6 Benefits of Becoming an AEC E-Learning Solution Partner

Of course, our reseller partners are incredibly valuable allies in this goal—and we want to make it equally rewarding for them too! Here are some of the benefits reseller partners receive when they choose to work with Eagle Point Software to sell our flagship AEC e-learning solution:

  1. Confidence of working with industry experts
  2. Positive return on investment
  3. Robust customization options
  4. Responsive customer service
  5. Internal development team 
  6. Marketing & social content provided

Let’s dive into the benefits of joining us as a Pinnacle Series reseller!

Confidence of working with industry experts

At Eagle Point, we don’t outsource our content creation. Our AEC training videos and courses are developed, vetted, and updated by industry experts who have years of actual experience working in their fields. Pinnacle Series isn’t a “jack of all trades” e-learning platform where you’ll find surface-level courses on dozens of different industries; we’re specialized for AEC and manufacturing organizations.

Our in-depth focus on the AEC space gives our product a clear value proposition that you can easily share with leads who fit the demographic. 

Positive return on investment

You didn’t become a reseller to lose money! ROI is understandably the most important metric for you to consider when you’re evaluating software partners. With our flexible subscription model, devoted service team, and top-notch support, we’re here to ensure you get the solutions that best fit your company and deliver the financial results you’re looking for.

Robust customization options

Are you used to selling e-learning software that customers are supposed to use out of the box, even if it’s not the ideal fit for their needs? Pinnacle Series takes that roadblock away with our wealth of content customization features. Not only do our users gain access to high-quality expert-developed AEC training content, but they also get the ability to upload their own training resources, host events, and ultimately create a single, centralized destination for all internal learning. You can promote Pinnacle Series as much more than a typical e-learning platform!

Responsive customer service

When you work with Eagle Point, we don’t just throw you in the deep end to start selling and troubleshooting on your own — we’ll be with you every step of the way! Whether it’s you, your leads, or your customers who have questions or issues about the product, you’re always welcome to send them our way. You’ll have direct access to our partner team, Customer Success team, and sales team. Plus, we work with your customers from day one to help them onboard, increase user adoption, and reach their e-learning goals.

Internal development team 

Because all of our content and software features are developed in-house, we have the flexibility to be responsive to requests from partners and customers! Is there a feature that your customers frequently request for e-learning or knowledge management software? Send us a message, and we’ll see if we can get it on our roadmap.

Marketing & social content provided

As a reseller responsible for selling a wide variety of different software, it can be extremely time-consuming to create marketing and social media content for everything you’re trying to market. That’s why we’ve created marketing resources you can start using immediately when you partner with us! Our team can also work with you to brainstorm marketing strategies and create unique social media content to appeal to your target markets.

Don’t just listen to us about the benefits of being a Pinnacle Series reseller — experience them for yourself! Contact us to learn more about partnering with Eagle Point Software.


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