5 Benefits of Taking AIA-Approved Courses in Pinnacle Series

The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, makes it easy to find high-quality training resources through their accreditation system. And we make it easy for companies to provide their users with AIA-approved courses and continuing education units (CEU) through Pinnacle Series, our full-featured learning management system.

As Mike Ivanov, our Team Lead of Content & Technical Services, says the materials available through AIA’s partnership with Pinnacle Series “provide high-quality, easily accessible, and robust CEU for AEC professionals.”

Why choose Pinnacle Series as your source of AIA-approved courses? Let us count a few of the reasons:

  1. Certificates for AIA credits
  2. Wide variety of easy-to-find courses
  3. Expert-developed content
  4. Constantly updated & expanded catalog
  5. Other innovative features

Let’s dive into the benefits of taking AIA-approved courses in Pinnacle Series!

Certificates for AIA credits

When you take an accredited AIA course in Pinnacle Series, you get more than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve taken high-quality institute-approved training. You get an actual certificate and the information you need to submit to the AIA to receive CEUs.

Because AIA members are required to meet the annual AIA continuing education requirement of 18 CEUs, each eligible Pinnacle Series course provides one credit to get them closer to that goal.

Wide variety of easy-to-find courses

At time of writing, Pinnacle Series is home to 40+ AIA-approved courses for AEC and manufacturing professionals. You can find these courses by simply searching the Pinnacle content catalog for the “AIA accredited” tag, or visit the AIA’s course catalog and search by provider for Eagle Point Software. Our AIA-approved course content encompasses key topics like Revit, Civil 3D, BIM 360, and PlanGrid.

“These courses both provide up-to-date training and CEU opportunities to help our users accelerate their careers,” says Ivanov. It’s easy and intuitive for learners to take the courses and even test out of content they already know!

Expert-developed content

At Eagle Point Software, our team is full of AEC and manufacturing professionals just like yours is. We were founded by engineers and have architects, contractors, and others on staff with decades of industry experience. There’s a reason the AIA gave us their stamp of approval — our team members have been through the same process of renewing licenses, pursuing continuing education, and advancing in their careers, and are intimately familiar with the processes they’re teaching. 

Constantly updated & expanded catalog

We officially gained AIA approval for the first time in February 2021, so our 40+ AIA-approved courses are only the beginning! Our team plans on expanding Pinnacle Series’ catalog of AIA accredited courses in the future.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about content becoming obsolete as AEC industries and best practices evolve. Our team keeps a finger on the pulse of industry advancements and updates content as needed, so you’re always training with cutting-edge knowledge.

Other innovative features

One of the most compelling reasons to use Pinnacle Series over another AIA partner platform is that we don’t just have courses. We’ve designed Pinnacle to be your ultimate home for internal knowledge. Beyond our AIA-approved courses, we have thousands of other learning assets for all things AEC and manufacturing. 

Plus, we allow you to edit any of our content, upload your own internal training resources, plan live events, collaborate on projects, and more, all from our single platform. No more hopping around between different course platforms, project management tools, the corporate intranet, etc.: we have an all-in-one solution. Learn more about Pinnacle’s software training and platform features here.

Now, don’t just let us tell you why Pinnacle Series is the best e-learning platform for AIA-approved courses—see it for yourself! Contact our team to schedule a demo or free trial today.

If you’re already a Pinnacle Series user, log in now to check out our full lineup of AIA-approved courses.


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