 KnowledgeSmart Assessments are also available. Content
autodesk-recap-pro-product-icon-128.pngJun/11/2024ReCap 2024 Content UpdateThe ReCap 2024 videos from CADLearning are now available in Pinnacle Series with the Autodesk subscription. The update includes 63 videos with bookmarks and transcripts for topics including: Getting Started, Scan Projects, Photo Projects, Selecting, Editing, Viewing, Navigation, Measure, Markups, and Collaboration. Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400-12May/14/2024Civil 3D Library UpdateNew for May, the What’s New in Civil 3D course was added to the What’s New in Autodesk 2025 Learning Path. This update includes 4 new videos with bookmarks and transcripts.Content
autocad-online-trainingMay/14/2024AutoCAD Library UpdateThe What’s New in AutoCAD 2025 course has been added to the What’s New in Autodesk 2025 Learning Path. It contains five new videos with bookmarks and transcripts.Content
autodesk-inventor-professional-small_social-4002May/14/2024Autodesk Inventor Library UpdateThe May Autodesk Inventor Library update includes the addition of one new course – What’ New In AutoCAD 2025. You can find this course in the What’s New in Autodesk Products Learning Path. It features 5 new videos with bookmarks and transcripts.Content
SolidWorks-LogoMay/14/2024SOLIDWORKS Library UpdateThis months’ SOLIDWORKS update includes the addition of new Learning Paths for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard User and Weldments Advanced. Overall, this update includes ten new courses containing 42 videos, 20 documents, and 10 corresponding assessments. “SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard: User” teaches an end user of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard what PDM is, What SW PDM is, and how to use it. “Weldments Advanced” teaches a SOLIDWORKS user how to use more advanced methods of modeling and managing Weldments. Content
autodesk_construction_cloud.pngMay/14/2024Autodesk Construction Cloud Library UpdateThe Autodesk Construction Cloud Library received an update to the What’s New in ACC Learning Path with the addition of one new course for the latest ACC software update. This update includes seven videos with bookmarks and transcripts.Content
SolidWorks-LogoApr/09/2024SOLIDWORKS Content UpdateThe April SOLIDWORKS update contains one new Learning Path – Sheet Metal Essentials. This Learning Path guides users through essential processes, tools, features, and skills for Sheet Metal design. This Learning Path is made up of three courses with ten videos – Getting Started, Sheet Metal Features, and Drawing Sheet Metal. In addition, Assessments were added for SOLIDWORKS Drawings.Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400 (1)Apr/09/2024Civil 3D Assessment UpdatesThis month’s Civil 3D update features one New KnowledgeSmart Assessment mapped to the learning Path for Civil 3D Collaboration on ACC Projects. This assessment contains 25 assigned questions with 61 available questions.Content
twinmotion-logoApr/09/2024Twinmotion Library UpdatesThis month’s Twinmotion update includes the creation of one New Library, one New Learning Path, and one New Course. these updates include 21 videos and one Workflow as well as supporting documentation, exercises, and data sets.Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400-1.pngMar/12/2024Civil 3D Content Library UpdateThis month’s Civil 3D content update includes one NEW learning path – Civil 3D Collaboration on ACC Projects. This Learning Path replaces the Unified Platform Learning Path. The Civil 3D Collaboration on ACC Projects Learning Path features three new/updated courses containing 17 videos and one Workflow. Topics covered include ACC Project Setup for Civil 3D Collaboration, Civil 3D Project Setup for ACC Projects, and Collaborate on Civil 3D Projects in ACC. Content
bluebeam-logo.pngMar/12/2024Bluebeam Content UpdateThe latest update in our Bluebeam Asset Library for Bluebeam Revu 21 contains one NEW learning path, four NEW Workflows, 14 NEW videos, and 45 updated videos. The new Bluebeam Revu 21 learning path contains five courses covering Bluebeam Revu 21, it’s program features, and common workflows. The four NEW Workflows include Transferring Markups Between Documents, Bluebeam Revu Plugin for Revit, Bluebeam Revu Plugin for AutoCAD, Bluebeam Revu Plugin for Navisworks. Content
SolidWorksMar/12/2024SOLIDWORKS Content Update and Content ReorganizationOur existing SOLIDWORKS content underwent a major reorganization resulting in the creation of five new learning paths including Part Modeling Essentials, Part Modeling Advanced, Assembly Modeling Essentials, Assembly Modeling Advanced, and Drawing Essentials. The Drawing Essentials includes 4 new courses and 10 new videos. Our SOLIDWORKS Essentials, SimulationXpress, CSWA Prep, and CSWP Prep feature a combined 20+ new courses.Content
Procore_Logo_FC_Black_RGBMar/12/2024Procore Learning Path UpdatesThe latest Procore Library update includes new videos in the Project Management Essentials and Administration learning paths – 10 new videos in total covering RFI Settings, Responding to RFIs, Closing RFIs, Submittals, and more. In addition the Project Management with Procore Workflow was revised to align with the recent UI changes.Content
business-skills-v4Mar/12/2024Business Writing SkillsWe’ve added new SCORM-based content for Business Writing to the Business Skills Library. Being able to communicate effectively in the workplace is key in today’s environment, especially with the increase of emails and other written communications taking the place of in-person meetings. Good, strong business writing helps you properly convey your ideas and goals, push forward solutions, and even foster a desired company culture. In this course, users will be taught the fundamentals of business writing so they can be well-prepared for whatever workplace communications they need to craft. They will learn to determine the purpose of their communications as well as how to understand their audience to craft tailored messaging. This course also covers the three steps of the writing process and explores the importance of grammar and tone. Finally, it will cover best practices for editing and proofing messages to ensure the final product is the best it can be.Content
health&safetyMar/12/2024Health & WellnessWe’ve added new SCORM-based content to for “Health & Wellness Tips: Boosting Health and Productivity at Work” can be found in the Business Skills Library. This course is designed to explain what wellness really is and several of the different factors it encompasses. We’ll break down how hydration, sleep, proper nutrition, being active, and managing stress all contribute toward our health and wellness.Content
microsoft-suite-software-training.pngMar/12/2024New SCORM-based ContentWe’ve added new SCORM-based content to the following libraries: Microsoft Project 365 Beginner: This course covers the basic functions and features of Project 365. Students will learn how to create and enter task information into Project plans. Students will learn how to manage project resources and assign them to tasks. They will also create custom project elements such as calendars, tables, and views that can be used to monitor and manage important project information. Microsoft Project 365 Advanced: This course covers the features within Microsoft Project 365 that every project manager needs to know. Students will learn how to update tasks, split tasks, reschedule project work, move a project, and set new baselines. In addition, students will learn to use the variance table, display progress lines, edit and create custom tables, create custom views, and sort and filter project information. Students will work with Project reports, create custom reports, and work with visual reports. Finally, students will set default options, save a project template, use the content organizer, compare Project versions, and work with Subprojects. Content
pinnacle-series-logoFeb/13/2024NEW Library for Accredited LearningWe created an Accredited Learning Library (ALL) for Pinnacle Series. The Accredited Learning Library will contain any training accredited by an external industry governing body. It will include AIA (USA), CanBIM (Canada), CPD (Global), ESCA (South Africa), SACAP (South Africa), and SACPCMP (South Africa). Learning found within the ALL will also be housed within its home library. For example, Revit content accredited will be found in both the ALL and Revit libraries. Organizing the content in this way provides a structure to help Pinnacle Users find the training they need. Platform
