8 Essential Engineering Software Training Topics

Equip your engineering team with the tools to master must-know software.

Engineering is a technology-driven field, and if there’s one thing you can count on technology to do, it’s evolve.


The tools, technology, and engineering software your team relies on to complete key projects are constantly updated with new features and functions. So how can your engineering organization keep up?


The key to staying on the cutting edge of technology is a robust engineering software training program that can keep pace with these technology changes. When you utilize an e-learning solution like Pinnacle Series, the training content is regularly updated with new workflows, features, and software titles your team needs to know.


Here’s a look at just a few of the top engineering software training topics you’ll find in Pinnacle Series:


  1. Civil 3D
  3. Revit
  4. AutoCAD
  5. Infraworks
  6. MicroStation
  7. OpenRaods Designer
  8. Navisworks


Read on to learn more about the learning resources you’ll find for each of these engineering software titles in Pinnacle Series!


Civil 3D

Autodesk’s Civil 3D allows engineers to easily create complex models, analyze data, and visualize results in real time. It also provides for greater collaboration among team members by allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously and integrating with programs like Collaboration for Civil 3D and BIM Collaborate Pro.


In Pinnacle Series, your team can utilize a variety of Civil 3D workflows to work through a project issue, learn a new skill, and access hundreds of documents and videos on-demand to answer their questions and improve their skills. Our Civil 3D content is also integrated with KnowledgeSmart, which lets users identify their skills gaps and receive personalized learning recommendations to fill them.



Our latest engineering software training library is for SOLIDWORKS from Dassault Systèmes. SOLIDWORKS is a 3D and 2D CAD design and engineering application used worldwide to help teams conceptualize, collaborate, communicate, and manage their designs. The program’s integrated motion and stress analysis tools also help eliminate costly errors and rework.


Pinnacle Series’ brand-new SOLIDWORKS library includes learning paths on SOLIDWORKS Beginners and Certification Prep, along with 40 new on-demand videos and KnowledgeSmart integration.


As our SOLIDWORKS library continues to grow, you can keep up with the latest additions on our Platform Updates and Content Releases page!



Revit is one of the most widely-used programs in the engineering space, allowing users to create detailed, accurate, and highly-visual building models. The program also helps increase efficiency and collaboration with built-in automation and the ability to save and share model-based BIM and CAD data. These benefits lead to more informed design decisions, increased accuracy, and, ultimately, higher-quality buildings.


Pinnacle Series’ Revit library is one of the best collections of learning resources for this engineering software program available today. In it, users can find unique learning paths, workflows on different systems and projects, more than 200 quick-reference documents, and more than 300 on-demand videos.



AutoCAD is a ubiquitous piece of engineering software, helping teams streamline their days with 3D modeling, automation, collaboration, and machine learning features. AutoCAD also features toolsets that have been shown to boost users’ productivity by more than 60% on daily tasks!


You can help increase that efficiency even further by giving your team the tools they need to master AutoCAD and apply it to their daily work. Within Pinnacle Series, you’ll find learning paths, workflows, documents, and more than 350 videos, plus KnowledgeSmart assessments, to supercharge your engineering team’s use of this crucial software.


Pinnacle Series also offers learning resources for AutoCAD Electric, Map 3D, Mechanical, P&ID, and Plant 3D. You can see the individual resources in each of those libraries here.



Next up in our must-know engineering software titles is a conceptual design program that helps to model and understand design projects in real-world contexts. InfraWorks allows users to collect data, streamline their processes, and use visuals to elevate designs and communicate with stakeholders.


The Pinnacle Series InfraWorks library features learning paths, workflows, documents, and more than 60 videos to help your team use InfraWorks and its integrations with programs like ArcGIS.



MicroStation from Bentley is a CAD software specifically created for infrastructure design, helping engineers bring projects to life and showcase designs for clients. MicroStation’s interoperability, reliability, and real-world data make it a one-stop shop for both small and large projects.


In Pinnacle Series, users have access to a MicroStation Fundamentals learning path with seven courses, as well as more than 40 on-demand videos.


OpenRoads Designer

With OpenRoads Designer, transportation agencies, government departments, and design firms have access to a robust modeling environment that assists in every step of the design process, from concept to construction. OpenRoads Designer includes roadway design, surveying, drainage, and subsurface utiliies capabilities all in one comprehensive program.


Pinnacle Series subscribers have access to a wide array of OpenRoads learning resources, including learing paths on the program’s fundamentals, OpenSite Designer fundamentals, and using Civil Cells. Our OpenRoads Designer library also features two workflows, more than 100 videos, and more than 150 helpful documents.



Last but certainly not least is Autodesk’s Navisworks, a review and coordination software that helps improve BIM project delivery. With Navisworks, every member of your team can visualize design and construction data, identify and solve clash and interference problems, and stay connected through its integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud. 


Our Pinnacle Series library comes equipped with learning paths, documents, and videos on the latest version of Navisworks, as well as a workflow on Navisworks project review and archives of learning materials for previous years’ versions.


If you’re already a Pinnacle Series subscriber, log in now to check out these and all of the other robust engineering software learning libraries created by our team of industry experts.


If you’re interested in getting started with e-learning or upgrading from your current solution, get in touch with our team today to discuss a no-cost pilot of Pinnacle Series!



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