5 Benefits of Upskilling Employees

  1. Improve workplace efficiency
  2. Empower innovation
  3. Make happier employees & customers
  4. Retain employees and promote internally 
  5. Attract new talent

Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these benefits of upskilling employees (quick pro tip: Pinnacle Series can help!).

Improve workplace efficiency

Sometimes, mistakes and setbacks on projects are unavoidable. Other times, delays and errors happen for preventable reasons. Maybe an employee didn’t have the right training or resources to solve a specific problem, so they had to spend time asking their coworkers or searching for answers online. Or maybe a task took a whole day when it could have taken a few hours with a better process. Keeping employees’ skills cutting-edge and current helps ensure that they’re always working most efficiently.

Empower innovation

A diverse set of ideas and perspectives can completely transform an organization’s success. Empowering your employees with education gives them the tools, the words, and the confidence to contribute their voices when they have an idea. Whether it’s improving an internal workflow or thinking of a new product development that could help clients, you never know who’ll come up with the next big thing.

Make happier employees & clients

It stands to reason that human beings are happier when their voices are heard, their goals are supported, and their success is encouraged. Providing the right educational opportunities can help achieve all of the above for your employees! And when your employees are happier and produce better work, your clients will also be more satisfied and have a great experience with your organization.

Retain employees and promote internally 

This benefit of upskilling employees also builds off the other ones we’ve previously mentioned. Naturally, when employees feel competent and successful at their jobs and enjoy the company’s culture, their job satisfaction will be higher. Satisfied employees are less likely to leave! In fact, according to a survey from The Harris Poll, 70% of employees said they’d likely leave an employer that didn’t offer adequate learning and development opportunities for one that did.

Furthermore, this allows you to promote from within, saving you time and money compared to recruiting, training, and acclimating new hires.

Attract new talent

Top performers gravitate toward companies where their ambitions can thrive. Being able to point to your organization’s learning and growth culture is the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart when looking to expand your staff. Your firm can be the place where they’ll be able to hone their skills, accelerate their career trajectory, and even pursue management roles one day. Investing in education and development sends the message that you’re thinking about their (and your) long-term success, not just the short term.

Pinnacle Series makes employee upskilling easier, with convenient learn-anywhere features and simple administrative options. Already a Pinnacle Series user? Log in now to check out our lineup of learning paths for continuous employee upskilling.

If you’re not already a Pinnacle Series customer, you can learn more about our AEC e-learning system here and schedule a demo to see the benefits for yourself.


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