autodesk_construction_cloud.pngFeb/13/2024Construction Design Library UpdatesOur Autodesk Construction Cloud Library received multiple updates this month. A new workflow “Contracting in Autodesk Cost Management” was added. That new workflow contains four processes – Configuring Budget Code Settings, Setting Up Budget Codes, Creating a Main Contract, and Creating Cost Contracts. In addition, content for Autodesk BIM Collaborate and BIM Collaborate Pro were restructured into their own individual libraries. A new document “Autodesk Construction Cloud Subscriptions and Products was released to help users better understand the products available in the different Autodesk Construction Cloud Subscriptions.Content
autodesk-inventor-professional-small_social-400.pngFeb/13/2024Design and Manufacturing Content UpdateOur Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling Essentials Learning path received an update this month. This includes updates to 6 courses containing 33 videos – Introduction to Part Modeling, 2D Sketching Introduction, Feature Introduction, Parameters Introduction, Work Features, and Modifying. Content
SolidWorksFeb/13/2024Design & Manufacturing Content and Assessment UpdatesOur SOLIDWORKS library continues to grow with the addition of our NEW SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard Learning Path. This Learning Path contains five courses that cover topics including Understanding FEA, Simulation Setup, Mesh Setup, Post Processing, Shells and Beams, and Assembly Analysis. In addition, the KnowledgeSmart Assessments for SOLIDWORKS Professional were updated to represent new content. Content
autodesk_revit-logoFeb/13/2024Building Design and Architecture Content UpdateOur Revit video updates continue with 45 new videos that can be found in the Family Creation Fundamentals, Introduction to Revit, Essential Skills, Views, Interoperability, Project Coordinates, Worksharing, Walls, Rooms & Areas, Roofs, Spaces and Zones, and Deliverables courses. All new videos include bookmarks and transcripts.Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400-1.pngFeb/13/2024Engineering and Infrastructure Assessment UpdatesOur Civil 3D KnowledgeSmart assessments were expanded and realigned to enhance pairing with the Civil 3D Fundamentals Learning Path for 2024. These assessments include new Task-Based and Knowledge-Based questions. There are now 298 assessment questions available. Content
business-skills-v41/9/2024Business Skills Course UpdatesWe’ve added two new courses Creating a World Class Safety Culture and Energizing Your Workday: Movement in the Workplace.Content
microsoft-suite-software-training1/9/2024Microsoft Excel 365 UpdatesOur Microsoft learning library now features three new learning paths on Microsoft Excel 365: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. This new content will update our current Excel content to reflect the newest upgrades and features.Content
autodesk_construction_cloud.png01/09/2024Construction Design Library and Learning Path UpdatesOur Autodesk Construction Design content expanded with the addition of the Autodesk Cost Management library. This update includes a new learning path and multiple courses and videos. Quiz and assessments have been included in this update.Content
SolidWorks1/9/2024Learning Path, Course, Video and Assessment UpdateIn addition to updates to our SOLIDWORKS Professional Certification Prep learning path, which helps SOLIDWORKS users prepare for the CSWP exam, we added six new videos covering move component and advance mates features. Assessments have been updated to include questions for this new content.Content
autodesk_revit-logo01/09/2024Building Design and Architecture Video UpdatesOur Revit video updates continue with 50 new videos that can be found in the views, interoperability, miscellaneous project setup, walls, schedules, deliverables, and family creation fundamentals courses. These new videos all include bookmarks and transcripts.Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400-1201/09/2024Engineering and Infrastructure LibrariesOur Civil 3D library updates are now available, including 12 new videos and 21 updated videos for Civil 3D, Points, Lines, and Curves, Surfaces, parcels, feature lines and gradings, profiles and profile views, corridors, sample lines, section views, pipe networks, pressure networks, import survey data, and traverse analysis.Content
EPS_Business Skills iconDec/12/2023New SCORM-Based Content in Business SkillsWe’ve added new SCORM-based content to our Business Skills library, including: Communicating Across Generations — This course reviews the best practices and strategies for communicating and working with colleagues from different age groups within the workplace. Mastering Mindfulness — This course helps learners understand five mindfulness skills and ways implement them into everyday life, as well as learn the foundational principles of mindfulness. Burnout Recovery — This course helps learners gain a comprehensive understanding of burnout, develop skills to recognize and prevent burnout, and explore the underlying causes of burnout. Content
autodesk_construction_cloud.pngDec/12/2023New Autodesk Docs & Build WorkflowsThe Autodesk Construction Cloud library now includes a new workflow for Files with Autodesk Docs, and updates to the Project Management with Autodesk Build and Safety Management with Autodesk Build workflows. The Autodesk Docs workflow covers Files and Folders, Sharing and Publishing Documents, and Link Projects Using Bridge.Content
SolidWorks-Logo.pngDec/12/2023Updated SOLIDWORKS Prep CourseOur SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep learning path and course has been updated with 10 new videos covering Replace Component, Top-Down Assembly Modeling, Assembly Features, In-Context Features, New Components, and Interface Detection. The assessment for this path has also been updated to include questions for the new videos.Content
autodesk_revit-logoDec/12/2023Revit Video Library UpdatesOur Revit video updates continue with 44 new videos that can be found in the Interoperability, Project Coordinates, Materials, Worksharing, Walls, Roofs, Schedules, Deliverables, and Family Creation Fundamentals courses. These new videos all include bookmarks and transcripts. Content
infodrainage-product-icon (1)Dec/12/2023InfoDrainage Library Now AvailableA new library on InfoDrainage can now be found under the Innovyze product within the Pinnacle Series Autodesk library. Our InfoDrainage content includes two learning paths — InfoDrainage Fundamentals and Exchange Data — along with six courses, 23 videos, two workflows, and two KnolwedgeSmart assessments.Content
microsoft-suite-software-training.pngNov/14/2023New SCORM-Based ContentWe’ve added new SCORM-based content to the following libraries: Business Skills — Listening Skills Learning Path & Course, which teaches strategies to listen more effectively and respond in ways that demonstrate engagement.   Microsoft Skills — PowerPoint 365 Intermediate Learning Path & Course, which provides a deeper dive into Microsoft PowerPoint 365 in order to learn how to better organize presentations and make them more visually appealing.   Microsoft Skills — Power BI Report Builder Beginning Learning Path  & Course, designed for beginners who need to learn how to create, publish, and access basic reports. Content
product-titleNov/14/2023Introducing Autodesk AutoSpecsWe’re pleased to announce the addition of our Autodesk AutoSpecs library to the Pinnacle Series content collection. This library covers AutoSpecs, a new product from Autodesk that brings specification and submittal management to Autodesk Construction Cloud. The library includes one learning path, one course with 11 videos, a new workflow, and two KnowledgeSmart assessments.Content
SolidWorks-Logo.pngNov/14/2023SOLIDWORKS Professional Learning Path UpdateOur SOLIDWORKS Professional learning path, which helps SOLIDWORKS users prepare for the CSWP exam, has nine new videos covering Multibody Techniques, Display Pane, Local Operations & Feature Scope, Combine, Insert Part, Move/Copy Bodies, Master Modeling, Split, and Exporting Bodies as Parts.Content
autodesk_revit-logoNov/14/2023Revit Video Library UpdatesOur Revit library has 48 new videos, which can be found in the following courses: Getting Started in Revit, Essential Skills, Views, Object Display, Site Design, Duct Systems, Piping Systems & Plumbing, Hydronic Systems, General Piping, and Model Groups.Content
Pinnacle Series offers Rhino and Grasshopper software training for AEC organizations.Nov/14/2023New Grasshopper Content & UpdatesWe’ve introduced two new courses into our Grasshopper library, Grasshopper Intersections and Plug-Ins, to address Grasshopper for Rhino 7. This update also includes 16 new videos and two new workflows on Creating Animations in Grasshopper and Grasshopper Input and Output Essentials, as well as updated and expanded KnowledgeSmart assessments for the entire Grasshopper library.Content
