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  • InfoDrainage Library Now Available

A new library on InfoDrainage can now be found under the Innovyze product within the Pinnacle Series Autodesk library. Our InfoDrainage content includes two learning paths — InfoDrainage Fundamentals and Exchange Data — along with six courses, 23 videos, two workflows, and two KnolwedgeSmart assessments.

  • Revit Video Library Updates

Our Revit video updates continue with 44 new videos that can be found in the Interoperability, Project Coordinates, Materials, Worksharing, Walls, Roofs, Schedules, Deliverables, and Family Creation Fundamentals courses. These new videos all include bookmarks and transcripts. 

  • Updated SOLIDWORKS Prep Course

Our SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep learning path and course has been updated with 10 new videos covering Replace Component, Top-Down Assembly Modeling, Assembly Features, In-Context Features, New Components, and Interface Detection. The assessment for this path has also been updated to include questions for the new videos.

  • New Autodesk Docs & Build Workflows

The Autodesk Construction Cloud library now includes a new workflow for Files with Autodesk Docs, and updates to the Project Management with Autodesk Build and Safety Management with Autodesk Build workflows. The Autodesk Docs workflow covers Files and Folders, Sharing and Publishing Documents, and Link Projects Using Bridge.

  • New SCORM-Based Content in Business Skills

We’ve added new SCORM-based content to our Business Skills library, including:

Communicating Across Generations — This course reviews the best practices and strategies for communicating and working with colleagues from different age groups within the workplace. 

Mastering Mindfulness —  This course helps learners understand five mindfulness skills and ways implement them into everyday life, as well as learn the foundational principles of mindfulness.  

Burnout Recovery — This course helps learners gain a comprehensive understanding of burnout, develop skills to recognize and prevent burnout, and explore the underlying causes of burnout.  


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