7 Types of Content in Our E-Learning System Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series’ content library comes ready with training materials for a variety of software programs like Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and many other AEC programs. The library also features unique types of engaging content, including:

  1. Learning paths
  2. Personalized learning paths
  3. Workflows
  4. Documents
  5. Videos
  6. Live events
  7. Custom content

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of content available in the Pinnacle Series e-learning system, and how they can benefit your AEC company.

Learning paths

Our team of AEC content creators combine e-learning courses that have clear learning objectives into learning paths. These paths lead users through video lessons, interactive written content, downloadable datasets, and quizzes to improve their skills. The included learning paths cover a broad level of skills from beginner to advanced. When users complete a path, they can save or print a certificate showing their achievement.

Personalized learning paths

Through our partnership with KnowledgeSmart, Pinnacle Series users can take an assessment to identify what skills they already have, and where they might need more development. Based on the assessment results Pinnacle Series automatically generates and assigns a personalized learning path to the user that targets their skills gaps. This way, employees can spend less time being trained on topics they’ve already mastered, and more time getting down to work.


Pinnacle Series e-learning system’s workflows allow companies to communicate their standard processes and procedures, and give users direct access to the commands, tools, and documents they need, whenever they need them. Preloaded workflows are provided to define the common procedures that are leveraged in the AEC software products, as well as interoperability workflows that walk users through moving data between multiple applications.


Pinnacle Series’ varied array of written content covers tips and tricks for software such as Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, and Autodesk BIM 360. Our e-learning system users also have access to troubleshooting guides when they run into issues, which helps them save time and track down the answers they’re looking for fast.


Our videos take visual learning to the next level with short, easy to understand how-to videos on how to accomplish individual tasks. Your team can use Pinnacle’s video guides to solve problems immediately while on the job. Video transcripts are included to help users navigate and follow along with instructions. The transcripts are also translatable to 60+ languages and make the videos more searchable.

Live events

While on-demand content is our forte, a blended learning approach with live events can benefit users by allowing them to ask questions and solve problems with coworkers in real-time. With our e-learning system, you can manage all your live internal training in one place, with the ability to schedule, manage, and track each event. You can also create pre-requisites between live events and e-learning courses.

Custom content

With Pinnacle Series, you can make this e-learning system your own by customizing our materials and adding your own content. You can edit our pre-loaded workflows, cheat sheets, learning paths, and courses to best fit your company’s standards and needs.

The customization doesn’t stop with Pinnacle Series’ content library, either — you can also control the look and feel of your interface, so it matches your company’s branding. And custom content goes one step further with our in-app plugins for Autodesk products, which suggest tailored training resources based on the commands a user is running.

To explore our extensive content libraries more in-depth and see how our unique types of content can help your team master AEC industry software, click here. Ready to see how the content in the Pinnacle Series e-learning system can help your company increase efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement? Schedule a demo with us today!


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