Screen Shot 2023-07-17 at 1.42.34 PMJul/11/2023New CanBIM Course AccreditationsWe have received a CanBIM, or Building Transformations, accreditations on the courses in our Conceptual Massing in Revit, Generative Design in Revit, Revit Architecture Fundamentals, Revit Fabrication Models, Revit Family Creation, Revit Intermediate Skills, Revit MEP Fundamentals, Revit Structure Fundamentals, and Revit for Project Managers learning paths. Log in to Pinnacle Series to view the full list of our newly accredited courses!Content
projectwiseJul/11/2023New ProjectWise AssessmentsWe’ve launched four new KnowledgeSmart assessments for ProjectWise covering ProjectWise Design Integration for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, and Microsoft Products, as well as an assessment on ProjectWise Web.Content
autodesk_revit-logoJul/11/20232024 Building Design LibrariesUsers now have access to our updated 2024 libraries for BIM Management and Navisworks. In addition, we’ve added 2024 workflows and documents to the Revit library to accompany the 2024 videos and learning paths released in June, and mapped the learning paths to assessments.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.Jul/11/2023Role-Based Learning for Autodesk Construction CloudWe’ve introduced three new learning paths for Autodesk Construction Cloud focused on Autodesk Build role-based learning, including project management, field management, and administration. These updates include 57 new or updated videos and three new quizzes.Content
autodesk-inventor-professional-small_social-400Jul/11/2023New Inventor Content & OrganizationOur Inventor 2024 library now features a new learning path on getting started in Inventor, as well as two new courses on presentations and visual display, four updated learning paths, four new workflows, 93 new or updated videos, and improved library organization.Content
Global-BIM-Standards-logoJul/11/2023Global BIM Standards Content ExpansionWe’ve updated our Global BIM Standards ISO 19650 library with a new learning path that builds on our current Parts 1 and 2 content to include Parts 3 (Operations Phase), 4 (Information Exchange Requirements), and 5 (Security Minded Approach). This learning path includes 14 new courses, 62 new videos, and 48 new documents.Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400 (1)Jul/11/20232024 Infrastructure LibrariesOur 2024 infrastructure library updates are now available, including Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Map 3D, InfraWorks, and Recap. Learning paths have also been mapped to our 2024 infrastructure KnowledgeSmart assessments.Content
projectwiseJun/13/2023New ProjectWise Learning PathsOur ProjectWise content library has been update with two new learning paths: ProjectWise Design Integration, which provides training on the integrations available for AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, and Microsoft products, and ProjectWise Web, which introduces the fundamentals of the ProjectWise web platform. These updates feature five new courses, 40 new videos, and five workflows.Content
autodesk_revit-logoJun/13/2023Revit Learning Path Organizational UpdateFor our Revit 2024 update, we have rearchitected all learning paths and courses to address users’ needs and provide a better foundation as we grow our learning content and KnowledgeSmart assessment library. This includes creating fundamentals learning paths with smaller courses for more targeted training; making the delineation between fundamentals and advanced content clearer; and separating Mechanical and Electrical content. These updates do not apply to older version of Revit.Content
autodesk_revit-logoJun/13/2023Updated Revit VideoOur Revit and the Autodesk Desktop Connector video has been updated to address changes to the user interface and functionality of the Desktop Connector.Content
autodesk-inventor-professional-small_social-400Jun/13/2023Inventor 2024 Content UpdatesWe’re introducing new content around Inventor 2024, including a What’s New in Autodesk 2024 Products learning path that covers content enhancements in Inventor 2024, and a new What’s New in Inventor 2024 course with four new videos.Content
platn 3d (1)Jun/13/2023Plant 3D Learning Path UpdatesOur Plant 3D content library has received updates to the Essentials, Intermediate, and Project Management learning paths. In total this update includes eight new videos, updates to 22 videos, three updated courses, and eight new assessment questions.Content
97b09d4c-71d5-4e16-aa92-55e772e95161Jun/13/2023Vault Learning Path UpdatesThis release also includes updates to our Vault Administration and Vault Essentials learning paths. Vault Administration has one updated course and one new video, while Vault Essentials has three updated courses and five new videos.Content
Procore_Logo_FC_Black_RGBJun/13/2023New Content in Procore LibraryOur Procore library now features three new learning paths and courses: Project Management in Procore, which teaches users to effectively manage projects using Procore’s tools; Field Management in Procore, which shows users how to take their Procore projects into the field; and Administration in Procore, which provides instruction on using Procore’s administration tools to configure templates and create projects. In total this update includes 56 new videos, as well as quizzes. This release also covers updates to the Procore Basics course with three new videos, a quiz, and course restructuring. Content
SolidWorks-LogoMay/09/2023Introducing SOLIDWORKS AssessmentsAssessments are now available for our recently-released SOLIDWORKS content, including 55 questions for Basics, 25 questions on SimulationXpress, and 75 questions covering Associate. Content
AIA logoJun/13/2023New AIA Course AccreditationsWe have received AIA Accreditation on our courses within the Generative Design in Revit, Revit Architecture Fundamentals, Revit Fabrication Models, Revit Family Creation, Revit Intermediate Skills, Revit MEP Fundamentals, Revit Structure Fundamentals, Revit for Project Managers, and Working with the Energy Model learning paths. Content
autodesk-build-small-social-400May/09/2023What’s New in Autodesk BuildThis content release also includes a new course features seven videos covering the new features and enhancements in the Autodesk Build 2024 annual product release.Content
inventorMay/09/2023Expanded Inventor AssessmentsThis content release also includes expanded assessments on the Flat Pattern Course, Punching Course, Rules and Standards Course, and Sheet Metal Documentation Course for Inventor Sheet Metal.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.May/09/2023What’s New in Autodesk Construction Cloud 2023In this course you’ll learn about the most notable features and enhancements introduced up to May 2023, including AutoSpecs, which allows for the import and management of entire specification books in your ACC projects, and includes a full featured submittal builder that will automatically pull the required submittals from your specifications and export them to Autodesk Build.Content
autodesk_revit-logoMay/09/2023What’s New in Revit 2024In What’s New in Revit 2024 course, you will learn about changes to the User Interface with the ability to set dialogs and the canvas to dark mode, new tools for view management and placement, as well as the new toposolid objects for site design.  You will also learn about new features related to structural rebar detailing and MEP fabrication elements.Content
autocad-online-trainingMay/09/2023What’s New in AutoCAD 2024In our What’s New in AutoCAD 2024 course, you’ll learn about the new Smart Block feature that offers placement suggestions and improved re-placement options when working with blocks. We’ll also share information about event logging using Activity Insights, and enhancements made to Traces, Markup Assist, and Sheet Set Manager for Web.Content
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400 (1)May/09/2023What’s New in Civil 3D 2024In the What’s New in Civil 3D 2024 course, you’ll learn about improvements made to Corridor Transitions, which allow for transitioning across regions and locking transition lines.  You will also learn about the improved workflow for working with custom PKT files authored in Subassembly Composer, enhancements made to Pressure Networks, and the addition of Styles Templates for importing ArcGIS data into Civil 3D.Content
health and safety-logoApr/11/2023Health & Safety Content Update We’re pleased to announce a new health and safety subscription option with content from HSI. HSI is a recognized leader in environmental, health, safety, and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions. The content is delivered as high-quality SCORM-based courses, and covers the same course material as our previous offering, with some additional options. Content
