5 Essential Software Trainings for the Construction Industry

So, what’s the most essential software training for the construction industry? Let’s dive into these valuable programs:

  1. BIM 360
  2. PlanGrid
  3. BuildingConnected
  4. The Assemble Systems
  5. Bluebeam

Let’s learn more about these vital construction software training options and how to upskill your staff with Pinnacle Series!

BIM 360

In many construction companies, BIM 360 is the lifeblood of the project, all the way from design to finish. It helps companies manage everything from job safety to quality control, allowing teams to effectively collaborate during the entire process. 

When you use Pinnacle Series for your construction software training needs, you’ll get access to:

  • 80+ software training videos
  • Learning Paths on project management with BIM 360
  • Workflows guiding users through processes like administrative setup, design, model coordination, and more

Learn more about BIM 360 training in Pinnacle Series here.


PlanGrid is an integral part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud for organizations that want to create a single source of truth for easy project collaboration. Store all the essential information in one place, and give end-users access no matter where they are. Distribute searchable documents and drawings so teams can quickly locate information, collaborate on markups, track issues and task completion, and more.

PlanGrid construction software training in Pinnacle Series currently includes:

  • A Learning Path teaching users all the most critical PlanGrid fundamentals
  • 50 training videos
  • Workflows on key PlanGrid processes 


A lot of the work in the construction industry happens before anyone picks up a single tool. Autodesk’s BuildingConnected focuses on streamlining the vital preconstruction process of finding the best builders, contractors, and subcontractors for the job and managing risk. 

BuildingConnected software training for the construction industry is available within Pinnacle Series, in the form of:

  • A Learning Path on the platform’s fundamentals
  • 15 training videos
  • Two workflows explaining how BuildingConnected and PlanGrid can be used together

Assemble Systems

Another member of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, Assemble Systems is the tool of choice for project teams and contractors. It revolves around all things data: funneling BIM data to workflows where it will be useful, from bids and estimating to scheduling and managing finances. Assemble Systems can be directly integrated with BIM 360 so teams can use them both to their fullest potential. 

Pinnacle Series features a library of Assemble Systems training resources, including:

  • Three learning paths (on fundamentals, project roles, and advanced estimating)
  • 77 videos
  • 10 workflows going over how to connect Assemble Systems with other construction software


Are PDFs a big part of your construction project planning process? Bluebeam Revu is the tool your teams need. It makes it easy and efficient to create, review, edit, and mark up PDF documents. This tool is valuable for everyone to understand, including construction project owners, estimators, or contractors. 

Luckily, they can learn it with tons of Pinnacle Series Bluebeam training resources:

  • Four Learning Paths covering everything from fundamentals to advanced skills
  • 100+ training videos
  • Two workflows on construction and design management

In addition to all these, we have dozens of other software training resources for the AEC industries! Explore more of the list here. Current Pinnacle Series customers can log in now to take advantage of our full construction software training libraries!

If your organization is not a current Pinnacle Series customer but needs high-quality, expert-developed software training for the construction industry, schedule a demo of Pinnacle Series today! 


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