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Support System Update

Eagle Point Software’s support team is working to improve our support systems to provide higher quality and more timely technical support. We’re phasing the changes across our customer base and will continue to roll out new improvements over time. Thank you for providing your feedback to help us improve our overall solution and support systems!



Have you seen the latest content releases available in Pinnacle Series? Read more about them here, and then log in to Pinnacle Series to access them.

  • Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D

We’ve added a new learning path, workflow, and seven videos on the fundamentals of the newly-added Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D.

  • Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D

We’ve updated one learning path and added seven new videos on the fundamentals of Autodesk Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D.

  • SketchUp 2022

Our SketchUp content has been updated for the 2022 release, including an updated learning path with eight courses, 56 updated videos, and two new videos.

  • Microsoft Windows 11

New content for Microsoft Windows 11 has been published including one new course, and 10 new video assets. All of this content is presented in SCORM format.


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