SolidWorks-LogoApr/11/2023New SOLIDWORKS WorkflowsWe’ve added five new workflows to our SOLIDWORKS library: General Sketching Workflow, General Part Design, General Assembly Design, General Drawing Workflow, and General SimulationXpress Workflow.Content
microstation-logoApr/11/2023New Microstation Connect ContentOur Microstation Connect content has been expanded with a new course on Working with Cells, which includes 10 new videos, a new workflow, and relevant updates to other Microstation resources.Content
Procore_Logo_FC_Black_RGBMar/14/2023Procore Basics CourseWe’ve released a new course on Procore Basics, including a video update on submittals in Procore covering new user interface changes, and a new workflow on working with schedules in Procore.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Microsoft Suite training resources.Mar/14/2023New Microsoft CoursesOur Microsoft learning library now features three new courses on Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 To Do – Beginner, Microsoft 365 OneNote Desktop – Beginner; and Microsoft 365 Stream.Content
openroads-v4Mar/14/2023OpenRoads Designer Assessment Our OpenRoads Designer Subsurface Utilities course now has an accompanying KnowledgeSmart assessment featuring 32 questions.Content
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewFeb/14/2023 Data Anonymization ProjectIn this month’s release, we introduced new functions to further protect your data. Moving forward, 90 days after you remove a user from Pinnacle Series, their data will be anonymized. These updates will not affect any active users within your platform. Please note that no anonymization will actually take place in February — the first anonymization will occur 90 days after this release. Platform
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk software training resources.Feb/14/2023Plangrid Build MobileWe’ve introduced a new course on Plangrid Build, Autodesk’s mobile app solution for Autodesk Build, with 10 new videos.Content
SolidWorks-LogoFeb/14/2023SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpressThe SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool is now available in all SOLIDWORKS packages. This includes edits to the SOLIDWORKS Basics learning path, a new course on SOLIDWORKS Simulation Xpress, and 13 new videos.Content
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewFeb/14/2023OpenRoads Designer FundamentalsWe’ve updated our OpenRoads Designer Fundamentals with new content, including 12 new and three updated videos for the Subsurface Utilities Fundamentals course. Two new exercises and 18 new documents are also included in this update. Content
Autodesk_RevitJan/10/2023Revit Structural Analysis 2023A new course on Revit Structural Analysis 2023 has been added to the Revit Intermediate Skills Learning Path. This course features four new videos and is focused on Creating Analytics Objects, Analytics Model Workflows, and Boundary Conditions and Loads. Content
Procore_Logo_FC_Black_RGBJan/10/2023Procore LibraryWe’ve introduced a new Pinnacle Series content library for Procore, a construction project management tool. This libraries includes a new learning path on Procore Basics, 11 videos, and four workflows. Content
SolidWorks-LogoJan/10/2023SolidWorks LibraryWe’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new content library for SOLIDWORKS, a 3D CAD software used across a variety of industries. This new library features two new learning paths on SOLIDWORKS Beginners and SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep, and more than 40 new videos. Content
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewDec/13/2022External Learning TrackingThis feature allows your team to track any learning completed outside of Pinnacle Series, such as in-person courses, tradeshows, and webinars within the solution. The tracking feature leverages organizational structure for permissions and includes an approval and denial process and end-user submission and tracking. Platform
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.Dec/13/2022Autodesk Construction Cloud Build FundamentalsThe Autodesk Construction Cloud Build Fundamentals learning path has been updated with nine new videos and content to the courses around Sheets, Submittals, RFIs, Assets, Schedules, Meetings, Forms, Reports, and Bridges.Content
Autodesk_RevitDec/13/2022Revit 2023 UpdatesOur “What’s New in Revit 2023.1” course introduces new content on platform enhancements, Sheets & View enhancements, Dynamo & Generative Design enhancements, and architectural, structural, and MEP discipline-specific enhancements, as well as six new videos. We’ve also added a new video on Revit 2023 Parameters Services & Global Parameters.Content
Civil 3D-logoDec/13/2022Civil 3D New 2023 FeaturesWe’ve updated our Civil 3D and Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D content to cover new 2023 features contained in the mid-year service packs. These updates include 13 new videos and changes to the “What’s New in Civil 3D 2023” and “Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D Fundamentals” courses.Content
projectwiseDec/13/2022New ProjectWise ContentA new learning path on ProjectWise Explorer has been added introducing new users to the platform and design integration, which connects ProjectWise Explorer to Microstation and other applications. The learning path contains three new courses, 25 new videos, and one workflow.Content
tekla-structures-stacked-color-rgb-medium-squareNov/10/2022Tekla Structures LibraryA new Tekla Structures content library has been added to the Pinnacle Series Building and Infrastructure subscriptions. This library includes a learning path that teaches users how to work with Tekla Structures as a project manager or if they need in-time teaching. The library also contains five new courses and is mapped to KnowledgeSmart assessments.Content
infraworks-logoNov/10/2022New InfraWorks2023 AssessmentsNew InfraWorks2023 assessments have been added, covering Basics | Create Models | Conceptual, Design Roads | Civil Structure | Drainage, and ExchangewithCivil3D.Content
autodesk-inventor-logoOct/11/2022Autodesk Inventor Command TagsOur Autodesk Inventor content has been mapped with Command Tags. Subscribers can now leverage Pinnacle Series resources inside of their projects for increased productivity. The Inventor Command Tags will operate like all other Autodesk Command Tag functions. Content
health&safetyOct/11/2022Health & Wellness We’ve launched a new learning path on how managers can promote health and wellness in the workplace, along with three new courses: Health and Wellness in the Workspace, How to Promote Health and Wellness to Employees, and Characteristics of Employee Wellness Programs. This update also includes 10 new videos with transcripts.Content
Civil 3D-logoOct/11/2022Civil 3D Urban Roadway DesignA metric dataset is now available for all course exercises in our recently launched Civil 3D Urban Roadway Design learning path.Content
Autodesk_RevitSep/13/2022Revit Advanced Family CreationOur Advanced Family Creation course has been updated with 18 videos, supporting documents, and a quiz to round out the majority of the essential skills needed to build Revit families. The course is mapped to KnowledgeSmart assessments. We’ve also added exercises involving more than 50 files per Revit version for 2020-2023.Content
opensite-v4Sep/13/2022OpenSite DesignerWe’ve created two new assessments for OpenSite Designer, including one on parcel layout and one on parking layout. These new assessments are mapped to Pinnacle Series learning – please submit a support request to make them available in your KnowledgeSmart library.Content
openroads-v4.1Sep/13/2022OpenRoads DesignerWe’ve added four new assessments on OpenRoads Designer, covering aligns, profs, corridors, and civil cells; cross sections and plan profiles; terrain modeling and grading; and UI and survey data. These new assessments are mapped to Pinnacle Series learning – please submit a support request to make them available in your KnowledgeSmart library.Content
Civil 3D-logoSep/13/2022Civil 3D Urban Roadway DesignOur Autodesk Civil 3D library has one new learning path, one new workflow, seven new courses, and 41 new videos on urban roadway design. The new content addresses techniques to retrofit design features to meet grading requirements and objectives. Content
Find Civil 3D software training online with Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series.Aug/09/2022Autodesk Geotechnical Modeler AssessmentsUsers now have access to KnowledgeSmart assessments for the Autodesk Geotechnical Modeler add-on to both Civil 3D 2022 and 2023.Content
