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We created Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite e-learning systems specifically for architects and AEC professionals. Our architecture software training content is created by industry professionals who know these programs and understand what users need for employee development and productivity.

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Our Revit software training will help you master this Autodesk product. Our training course offers ten learning paths, consisting of 45 courses, 12 workflows, and 450+ documents and videos ranging from help with basic training, production workflows for all disciplines as well as advanced topics.


We provide a full range of training for AutoCAD. We offer nine learning paths, consisting of over 40 courses, four workflows, and 490+ videos and documents for AutoCAD and AutoCAD based applications.


Our Navisworks training program will help you master 3D, 4D and 5D BIM workflows. We offer two learning paths, consisting of four courses, a workflow, and 40+ videos and documents on topics ranging from adding task types to exporting Civil 3D models.


SketchUp is an excellent tool for 3D conceptual design and we provide a training course to help you master it. This training course offers a learning path, consisting of eight courses, three workflows, and 60+ videos to help users feel comfortable with SketchUp.

AND, Over 30+ Additional Software packages Covered

Top Solutions To your challenges

My team needs to improve their skills with Revit and other design tools.

Revit training is one of many options in the Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite Content Catalog. With nine learning paths, 230+ documents, 240+ videos, and 12 project workflows, your staff can level up their Revit knowledge wherever there are gaps. Also find SketchUp training, AutoCAD training, and more.

Employees get stuck during project work because they forget a lot of what they learned during past training events.

Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite offers on-demand learning to enable immediate problem-solving. Users can easily search the platform to find quick how-to videos or tips & tricks documents, so they can stay on track.

We’re upgrading our software or adding new programs and need training.

Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite features robust learning resources for dozens of software products for architects. See all our software asset libraries in the Content Catalog.

We have no resources for ongoing learning to foster long-term employee development.

Pinnacle learning paths train users thoroughly on specific subjects through a combination of video courses, quizzes, interactive written content, and more. Identify skills gaps with KnowledgeSmart assessments and assign personalized training.

Top Pinnacle Series Features


Many Expert Created Content Types

Our comprehensive content libraries contain thousands of learning assets covering dozens of architecture programs. Whether you’re looking for Revit training, AutoCAD training, SketchUp training, or anything else in our catalog, your staff will learn through a combination of high-quality content types. Find short how-to videos, detailed video-based courses, interactive written content, quizzes, and more. Learning paths guide users through e-learning content in a way that makes sense.

Easy Platform Navigation

Powerful search tools enable platform users to instantly find and access the information they need when they need it, so they can quickly move on with their projects and increase overall productivity.

Eagle Point Software offers architecture software training for Revit, AutoCAD, and more. Watch for these architecture trends in 2021 and beyond.

Related Learning Plugin

Within the Autodesk products, a Related Learning plugin encourages learning by recommending Pinnacle content based on the commands the user is running.

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Our user-friendly AEC e-learning system features expert-developed training for dozens of software applications and topics. Organizations can customize content to fit company standards, upload documentation and training videos, monitor employee progress, and so much more.

Created for and by AEC professionals, we think you’ll love everything Pinnacle Series has to offer. Schedule a demonstration today to see our e-learning system in action.

Schedule A Demo Eagle Point Software offers architecture software training for Revit, AutoCAD, and more.

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