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“Those were the two big issues that we wanted to solve: how do you get good talent in and assess their skill set? And then how do you give technical training to our technical experts in a consumable fashion that’s high-impact but not long in length? We were already using Pinnacle but in a very limited fashion; I think we had four licenses. It really wasn’t robust, it really wasn’t being used to its capability. When Mike Lyons shared with me the enterprise solution, and all of the things that we can help us with, that’s what I said, ‘Listen, we’re done with the four seats – we’re going enterprise-wide.’ The implementation went great. [The customer success team] was really instrumental in getting us off the ground. Once they got us going, it’s been great ever since.”

Rodney W.
Director of Talent Management


“With Pinnacle, I have a one-stop shop that I send people to for training. And I just love that I don’t have to think about it – I know this is good content, I know this is on brand for what we’re doing. And then from the leadership perspective, I think what leaders gain from it across our company is they’re getting better candidates with the assessment function, but also they know where their teams are, and that’s huge; that’s half the battle. So they get a new hire, they take the assessment, they know where they’re at, and they know where to work from.”

Martee G.
Talent Development Specialist

“SA Power Networks chose Pinnacle Series out of a couple of other market contenders finding the platform’s ease-of-access (being remotely accessible through any web-browser) and off-the-shelf content far superior and friendlier than others. The customizable content and online and offline searching features were both appealing to the user test group, as well as the dynamic and agile approach to the pinnacle teams onboarding Is delivered. The majority of users have been leveraging the AutoCAD content, brushing up on their skills and learning some new techniques whilst at home a little more. Whilst others have been exploring newer software’s and alternative ways of designing – keeping busy, occupied and current.”

Steve W.
CAD Systems Manager

“I’m contacting you to express my gratitude for the exceptional support I’ve received working with Tara Verdia. I’ve been the CAD Manager for GAI Consultants since the position was created in 2012. Serving in this capacity has been both an honor and a privilege but, as you can imagine, it hasn’t always been overly joyful or pleasant. However, it has not only been an honor and a privilege working with Tara but also a truly pleasurable experience as well. From the start, I was impressed with her knowledge of the Pinnacle Series platform and her exceptional communication skills. Tara is not only well spoken but she is also an outstanding listener. Tara’s poise conveys confidence and professionalism as one might expect, however, she’s also personable and unpretentious. From my perspective, you employ a very valuable asset equipped with unique characteristics and I hope you appreciate the efforts and skills of Tara Verdia as much as I do. You’re welcome to share this communication with others as appropriate.”

Timothy M.
CAD/Technology Manager

“More than anything, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Our team launched Pinnacle today, and we are so grateful to Amanda for all of her support and guidance over the past year. She is an incredible brand ambassador for Pinnacle! One of the things that we always talk about with our employees is being a trusted advisor to our clients. That includes being responsive, providing helpful resources, and making things easy for our clients to understand so that they can make good decisions for their businesses. Amanda certainly checked all of those boxes in working with us and became a trusted advisor to our team! Amanda was also really pleasant to work with and easy going with our (at times) silly stories or questions. Anyway, as I said, just wanted to give credit where credit is due, so wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of Amanda’s support.”

Julie P.

“I’ve been remiss about singing Haley’s praises back to Eagle Point. I thank her all the time, but I should have reached out to you and Tara directly to express my overwhelming satisfaction. Haley gets 6 stars on a 5 star scale for her:

  • Responsiveness to requests and questions
  • Knowledge of the product
  • Presentation skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Guiding of the process
  • Helping me set goals
  • And endless other qualities that are too numerous to mention.

As a client, we have been a unique challenge between COVID, remote working, SLR integration issues, etc. I have to admit, I’ve gotten discouraged a few times along the way because my attentions have been less on Pinnacle than I’d like. But there is Haley, right with me to make suggestions, offer assistance and encourage me onward. She genuinely wants you to succeed and that has meant a lot to me, more than I can express.”

Hillary G.

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Melanie B., Senior Human Resources Representative, American StructurePoint

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