Autodesk_RevitAug/09/2022Revit Advanced FamiliesWe’ve added six new videos to help users create, share, and edit Revit Families to improve their projects.Content
business-skills-v4Jul/12/2022Customer ServiceWe’ve added a new SCORM-based learning path on delivering effective customer service, including courses on establishing tone, addressing customer needs, creating return customers, and more.Content
autocad-logoJul/12/2022AutoCAD & AutoCAD Electric UpdatesMinor updates have been made to the AutoCAD and AutoCAD Electrical libraries.Content
fusion360-logoJul/12/2022Fusion 360 UpdatesMinor updates have been made to the Fusion 360 library.Content
sharepoint-newJul/12/2022SharePoint 365 SpotlightThe SharePoint library now contains nine SCORM-based learning paths covering various topics, including organizing documents and creating calculations.Content
camtasiaJul/12/2022Camtasia BasicsA new video production learning path on the basics of the Camtasia screen recording software is now live. This SCORM-based path includes courses on getting started with Camtasia, creating a video, editing basics, finalizing your video, and more.Content
AD-3ds LogoJul/12/20223ds Max ArnoldWe’ve launched a new content library covering MAX-to-A, a plugin that allows the use of the Arnold renderer directly in Autodesk 3ds Max. The new library includes a learning path and library, 4 new courses, and 27 new video assets. Content
aec-software-training-with-pinnacle-series-autodeskJun/14/2022General Autodesk 2023 UpdateAll qualifying Autodesk libraries with an update ready for 2023 have been published. All accompanying KnowledgeSmart assessments and mapping for qualified libraries have also been published.Content
Autodesk_RevitJun/14/2022Revit Precast ContentWe’ve released a new learning path for the Precast tools in Revit. This course contains videos, exercises, quizzes and other supporting documentation to help users understand and use the precast tools to create construction models and shop drawings around precast design. Content
autodesk-inventor-logoJun/14/2022Autodesk Inventor UpdatesWe’ve updated and restructured our Autodesk Inventor content to allow for more effective e-learning. This new learning path contains videos, quizzes, and KnowledgeSmart assessment content.Content
Civil 3D-logoJun/14/2022Civil 3D Toolkit for DynamoA new Dynamo for Civil 3D course is now available, including three videos that cover how to install and update the Civil 3D Toolkit for Dynamo, how to access and work with the toolkit nodes, and additional resources that you can leverage for more in-depth learning.Content
Civil 3D-logoJun/14/2022Profile View Hatching VideoA new video on Profile View Hatching has been added to the 2022 and 2023 Civil 3D asset libraries, as well as the Civil 3D Fundamentals, Profiles and Profile Views courses.Content
Civil 3D-logoJun/14/2022Civil 3D Modeling PondsWe’ve added new content covering a pond modeling workflow that begins with Civil 3D Grading Optimization. This new content includes a new course, a new workflow, and 10 new videos.Content
autodesk-revit-logoMay/10/2022What’s New in Revit 2023We’ve added a learning path with nine videos detailing the new features and enhancements made across the Revit platform in the 2023 release, specifically for architectural, structural, and systems (MEP) users.Content
autocad-plant-3d-768x134May/10/2022Plant 3D Related Learning Our Plant 3D 2022 and Plant 3D 2023 content has been updated with related learning tags. Users can now accept prompts based on their use of commands within Plant 3D. Content
Civil 3D-logoMay/10/2022What’s New in Civil 3D 2023In this new course, you’ll learn about the Civil 3D 2023 release, including improvements to the Corridor Targeting, Path-Based Pressure Networks, Rail tools, and the Project Explorer and Grading Optimization tools from the AEC collection. Content
autocad-logoMay/10/2022What’s New in AutoCAD 2023We’ve added a new course that covers the AutoCAD 2023 release, including new enhancements aimed at collaboration and productivity, and improvements to the previously released Traces and Count tools. Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Microsoft Suite training resources.Apr/12/2022Microsoft Windows 11New content for Microsoft Windows 11 has been published including one new course, and 10 new video assets. All of this content is presented in SCORM format.Content
sketchup-logoApr/12/2022SketchUp 2022Our SketchUp content has been updated for the 2022 release, including an updated learning path with eight courses, 56 updated videos, and two new videos.Content
Civil 3D-logoApr/12/2022Subassembly Composer for Civil 3DWe’ve updated one learning path and added seven new videos on the fundamentals of Autodesk Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D.Content
Civil 3D-logoApr/12/2022Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3DWe’ve added a new learning path, workflow, and seven videos on the fundamentals of the newly-added Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D.Content
SolibriMar/08/2022New Solibri ContentNew content centered on Solibri and how to start using it on projects has been added. Solibri can import building models from all major BIM software products by using the standardized IFC interface. This content update includes a new product library, one learning path, three new courses, and 25 new videos.Content
Find Revit training online with Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series.Mar/08/2022Revit Model CoordinationA new course on Revit Model Coordination has been added to help Revit users with the Model Coordination tools, including Copy/Monitor and the Interference Checking tools. The course includes 11 new videos, one workflow, documentation, and more.Content
Find ESRI ArcGIS training with Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series.Mar/08/2022Map Making and Spatial Analysis SkillsTwo new courses and 23 videos covering Map Making and Spatial Analysis skills for ArcGIS have been added.Content
lrMar/08/2022Adobe LightroomNew content has been added on Adobe Lightroom Classic, including an introduction to Lightroom, managing your photo library, creating a photobook, and backing up and exporting photos. This release includes one new course and 41 new videos.Content
BIM-takeoff-1Mar/08/2022Autodesk Takeoff Fundamentals This release covers the concepts of Autodesk Takeoff, which allows estimators to perform more accurate 2D takeoffs and generate automated quantities from 2D models in one online solution. This new content includes a full content library, one new learning path, seven new courses, 25 video assets, and more.Content
Civil 3D-logoMar/08/2022Rehab Corridor FundamentalsOne new learning path, one new workflow, and eight new videos have been added covering the fundamentals of Rehab Corridors in Civil 3D.Content
Civil 3D-logoMar/08/2022Basemap from InfraWorks ModelThis new Civil 3D content addresses how users can jumpstart their basemap drawings using terrain data from InfraWorks.Content
Civil 3D-logoMar/08/2022Leveraging Setup SurfacesThis new content in the Civil 3D library covers Setup Surfaces and how they can be used to enhance the development of grading models. This content includes one new learning path, new workflows, 21 new videos, and more.Content
Knowledge Smart Logo Feb/11/2022KnowledgeSmart and Pinnacle Series IntegrationsThis platform release is the first in a series of releases to improve integration between the Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart platforms and enhance the overall user experience. Visit our blog to read full details about this release.Platform
infraworks-logo Feb/08/2022New Learning and Video ContentA new learning path and a new workflow on exchanging data between InfraWorks and ArcGIS Online have been added, including transcripts and quizzes. Three new videos covering parking features in InfraWorks have also been uploaded.Content
autodesk-revit-logoFeb/08/2022Revit Model Checker and Revit for Project Managers ContentA new learning path and course on Revit Model Checker has been added, including six new videos and one new workflow. The Revit for Project Managers learning path has also been updated to address expanded learning materials for project managers and frequent Revit users. That update included one new learning path, nine new courses, and updates to the Revit 2019-2022 libraries.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Feb/08/2022Content for Autodesk Connector for ArcGISA new learning path with transcripts and quizzes has been added on exchanging data between Civil 3D and ArcGIS Online. One workflow on this topic has also been updated.Content
