6 Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid

While these initiatives can be transformative, as the name implies, they can also fizzle out if you don’t go in with a solid plan. Here are a few common digital transformation mistakes to avoid as you implement changes in your AEC organization.

  1. Waiting until the last second
  2. Doing too much at once
  3. Losing focus of your priorities
  4. Making an inflexible plan
  5. Not communicating changes and training properly
  6. Forgetting to ask for employee feedback

We’ll explain each of these digital transformation mistakes below.

Waiting until the last second

Change is intimidating, especially when your organization has been doing things a certain way for years. But it’s better to choose change and have time to prepare for it, rather than being forced into it by a rapidly evolving world. You don’t want to wait until you start running into roadblocks and problems. Instead, plan ahead. Think about what problems you may encounter in the future and how you might prevent them by taking action and adopting new technologies now.

Doing too much at once

Similarly, if you’re trying to give your entire organization a digital overhaul, be ready for it to take time. You don’t want to disorient your staff with too many changes at once, making it hard to ensure each initiative’s success. Outline a plan, take it one step at a time, and don’t rush. Digital transformation is an ongoing process that can take years, so focus on the journey, not just the destination.

Start with a top-down approach. Since pushback from the organization is often one of the biggest barriers to digital transformations, it’s crucial to begin your efforts with your company’s leaders. Once you have champions for your initiatives at the top, they can help communicate the importance of change and how it will help your organization grow.

Losing focus of your priorities

Since you can’t do everything at once, prioritizing is key in avoiding digital transformation mistakes. Outline which problems are most important for you to solve or which steps you want to take to future-proof your organization. Tackle the ones at the top of your list first and save the least important initiatives to be implemented down the road.

Making an inflexible plan

Digital transformation is all about pivoting and evolving as the world changes. Think of your plans the same way. If something isn’t working or another priority takes center stage, respond with agility, and rework the roadmap instead of clinging to the first vision.

Not communicating changes and training properly

While digital transformation sounds exciting, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your employees will implement these changes, and their daily workflows will be affected by them as well, so preparation and communication are essential. One of the most important – and commonly overlooked – elements of digital transformation is training both new and existing employees. Training should be appealing, personalized, and incorporated into workflows so that employees are engaged and open to change within your organization.

Our flagship AEC e-learning platform, Pinnacle Series, can help train your employees in the new software and skills they need to know to smoothly and efficiently get up to speed with whatever changes you introduce. 

Forgetting to ask for employee feedback

Your employees are the ones who keep your company running day-to-day, making them the most qualified people to help you implement digital transformation. So make your initiatives about them! Ask what tools could help them do their jobs better. Ask what kinds of services could better support their clients. As you’re rolling out a new initiative or product, keep communication lines open and welcome feedback on how it’s going. Let them know that their voices will be heard. (Also, be sure to check with your IT and compliance departments to make sure they sign off on everything.)

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