5 Ways to Stay on Top of Emerging Technologies with our AEC E-Learning System

Pinnacle Series, our flagship e-learning system, is here to help. Here are five ways you can use our e-learning system and resources to stay on the cutting edge of AEC:

  1. Use our training content regularly
  2. Visit the Eagle Point blog
  3. Review trade show & webinar videos
  4. Schedule live events to review new tech
  5. Subscribe to new content libraries as you add software

Below, learn more about how to use our e-learning system and website to stay current.

Use our training content regularly

Pinnacle Series was built specifically for the AEC industries. Our content is created by engineers, architects, and developers who have a wealth of experience in their fields and always keep their ears to the ground for recent industry advancements. They diligently update Pinnacle’s training content so you can trust your teams are always getting high-quality, relevant information. If managers notice employee performance slipping on specific software, they can assign the relevant courses or learning paths to get everyone back up to speed and make sure their knowledge is up to date.

Visit the Eagle Point blog

On the Eagle Point Software blog, you can find content and advice on everything from new technology adoption to managing digital transformation initiatives and hot industry trends. We also use the blog to highlight the features and benefits of Pinnacle Series to help you get the most out of your subscription to our e-learning platform.

Review trade show & webinar videos

Trade shows and webinars are two tried-and-true ways for companies to explore emerging technologies and expand their knowledge of new topics. But you can’t attend them all, especially during times when in-person events are off the table. Fortunately, you can often find video recordings of webinars and trade show content to revisit later on. Check out our Eagle Point Software channel on YouTube, where we share videos and recordings of our past presentations and webinars, including those from Autodesk University.

Schedule live events to review new tech

Our e-learning platform doesn’t just come with pre-loaded training — it has a wealth of features to help you encourage learning in all its forms. That includes the capability to schedule and manage live events! For example, you could plan a brainstorming session with your team leaders to explore new technologies they’d like to adopt. Or, before introducing a new software program, host a webinar to teach employees what benefits it will bring.

Subscribe to new content libraries as you add software

Within the Pinnacle Series content catalog, you’ll find individual training libraries for dozens of AEC software programs and business topics — and we’re releasing new ones all the time. When you introduce a new AEC software, direct users to the corresponding Pinnacle training library (or create a customized one for your organization!) as part of the rollout to ensure smooth adoption. If we don’t currently have training for the software or topic you want, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to ask if it’s in the works. We’re always looking for customer feedback in shaping our e-learning system!

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, you can start using these tips right away by logging in. If not, we’d love to schedule a demo and show you what Pinnacle Series can do!


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