autocad-plant-3d-768x134Feb/08/2022AutoCAD Plant 3D 2023 ContentNew content covering concepts for AutoCAD Plant 3D 2023 have been uploaded, including a new course that walks users through creating a Plant 3D project from scratch using lessons from the essentials course. Thirty new video assets and 28 new documents explaining the processes included in the course have also been added.Content
revizto-logoFeb/08/2022Revizto Product LibraryA new product library and content on Revizto has been added, with learning paths covering getting started in Revizto, intermediate skills, and advanced skills. New workflows on issue management, creating a new project, and stamp creation for 2D and 3D review have also been added, along with 60 new video assets on Revizto objectives.Content
Find AutoCAD software training online with Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series.Feb/08/2022Content for Autodesk Connector for Arc GISA new learning path and a new workflow on exchanging data between AutoCAD Map 3D and ArcGIS have been added, including transcripts and quizzes.Content
autodesk-revit-logoJan/11/2022New Revit Learning PathA new Revit learning path covering Schedules has been added in response to customer requests. This learning path includes 15 videos, exercises, a quiz, and supporting documents that provide in-depth coverage of this important topic. This release also contains 12 new Revit videos, edits to five existing videos, and a new quiz for the Essential Skills course.Content
Pinnacle Series Logo_New 2021Dec/14/2021Browser-Based Platform UpdateWe’re proud to announce the first in a series of releases aimed at migrating Pinnacle Series’ management functionality to a browser-based platform. This release, which is available now, focuses on the administration of users and groups, including role-based learning, syncing with Azure AD, user data expansion, and improvement to the overall user experience.Platform
civil3d-logo (1)Nov/19/2021Civil 3D Grading Optimization ContentA new learning path and workflow have been added covering Civil 3D Grading Optimization fundamentals. The new content also includes 13 videos on the Grading Optimization addition’s user interface, tools, and workflow, as well as an exercise with a dataset.Content
MS_Project_LogoNov/04/2021New Project Explorer VideosA video on the new features in Project Explorer 2022 has been added to the asset library. This video covers updates like Rail Alignment Support, and report and table enhancements.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Nov/04/2021New Civil 3D VideosTwo new videos have been added to the Civil 3D asset library covering the new features in Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2022, including the addition of Corridor templates and a new Target mapping dialog box for Corridors.Content
NEWFORMA_LG_SYMBOLOct/28/2021Newforma Project Center LibraryPinnacle Series is now home to a brand-new content library focused on Newforma Project Center. The new library includes 12 learning paths, 47 courses and quizzes, 130 videos, and one workflow covering a variety of topics around this project information management platform.Content
Pinnacle Series Logo_New 2020Oct/28/2021New and Updated Business CoursesThree new business and management skills courses have been added to Pinnacle Series, covering Professionalism in the Workplace, Working Efficiently from Home, and Managing Remote Workers. Our course on Everyday Change Management has also been updated with new information. All of these courses are SCORM and match the current learning path format.Content
bluebeam-revu-newOct/06/2021Bluebeam Revu 2020.2 ContentFour courses and 24 videos in the Bluebeam Revu library have been updated to reflect the newest functionality and user interface of Bluebeam 2020.2. The updated courses included Introduction to Bluebeam Revu, PDF Editing & Management in Bluebeam Revu, Measurement and Markups in Bluebeam Revu, and Bluebeam Revu in the Field.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Oct/01/2021New Civil 3D Collaboration ContentA new learning path comprised of three courses, 15 videos, and one workflow has been added to the Civil 3D Collaboration library. The new content, which mirrors the content released earlier this year for Civil 3D Collaboration on the BIM 360 platform, covers Civil 3D Collaboration for Unified Projects.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.Oct/01/2021New Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Projects ContentNew videos, learning paths, and workflows have been added to the Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Collaborate, and Autodesk Collaborate Pro libraries. In total, there are 48 new videos, three learning paths with 14 courses, and five workflows covering Admin, Docs, Insight, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, and Revit Cloud Materials for Unified Projects.Content
Build_stackedOct/01/2021New Autodesk Build ContentNew Autodesk Build content has been added to the Autodesk and Autodesk Construction Cloud libraries. The new content includes a learning path on Autodesk Build Fundamentals, seven new courses, 20 videos, eight document guides, and three new workflows covering project management, document management, and safety management. Content
civil3d-logo (1)Sep/15/2021New Civil 3D Learning PathA new learning path on Large Dataset Strategies is now available in the Civil 3D 2021/2022 content library. This path includes one course, 10 videos, and two new workflows covering strategies and tips for working with large datasetsContent
autocad-plant-3d-768x134Sep/15/2021New Plant 3D ContentThree videos in our Plant 3D library have been updated to better help users. These videos are Multi Select Pipe Lines for Drawing Generation, Project Recycle Bin, and Unified Selection Lists.Content
Formit-logoSep/15/2021Updated Formit ContentMultiple learning paths in the Formit library have been updated to reflect the latest functionality and user interface changes. The updated courses include Getting Started with Formit, Advanced Modeling, Presentation Tools, and Camera Views Orthographica and Perspective.Content
inventor-logoSep/06/2021Updated Inventor ContentOur Autodesk Inventor learning paths and courses have been updated to reflect the latest functionality and user interface changes for 2022, including eight new videos added to the Assembly Management Course. Existing videos have also been updated and replaced in the Secondary Features, Annotated Drawing, Introduction to Parts Modeling, and Drawing Basics courses.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library covers Vault software training.Aug/06/2021Vault Course UpdatesOur Autodesk Vault offerings have been updated to reflect the latest functionality and user interface changes. All Vault Thin Client course videos within the Vault Essentials Path have been updated and replaced. A new Vault Mobile App course covering the basics of using the app has also been added to the Vault Essentials Learning Path.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Jul/01/2021New Civil 3D Learning PathA new learning path for Civil 3D on Advanced Corridor Modeling has been added. This learning path includes the Modeling Driveways course, which features a workflow that leverages a versatile custom driveway assembly and can be applied to curb ramps at pedestrian crossings.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Jun/25/2021New Civil 3D CourseA new “Modeling Driveways” course is now available in the Civil 3D 2022 library. The course introduces a workflow that helps users model driveway entrances along corridors that have a curb and gutter, which can also be applied to curb ramps at pedestrian crossings. Modeling Driveways includes a custom driveway subassembly, created from scratch in Subassembly Composer, that provides a versatile curb and gutter solution and which clients can add to their Civil 3D library to leverage on projects or further develop in Subassembly Composer if needed. Content
bim360-newApr/27/2021BIM 360 Document Management UpdateA new video on Working with Files in Document Management was added, covering search and filtering of documents, generation of document logs and reports, and management of title blocks and custom attributes. All 12 BIM 360 Document Management videos were also updated to reflect the addition of the Autodesk Construction Cloud branding to the interface. Minor edits to most of the video scripts were also made to reflect any enhancements to the platform over the past few months.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Apr/23/2021Civil 3D Rail Design UpdateA new learning path containing two courses and a workflow containing two processes have been added to the Civil 3D asset library for Rail design. The Rail Design for Civil 3D course focuses on a typical rail design workflow and the modeling of rail spurs. The Rail Design Workflow is similar to roadway design but uses different design standards and requirements. This content also addresses out-of-box Rail design criteria, rail tools, and subassemblies. Content
