How Engagement and Productivity Impact Your Bottom Line

Think of the relationship between engagement, productivity, and the bottom line like a chain reaction: if you can improve engagement, increased productivity and bottom-line outcomes will follow.

An analysis of more than 1 million employees discovered that companies with a high level of employee engagement reported 22% higher productivity than less-engaged organizations. But where should an organization start to improve engagement?

Improving employee engagement

There are several ways to improve your AEC organization’s employee engagement and kickstart productivity to impact your bottom line:

  • Set clear productivity goals and benchmarks so employees know what’s expected, and hold regular performance reviews to check in and review their progress.
  • Show your employees that professional development matters to you by investing in them and their continuous learning with an e-learning system like Pinnacle Series.
  • Optimize your workspace so employees feel comfortable and can spend more time focused on work and less time worrying about distractions.
  • An optimized workspace doesn’t just apply to the physical environment — fostering a positive work environment where employees feel heard and appreciated can go a long way in improving engagement and productivity.

By finding ways to improve employee engagement and productivity, you can boost your organization’s bottom line through:

  • Increased profit margins and operating income
  • Higher quality work
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased client satisfaction

Keep reading to learn more about how productivity impacts the bottom line.

Increased profit margins and operating income

When your employees are engaged, they’ll be more productive and more efficient, leading to better financial performance in the long run. Companies who actively engage with their employees and work to improve productivity can experience 28% higher gross margins and a 19% improvement in operating income, and even as much as three times the profit growth of their less-engaged competitors.

Higher quality work

Companies that emphasize productivity and engagement can also usher in improvement in the quality of work their employees produce. A productive employee engaged with your company’s mission and focused on the task at hand will make fewer mistakes, requiring less time spent on fixing errors. Organizations with high staff engagement have reported 48% fewer safety incidents and 41% fewer quality incidents or defects in their work, a powerful demonstration of how productivity impacts your bottom line.

Reduced employee turnover

An employee who feels like a productive, respected member of a team will be more likely to stick around and look for development and advancement opportunities within your company. Your bottom line will benefit when you’re able to invest in your existing staff instead of spending the time — and money— on hiring and training new employees. Research shows that absenteeism and turnover rates both drop among companies who prioritize engagement and productivity.

Increased client satisfaction

Once again, the concept of this chain reaction between engagement, productivity, and your bottom line comes into play. When your team produces quality, error-free work on schedule, your clients will notice and come back for more. That repeat business fueled by productivity and engagement will help bolster your bottom line.

To see how Pinnacle Series can help increase productivity and employee engagement in your organization,  schedule a demo!


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