The Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing an AEC Knowledge Management System

One of the things that sets Pinnacle Series apart are our Customer Success Managers (CSMs), who work with our customers to implement our AEC knowledge management system in their organizations successfully. Our CSMs work with each organization to understand their unique culture, requirements, and challenges, so Pinnacle Series isn’t just implemented, but used effectively.

Based on those experiences, we’ve identified some common “do’s and don’ts” you can use to make your AEC knowledge management system rollout a success! 

  1. Do: Start an information campaign beforehand
  2. Don’t: Expect 100% adoption right away
  3. Do: Consider your company’s culture
  4. Don’t: Assign one-size-fits-all learning
  5. Do: Let people explore at their own pace
  6. Don’t: Overwhelm with too much at once
  7. Do: Reward success

Let’s dive into these AEC knowledge management system implementation tips!

Do: Start an information campaign beforehand

Instead of springing a whole new AEC knowledge management system on your employees out of the blue, spend time beforehand letting them know what’s coming. Use emails, posts on your organization’s intranet, posters, in-person Q&A meetings, and more to get your team on board and prepared ahead of time.

If you’re a Pinnacle Series customer with a mid-market or enterprise account, your dedicated CSM can help prepare information about our system’s benefits to get your teams prepared and excited to use it.

Don’t: Expect 100% adoption right away

When your teams are accustomed to a certain workflow, adding something new to the daily mix can take some time, so don’t anticipate 100% of your organization to adopt your new knowledge management system immediately.

After you inform and educate your end users about the new system, plan on continually giving them calls to action and messaging that encourages adoption of the new resources available to them. This will be a gradual process, so don’t worry if it seems to be moving slowly!

Do: Consider your company’s culture

As you’re setting goals for what you want out of your new knowledge management system, make sure to factor in your company’s culture. Are you a tech-driven organization and passionate about keeping your company modern and cutting-edge? Talk up the continued learning resources that can keep your team up-to-date on the latest advancements. 

If your organization has been slower to adopt technology, or if your employees are showing some hesitation around a new AEC knowledge management system, focus on how it will help their daily work. Highlight features like on-demand help content, document search, and work groups that can make their lives easier.

Don’t: Assign one-size-fits-all learning

Each of your employees is a unique person with their own set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses. That’s why the exact same training program isn’t going to work for everyone.

Pinnacle Series circumvents this problem with personalized learning paths. Employees can take KnowledgeSmart assessments to gauge their level of knowledge in various AEC software and topics. Their results generate a custom plan of courses and learning resources that teach new skills — users won’t be asked to repeat learning they’ve already demonstrated understanding of.

Do: Let people explore at their own pace

Hands-on experimentation is one of the best ways to learn new software. Give your employees access and set them loose! In addition to our vast library of software training assets, Pinnacle Series lets you upload custom internal content, add employees to the work groups and projects they’re involved in, let them take notes and share information, and more.

When you give employees time to take in all the features of your new AEC knowledge management system independently, they may be more excited about it than if they were expected to log in and use it for work right away.

Don’t: Overwhelm with too much at once

In Pinnacle Series, managers can assign training to employees and monitor their progress. This helps keep things on track, but you don’t want to put too much on their plates, especially when working on projects for clients! If your teams need to brush up on several AEC software programs, assign one or two courses at a time with realistic deadlines so they don’t get stressed out as they’re adjusting to the new system.

Pinnacle Series allows users to pick up right where they left off in a learning path.  Learners who dedicate even small bursts of time on a regular basis will see steady progress toward completion.

Do: Reward success

Gamification and incentives make learning fun! As you implement your system, think about introducing rewards for successful use. It could be a coffee gift card for the first person to complete a learning path or a points-style competition to encourage departments to upload custom content. This is another instance where your CSM can help you think up creative ideas that are a perfect fit for your organization. 

Ultimately, you want to strike a balance between being informational, motivational, and understanding of your employees’ needs as you implement your new AEC knowledge management system. With Pinnacle Series, our system and business model are tailored to make your rollout as seamless and possible.

If you aren’t a current customer, we’d love to schedule a demo to show you how Pinnacle Series can help your organization achieve its knowledge management and e-learning goals.


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