bim360-newApr/15/2021BIM 360 Model Coordination Update All BIM 360 Model Coordination videos have been updated to show the altered interface, which was a color scheme and icon change adding the Autodesk Construction Cloud branding on the page. Minor edits have also been made to most video scripts to reflect any major enhancements to the platform over the past few months. Three additional videos have been added: Working with the Navisworks BIM 360 Issues Addon, Working with the Revit BIM 360 Issues Addon, and Example Model Coordination Workflow. The learning path has been updated to accommodate this new content, as well as best practice Revit tasks and updated BIM 360 UI.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Apr/13/2021Civil 3D UpdateA new learning path on BIM Collaboration for Civil 3D is now available in the Civil 3D 2020 and 2021 library. The new learning path includes courses on BIM 360 Project Setup, Civil 3D Project Setup in BIM 360, and Collaborating on Civil 3D Projects in BIM 360. This path is intended for Civil 3D users who are new to BIM 360, and who are looking for guidance on the requirements for BIM collaboration, how to set up their Civil 3D projects to share project templates, how to set up Data Shortcuts in BIM 360, and more.Content
esri-arcgis-logoApr/13/2021ESRI ArcGIS ContentA new library and learning path on ESRI ArcGIS has been added to the Building and Infrastructure subscription. The ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) content covers GIS (geographic information system) basics and “What is GIS.” The learning path is an integrated approach, combining ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS online applications. Content
buildingconnected-portfolio-new-logoMar/15/2021BuildingConnected UpdatesNew content has been added to the BuildingConnected library, including one new learning path on Bid Manager for General Contractors Fundamentals and one on BC Bid Board Pro for Subcontractors Fundamentals. An additional learning path on TradeTapp Fundamentals will be added in the coming weeks.Content
autodesk-infraworksMar/08/2021InfraWorks UpdatesA new learning path on Analysis, Optimization, and Simulation has been added to the InfraWorks library. This learning path includes two courses and addresses important aspects of roadway design including line-of-sight analysis, corridor optimization, and traffic simulation.Content
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewFeb/19/2021OpenRoads Designer ContentA new learning path on using Civil Cells is now available in the OpenRoads Designer asset library. This path includes fundamental courses on getting started with Civil Cells, grading an intersection with Civil Cells, grading curb ramps with Civil Cells, and grading driveway entrances with Civil Cells. Also included is a new process, “Grading with Civil Cells,” which outlines common tasks and steps to follow when working with Civil Cells. You can find this process in the OpenRoads Designer Project workflow.Content
bim360-newFeb/19/2021BIM 360 IntegrationPinnacle Series is now integrated with Autodesk BIM 360 Partner Cards. Mutual customers will be able to create a widget inside of BIM 360 that allows them to access Pinnacle Series learning content on topics including Reality Capture, Project Management & Scheduling, and Site & Safety Management directly from the BIM 360 dashboard. A guide titled “How to set up the widget for Pinnacle Series’ BIM 360 Partner Cards” is available in Pinnacle Series to help you get started with the integration.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewJan/26/2021SCORM Content UpdatesNew SCORM content has been added to the Microsoft, Adobe, and Business and Management Skills libraries. SCORM content – which comes translated and transcribed automatically – is labeled as “current” while older content is designated as “legacy.” Content
civil3d-logo (1)Dec/23/2020Civil 3D Data Exchange ContentA new workflow on Civil 3D data exchange has been added to the Civil 3D 2021 library. This workflow will provide guidance for Civil 3D collaboration and interoperability processes in programs including Infraworks, Revit, Navisworks, and BIM 360. A process to import and export data between OpenRoads Designer and Civil 3D is also included in the workflow.Content
Pinnacle Series offers BuildingConnected training for AEC organizations.Dec/17/2020BC Pro ContentA learning path on BC Pro Fundamentals for General Contractors and Owners has been added to the BuildingConnected asset library. This new learning path includes two courses, 12 videos with transcripts, and quizzes with randomized questions.Content
Pinnacle Series offers PlanGrid software training for AEC companies.Dec/10/2020PlanGrid UpdatesA course with 6 videos on Navigating the PlanGrid Mobile App in the Field, as well as 7 videos on PlanGrid Updates in 2020, have been added to the PlanGrid Fundamentals Learning Path within both the Autodesk and Autodesk Construction Cloud asset libraries.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Dec/07/2020Custom Property Sets: Civil 3D Expanded ContentA new course on Custom Property Sets is now available in the intermediate Civil 3D Learning Path “Customize Templates and Styles.” This course will teach users the benefits of custom Property Sets and how to create them for their drawing templates. The course includes videos, documents, an exercise, and a quiz.Content
civil3d-logo (1)Nov/17/2020Civil 3D Project Explorer UpdatesA new library of content on Civil 3D Project Explorer is now available. This course covers the benefits of using Project Explorer, where users can go to access it, and common use-cases. This library includes videos, documents, a workflow, and learning path.Content
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewNov/15/2020Improved Interface ExperienceUsers now have additional options for the user interface (UI) under Branding & Customization, including 3 new Widgets and a complete overhaul of the mobile end-user interface. If you’re a current Pinnacle Series user, watch this video to learn more about the new Widgets.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewNov/15/2020Upload and Consume SCORM PackagesThis new ability will make it far easier for organizations to acquire or license learning content from other vendors and import it into Pinnacle Series. If you’re a current Pinnacle Series user, watch this video to learn how to upload and view SCORM content.Platform
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewNov/03/2020OpenRoads Designer UpdatesAdditional datasets and exercises have been added to 7 OpenRoads Designer courses in the Bentley content library, in response to client requests. The datasets and exercises include both imperial and metric unit options, and can be found in the course asset list upon enrolling in the courses. Content
bentley-openroads-software-training-online-removebg-previewOct/23/2020OpenRoads and OpenSite UpdatesNew content is now available for Bentley OpenRoads and OpenSite Designer. Two new courses have been added to the OpenRoads Designer Fundamentals learning path covering pad grading and pond grading fundamentals. Two processes on general pond grading and general pad grinding have also been added. This release also introduces new learning path, a new workflow, and two new courses for OpenSite Designer, a sister product of OpenRoads Designer. The learning path covers OpenSite fundamentals, while the courses cover optimizing layout and grading for parking and parcels. Content
bim360-newOct/23/2020BIM 360 UpdatesA new learning path has been added to give users a basic understanding of the BIM 360 Assets Module, which allows for centralized documentation, customization, and streamlined management of construction assets and equipment. This learning path includes nine new videos with transcripts included, as well as quizzes with randomized questions. Content
bim360-newOct/06/2020BIM 360 UpdatesAll current videos have been updated and a total of 54 new videos have been added, on the topics of BIM 360 Admin, Document Management, Cloud Shared Models, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, Field Management, Project Management, and Project Home and Insight. Learning path content on these topics has also been updated. New workflows were also added on BIM 360 Document Management, Cloud Shared Models, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination, and Field Management. Content
