The leading learning management system for architecture organizations.

Pinnacle Series is a learning management system designed for architects, by a team of content experts with real industry experience.

Our team understands the importance of high-quality training, productivity, and knowledge-sharing resources to successful projects and happy clients. When efficiency matters, architecture organizations around the world turn to Pinnacle Series.


Facing a challenge? Pinnacle Series has the solution.


Employees spend too much time looking up answers when they’re stuck, or tracking down internal documents.


With Pinnacle Series’ robust search tools, users can zero in on the knowledge they need. Instead of resorting to search engines or pulling a colleague away from their work, they can confidently and efficiently access industry expert-developed content on-demand.


Our training platform doesn’t offer technical training modules, or isn’t designed specifically for organizations like ours.


With a robust catalog of technical training on top architecture software, including Revit, BIM 360, AutoCAD, Bluebeam, and more, Pinnacle Series contains all the content your team needs to succeed. Find thousands of videos, courses, workflows, and technical resources created by industry pros.


It’s taking too much time and money to get employees up to speed on the latest technology advancements and software updates.


Pinnacle Series delivers in-depth learning resources for dozens of architecture software products, so it’s a one-stop-shop for all of your technology training needs.


Hiring and retaining top talent has become difficult.


Make your organization attractive to high achievers by cultivating a strong culture of learning and a foundation for professional growth. When job prospects see their potential for career development, they’re more likely to choose your organization and stay there for the long haul.


Deciding the best employees to assign to a project team or promote to a new role takes up too much time and resources.


Use Pinnacle Series and our KnowledgeSmart assessment integration to identify and fill the skills gaps necessary to promote staff internally and select top performers for specific project teams.

One solution for all of your architecture learning needs.


Pinnacle Series can fit in seamlessly with your existing tools with features like Active Directory syncing, single sign-on, and open API Access.

Our Customer Success Managers will guide you through the onboarding process to ensure Pinnacle Series integrates into your current systems without a hitch.


Gain insight into overall Pinnacle Series usage, monitor Learning Path progress or completion, and understand user engagement with the administrator dashboard.

You can also use the dashboard to gauge how new employees are progressing through onboarding, check the results of KnowledgeSmart assessments, and align skill sets between teams.


All of the learning content and video captions and transcriptions in Pinnacle Series can be translated into more than 90 languages, making it an adaptable system no matter where in the world your team is working.

Users can set their preferred language in the User Profile menu within Pinnacle Series. Translations are also available for your organization’s custom content.



Pinnacle Series’ Work Groups feature allows you to create project teams and provide training content or standards all in one centralized location.

External users like subcontractors or consultants can also be added to Work Groups.


Make Pinnacle Series your single source of truth with live events, company news, and more.

If it matters to your organization, users can find it in Pinnacle Series.


Pinnacle Series comes loaded with thousands of learning resources to use right out of the box, but you also have the ability to edit existing content or upload completely fresh, custom content that reflects your best practices, standards and workflows. 

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Thousands of AEC & M learning resources, right at your fingertips.

With Pinnacle Series, your team gets on-demand access to libraries of learning content
covering the software skills they need to know to work efficiently and productively.


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Discover the difference Pinnacle Series can make for your organization.

Let us show you our learning management system in action, and how it can transform training, knowledge sharing, project work, and collaboration at your organization.

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“We call Pinnacle Series our ‘Single Source of Truth.’ Every opportunity we can, we are continuously trying to find ways of driving the traffic to Pinnacle Series.”

Melanie B., Senior Human Resources Representative, American StructurePoint

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