6 Best Practices to Enhance Knowledge Sharing

What might that look like in practice? Here are six best practices to enhance knowledge sharing!

  1. Collaborate meaningfully
  2. Record solutions to problems
  3. Use a cloud-based knowledge platform
  4. Document workflows
  5. Revamp onboarding
  6. Create a culture of innovation

Let’s dig into these best practices to enhance knowledge sharing (and how our flagship e-learning system Pinnacle Series can help!).

Collaborate meaningfully

When employees don’t feel like they’re genuinely part of a team, a lot of knowledge is never shared. Giving employees the space and tools to collaborate meaningfully is vital. That’s especially the case when teams may be distributed across different locations, with some working remotely, some in other offices, and so on. 

Collaboration technology can include chatroom tools like Slack, online meeting tools like Zoom, and the work group and project collaboration feature available in Pinnacle Series.

Record solutions to problems

One of the biggest wastes of time for an organization is solving the same problem twice. With proper best practices, that won’t happen! Give your employees a solid process for documenting the issues they’ve run into and the ways they’ve solved them. They can work together and with managers to compare the merits of previous solutions and brainstorm improvements. Next time someone encounters the same problem, they’ll have an effective place to start.

Use a cloud-based knowledge platform

In order to manage organizational knowledge most effectively, it makes sense to centralize everything in one place for easy access. Managing this through the cloud allows everyone on your team to use the platform and share knowledge no matter where they are. 

Pinnacle Series offers a full-featured knowledge management system where you can store internal documents, company best practices, and workflows all in one place.

Document workflows

Workflows offer the opportunity to share both a big-picture and a granular view of a process. Organizations will regularly train on individual job-based tasks but often forget to show how those contributions fit into the larger picture.

Workflows can give employees the opportunity to understand when they take action and why, and have a deeper understanding of the impacts of their actions. If employees are encouraged to and know where to reference process workflows, they can easily get the right answer when they are stuck and have a question. Workflows are included in Pinnacle content but can easily be copied and modified to adhere to your organization’s unique needs.

Revamp onboarding

Setting expectations from the beginning is a great way to ensure that a practice gets adopted by every new team member you welcome. Teach them how to document their solutions and discoveries, learn from other employees’ shared knowledge, and share their own insights when relevant. You can easily create a custom onboarding course in Pinnacle Series, teaching your new staff everything they need to know. 

Create a culture of innovation

Company culture has a huge effect on how comfortable employees feel approaching others with their thoughts and ideas. It’s the manager’s job to make sure their teams know the door is always open for brainstorming sessions and innovation. Even if those ideas don’t end up getting implemented after discussion and consideration, it’s wise to have a company culture where employees feel heard and want to share what they know. 

See for yourself how Pinnacle Series can help you implement these best practices to enhance knowledge sharing. Reach out to Schedule a demo or pilot with our team today!

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