video-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/02/2020Manufacturing Video Updates Nearly 70 manufacturing-related videos have been added or updated on topics including Inventor Part Modeling, Inventor Tube and Pipe, Inventor Sheet Metal, Inventor Frame Generator, Plant 3D, AudoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Formit, Advanced Steel, and Vault.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library covers BIM Track software training.Sep/25/2020New BIM Track contentTraining content for the BIM Track platform is now available in Pinnacle Series. Our comprehensive content provides Architects, BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, and Project Managers with the resources they need to learn and help train others on BIM Track, a web-based communication platform for BIM coordination.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library includes Autodesk Construction Cloud training.Sep/17/2020Autodesk Construction Cloud New Assemble ContentAdditional content added around core capabilities and how to navigate through Assemble. For the user experience, video content was created to help reinforce “why this is important to me” in a role based approach. New workflows were added around common tasks and roles on a construction project. Finally, additional content focused on the Mobile Assemble App has been added to the library. Content
civil3d-logo (1)Aug/28/2020New Civil 3D Learning Path Survey EssentialsA new learning path on survey essentials is available in the Civil 3D content library. This learning path includes three courses, and targets users who are responsible for processing survey files into a Civil 3D drawing. The new content also includes a course on Traverse analysis, new videos, exercises, and quizzes.Content
global-bim-standards-training-removebg-previewAug/24/2020New Global BIM Standards contentA full learning path covering Global BIM (Building Information Modeling) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 19650 Standards is now available in Pinnacle Series. This content was created in partnership with Digital Node.Content
bluebeam-logoAug/14/2020Updated Bluebeam Revu learning pathThe learning path for Bluebeam Revu has been updated to include four new videos on customizing keyboard shortcuts, creating image flipbooks, using sketch to scale tools, and implementing document templates in projects. Two new how-to documents on Autodesk plugins for Revu and customizing profiles in projects have also been added.Content
Pinnacle Series’ content library covers AEC health and safety training.Aug/14/2020New Health and Safety contentAdditional Health and Safety content has been added to Pinnacle Series, including improved learning paths for human resources safety and workplace safety. The new content also includes videos on workplace discrimination for employees, sexual harassment for employees, and workplace discrimination for managers and supervisors. Existing videos have also been reorganized into better-fit learning paths.Content
autodesk-infraworksJul/31/2020Updated Infraworks 2021 contentInfraworks content has been updated for 2021. This content update includes new videos and video bookmarks, updated scripts, screen captures, exercises, datasets, and quizzes. Content
assemble-logo-removebg-previewJul/14/2020New interoperability workflows for Assemble construction librarySix new interoperability workflows have been added to the Assemble construction library, part of Autodesk Construction Cloud’s portfolio. These workflows include Assemble + AutoCAD, Assemble + Civil 3D, Assemble + iSqFt, Assemble + Point Cloud, Assemble + Power BI, and Assemble + Procore. Content
bim360-newJun/08/2020BIM 360 Project Management UpdatesA new course has been added to improve understanding and utilization of the Meeting Minutes toolset in BIM 360’s Project Management module. The course walks users through creating meetings, tracking attendance, generating agendas, capturing minutes, and creating follow-up meetings.Content
bim360-newJun/08/2020BIM 360 Cost Management Updates A new learning path has been created to guide users through managing costs, budget changes, supplier contracts, and visibility using the Cost Management module in BIM 360. The Cost Management module can help users track changes, coordinate change orders, and understand the financial impact of each budget alteration on a project’s bottom line.Content
Pinnacle Series offers PlanGrid software training for AEC companies.Jun/08/2020PlanGrid UpdatesOur PlanGrid content has been updated to cover two new functionalities within the program. First is the ability to build templates that can help users save time when they set up a Custom Form or fill out a Field Report. The second is a field for Root Cause, which allows users to choose from a drop-down list of root causes to categorize issue types when creating a new task.Content
health-and-safety-logoJun/08/2020Interoperability WorkflowsFive new interoperability workflows for construction have been added that give users an understanding of how different platforms communicate with each other, and to provide a starting point for migrating project data. These workflows are: Assemble + BIM 360, Assemble + Excel, Assemble + Navisworks, Assemble + Revit, and BuildingConnected + PlanGrid.Content
training-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020Live training featuresPinnacle Series now offers the ability to schedule, manage, monitor, and track live instructor-led training sessions within the platform. Content
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020Customizable UI/widgetsCustomizable UI/widgets Administrators can now leverage widgets to control the user experience, and further customize the Pinnacle Series interface to best fit their organization’s needs and branding. Both the Home Page and Learning Center have been designed as a collection of widgets, giving administrators complete control over the look and feel of the platform. Additional widgets will be developed and made available through the Widget Library – if you have ideas for additional widgets, please contact the support team or your Customer Success Manager.Platform
workgroup-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020External Work Group membershipWork Groups now allow users to share information with people outside of their organization. This feature allows for the creation of project-specific Work Groups for subconsultants or subcontractors to view your standards, project onboarding materials, BIM execution plans, and more. Internal and external team members can discuss items through the discussion board, and administrators can view dashboard analytics showing how external users are viewing and using content.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMar/10/2020Automatically enroll users into training when placed into a Pinnacle GroupAdministrators can now set up rules to automatically enroll users into courses and learning paths when they get added into a new group, such as when they move to a new role within the firm. Users will also receive notifications so they know their assignments as they begin new roles.Platform
course-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/09/2019Course prerequisitesPinnacle Series now allows administrators the ability to establish course prerequisites that require users to complete courses prior to enrolling in more advanced courses or learning paths.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/09/2019Customizable themesAdministrators can now create and apply a custom color or font theme to Pinnacle Series to better align the platform with their organization’s branding.Platform
quiz-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewOct/09/2019Additional improvements to quizzesThe quizzes feature within Pinnacle Series now allows administrators to use images as answers, randomize the quiz questions, place a limit on questions asked, conduct long-term tracking of Q&A, set maximum quiz attempts, and more.Platform
bigstock-doc-file-icon-isolated-on-whit-410298097-removebg-previewMay/28/2019Universal documentsUsers can now import many common content formats including PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, PPT, and more, removing the need to create all of their custom content from scratch.Platform
gear-icon-content-release-table-removebg-previewMay/28/2019Active Directory synchronization improvements – Sync AD Groups with Pinnacle GroupsAdvanced options are now available in Pinnacle Series to allow for more automation in terms of the user account and group setup.Platform
autodesk-civil-3d-small-social-400-1.png02/13/2024Engineering and Infrastructure Assessment UpdatesOur Civil 3D KnowledgeSmart assessments were expanded and realigned to enhance pairing with the Civil 3D Fundamentals Learning Path. These assessments include new Task-Based and Knowledge-Based questions. Content

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