How Our Knowledge Management System Makes Remote Work Easier

Our Pinnacle Series knowledge management system is here to help solve the remote work puzzle for companies in the AEC space. Learn how our robust tools enable: 

  1. On-demand content to solve problems instantly
  2. Long-term employee upskilling from anywhere
  3. Internal knowledge-sharing
  4. Collaboration among teams
  5. Assignments & progress reports for managers
  6. Connection with outside software

Let’s dive into how our knowledge management system makes these things possible!

On-demand content to solve problems instantly

When employees run into problems or questions while working remotely, they can’t just lean over to a cubicle-mate to ask advice. Emails and instant messages asking for assistance from coworkers aren’t always efficient, and can take up multiple people’s valuable time. And information pulled from Google or YouTube can be hit or miss.

Enter Pinnacle Series: an e-learning and knowledge management system with expert-developed training content specifically built for organizations in the engineering, architecture, construction, and manufacturing industries. Employees can use our cheat sheets and quick, on-demand videos to guide them through hundreds of AEC software tasks.

Long-term employee upskilling from anywhere

In addition to short-term solutions, your employees can use our software to gain essential skills that will benefit their future careers. Pinnacle Series arranges courses into defined Learning Paths designed to take employees from beginner to more advanced skill levels in the software they use every day. Our content is also downloadable to view offline, so they can pursue career development that fits their busy schedules.

Internal knowledge-sharing

Another way that knowledge management systems improve remote work is by giving employees peace of mind that they’ll have what they need, when they need it. A knowledge management system gives your team a place to reference all internal knowledge and best practices without scrolling through hundreds of past emails and chats to find the information they need. Pinnacle Series isn’t just a training platform; it’s a full-featured knowledge management system. Managers and designated employees can upload custom content right to the platform, making Pinnacle a centralized repository for all internal knowledge.

Collaboration among teams

With Pinnacle, you can form Work Groups where teams can easily collaborate and store project-specific information, no matter where they’re working. You can also loop in external users like subcontractors to give them access to the specific information they need, without providing access to the entire Pinnacle platform.

Assignments & progress reports for managers

Managing teams remotely comes with its challenges too. Pinnacle Series makes it easy for administrators to supervise employees’ learning progress and assign training materials to fill in skills gaps. Through our partnership with KnowledgeSmart, employees can also take assessments to measure their current knowledge level for a specific software and auto-generate a learning plan for them. Managing training has never been so simple!

Connection with outside software

Pinnacle Series comes with API access so that you can connect the knowledge management system with other programs. We also offer a handy Related Learning plugin for Autodesk products, which points users directly to Pinnacle’s relevant training content based on the commands they’re running. All of these features ensure seamless integration of the platform into your team’s daily workflows, whether they’re working in the office or from home.

Current customers can log into Pinnacle Series now to start using these features to the fullest! If you’re new to Pinnacle Series and want to see how it can level up your organization’s productivity in the remote work era, contact us to schedule a demo today.


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