4 Benefits of Using e-Learning for Microstation Training

You might have a few questions about getting started with a new or improved Microstation training program for your team. How do you start a training program? What are the benefits? 

Even though it can be challenging to track the impact of training, you’ll see results if you create a plan and stick with it. One way to streamline your training plan and track metrics is with an e-learning solution like Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point Software. 

Using e-learning for your Microstation training can deliver benefits including:

  1. Increased retention
  2. Less rework
  3. Saved time
  4. Internal SMEs

Keep reading for details on the benefits of Microstation training for your AEC & M team.

Increased retention

When you offer any sort of training program, your employees are more likely to feel like you’re investing in their future and will stay in your company longer. In today’s architecture and engineering industries, that’s important! By offering programs like thorough Microstation training, you’re allowing your team to grow and develop their skills and take on more complex projects and new roles within your organization. 

Less rework

Rework is a huge drain on resources, time, and money. It can lead to project delays, unhappy clients, and your employees scrambling to find a solution. When your work is done correctly the first time, your team will be more relaxed and confident in their projects. Training can help your team reduce the number of errors and rework needed on a project since they’ll know how to do it correctly the first time.

Saved time

With Microstation training, your team will save time not only on rework but on performing the task correctly and efficiently the first time as well. They will have access to on-demand learning resources that guide them through any questions, so no more frantically searching the internet for solutions that are hard to understand and even more difficult to find!

Internal SMEs

It’s key that you help your internal team become subject matter experts, or SMEs, themselves. When you offer learning and development opportunities, like Microstation training, your team will feel confident in their knowledge and ability to share it with other professionals. It helps to build your company brand and makes different people available to answer common questions that may arise.

If you’d like to get started creating an e-learning plan for Microstation training, get in touch with our team!  We’d love to show you how Pinnacle Series can help you create a customized training program for your company. 

If you’re interested in more learning opportunities or finding out more about us, check out our blog for helpful training tips, e-learning advice, and more.



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