2022 Civil 3D Training Updates Recap

Revisit some of the new Civil 3D content additions to Pinnacle Series.

A key part of offering the industry-leading AEC & manufacturing e-learning solution is ensuring our Pinnacle Series libraries are constantly growing and evolving. That includes updating existing content and adding new learning resources to keep up with changes in the software programs your team relies on.


One of our most popular and largest learning libraries is for Autodesk’s Civil 3D. This modeling software helps civil engineers and other AEC & M professionals streamline documentation, use BIM to coordinate with other team members, and harness tools for design automation, optimization, and analysis.


Over the course of 2022 we’ve added a variety of Civil 3D training updates to our content library, from new videos to KnowledgeSmart assessments. Gear up for 2023 with this recap of the latest Civil 3D training additions you’ll find in Pinnacle Series!


Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS

In February of this year, we introduced a new learning path with quizzes covering the exchange of data between Civil 3D and ArcGIS Online. Our content team also updated a workflow on this topic.


Setup Surfaces

In March, we rolled out a variety of updates for our Civil 3D training, including new content focused on Setup Surfaces and how they can be used to enhance grading models. This update featured a new learning path, new workflows, and more than 20 new videos.


Basemap from InfraWorks

This content release included a new learning path, updated workflow, and new videos teaching Civil 3D users how to jumpstart their basemap drawings using terrain data from InfraWorks.


Rehab Corridor Fundamentals

Our final Civil 3D training update for March 2022 covered the fundamentals of Rehab Corridors in Civil 3D, with a new learning path, a new workflow, and eight new videos.


Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D

In April, we updated a learning path and added seven new videos on the fundamentals of Autodesk Subassembly Composer for Civil 3D.


Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D

Our April updates also included the introduction of a new learning path, workflow, and seven videos on Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D.


In August, we introduced KnowledgeSmart assessments for the Geotechnical Modeler add-on to both our Civil 3D 2022 and 2023 libraries.


What’s New in Civil 3D 2023

Spring also brought the release of Civil 3D 2023, and we rolled out a new course accompanying that release. This “What’s New?” course covered improvements to the Corridor Targeting, Path-Based Pressure Networks, and Rail tools, as well as the Project Explorer and Grading Optimization tools from the AEC collection.


Modeling Ponds

In June, our content team introduced a new course, a new workflow, and 10 new videos covering a pond modeling workflow that begins with Civil 3D Grading Optimization.


Profile View Hatching

We rolled out a new video in our Civil 3D 2022 and 2023 asset libraries, as well as the Civil 3D Fundamentals, Profiles, and Profile Views courses covering Profile View Hatching.


Civil 3D Toolkit for Dynamo

A new course on Dynamo for Civil 3D was also added to our Civil 3D training resources in June, with three videos on how to install and update the Civil 3D Toolkit for Dynamo and how to access and work with the toolkit nodes.


Urban Roadway Design

In September, we launched a new learning path, a new workflow, seven new courses, and more than 40 new videos covering urban roadway design. This content update addressed techniques to retrofit design features to meet grading requirements and objectives.


The following month, we released a metric dataset for all course exercises in the urban roadway design learning path.


New 2023 Features for Civil 3D Training

Our final 2022 Civil 3D training update covers mid-year service packs for Civil 3D and Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D with new videos with bookmarks and transcripts.


To make sure you’re getting the latest Civil 3D training updates for your team, request a demo or free trial of the Pinnacle Series AEC & M e-learning solution. If you’re already a Pinnacle Series subscriber, you can log in now to explore all of our Civil 3D training resources!



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