5 Essential Manufacturing Software Training Topics

Check out these five manufacturing software programs you should be training your team on:

  1. AutoCAD
  2. Inventor
  3. Fusion 360 
  4. Advance Steel
  5. Navisworks Manage

Keep reading for more info about this manufacturing software training and what kind of learning assets you can find for each program in Pinnacle Series!


AutoCAD is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software at the heart of the AEC and manufacturing industries. It is widely used in the manufacturing industry for designing and drafting highly accurate product models. 

Since AutoCAD is used for so many things, we’ve created an expansive library of training resources for this manufacturing design software, including hundreds of videos, documents and workflows! Learn more about our AutoCAD manufacturing software training here. We also have dedicated training for AutoCAD P&ID, Plant 3D, and more.


Inventor is a 3D design software that lets you simulate not only how a project or mechanical component will look but also how it will move and function. In the manufacturing industry, this is extremely important since you’re working with expensive materials and low margins for error. 

Our Autodesk Inventor manufacturing software training in Pinnacle Series includes eight in-depth learning paths, with dozens of courses and 400 training videos that can be watched as a series or for standalone help.

Fusion 360

With all-in-one design, modeling, simulation, documentation, and collaboration capabilities, Fusion 360 is another Autodesk product well-loved in the manufacturing industry. 

Wondering whether AutoCAD, Inventor, or Fusion 360 is a better choice for your organization? Autodesk has a side-by-side comparison table of some key factors to influence your decision. You can also subscribe to the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to make use of them all!

Whichever manufacturing design software you go with, train your teams with Pinnacle Series! Our Fusion 360 library contains 150 training videos and learning paths.

Advance Steel

If your company deals at all with steel manufacturing, the need for your staff to be well-trained in this software could not be more essential. Autodesk’s Advance Steel software has tools for steel design, modeling, detailing, fabrication, and construction, with precision and time-saving automation. 

Learn more about Advance Steel training on Pinnacle Series, which currently encompasses one six-course learning path on the fundamentals, plus 60+ on-demand training videos.

Navisworks Manage

Autodesk’s Navisworks Manage is an excellent piece of software to use for the project review stage, because it allows you to merge design and construction data into a single unified model. Our Navisworks training library has two learning paths, 10 documents, a project review process workflow, and almost 30 on-demand videos.

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series subscriber, log in now to take advantage of all of our awesome manufacturing software training!

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