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FAQs About KnowledgeSmart Assessments

Our Pinnacle Series e-learning system works great as a standalone solution — but when paired with KnowledgeSmart assessments from Eagle Point Software, it gets even better!   KnowledgeSmart offers assessments on key architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing topics to help gauge what employees already know, and where they might need

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Our Top AEC & M Case Studies

When it comes to learning about the benefits the Pinnacle Series e-learning platform can deliver to your organization, there’s nobody better to hear from than existing customers who already use the solution. After all, they have the insights into choosing Pinnacle Series, implementing it, getting employees on board, and using

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Pinnacle Series comes with helpful collaboration and knowledge sharing tools, including custom content and notetaking features.

6 Ways to Use Pinnacle Series Outside of Learning

If you use Pinnacle Series at your organization (or are considering it), you were probably first drawn to it for the extensive architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing software training it provides. And that’s for a good reason: e-learning is at the heart of everything we do! But Pinnacle Series is

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Getting started with Pinnacle Series is easy!

FAQs About Getting Started with Pinnacle Series

Are you considering using Eagle Point Software’s flagship Pinnacle Series e-learning platform to level up software training at your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization? Changing your e-learning and knowledge management system is a big commitment, so it’s smart to ask lots of questions first.    That’s why we’re putting

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Knowing how to solve quality control issues is essential to ensuring your firm’s success.

How to Solve Quality Control Issues with Pinnacle Series

Quality control is a make-or-break issue for any company, but particularly ones in the AEC and manufacturing industries. Because architects, engineers, and construction and manufacturing professionals do such essential work, the stakes are high! If your organization is running into roadblocks, figuring out how to solve quality control issues is

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Learn about our February 2022 platform update for the KnowledgeSmart and Pinnacle Series integration here.

Enhanced Integration for Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart is Here

Once Eagle Point Software acquired KnowledgeSmart in August 2021, our combined development teams have been working to further improve the integration between the two platforms. Our goal is to combine the skills data capture features in KnowledgeSmart and the e-learning and skills development features in Pinnacle Series into a single, consolidated solution. That solution will help design, construction and manufacturing markets upskill and work even more productively.

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Find out how BIM managers can leverage our e-learning system, Pinnacle Series.

How Pinnacle Series Benefits BIM Managers

Pinnacle Series benefits all members of AEC & M teams —and BIM managers are no exception! We chatted with Eagle Point Software Business Managers Steve Link and Jake Meyer about how BIM managers can leverage our e-learning system to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

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