How Pinnacle Series Accommodates Different Learning Styles

Pinnacle Series is an AEC e-learning system that does things differently. Our vast library of AEC software training content encompasses thousands of resources that support different learning styles—all on-demand and personalized to your team’s needs. 

In this article, learn how we’ve crafted our AEC e-learning system to support these different learning styles:

  1. Visual 
  2. Auditory 
  3. Reading/writing
  4. Hands-on 
  5. Social/interpersonal

Read on to find out more about how our AEC e-learning system can accommodate your team’s different learning styles.


For visual (or spatial) learners, information clicks best when presented via illustrations, images, charts, graphs, diagrams, and other similar content delivered in a visual form. 

The Pinnacle AEC e-learning system helps train visual learners in essential work processes through learning path courses, videos, and process workflows containing visual guides. Employees can find the information they need at a glance by watching a short video or scrolling through a workflow to see what they need to know. With Pinnacle Series’ videos and visual learning resources, our expert content creators show the things they’re teaching instead of just telling it. 


For learners who absorb information best when it’s conveyed verbally, Pinnacle’s courses and videos are a natural fit. Instructors narrate what they’re doing and explain the reasons why, so learners can watch, listen, and comprehend every step. 


Readers differ from visual learners in that they like to see information presented in words more than images (though a combination is often best). All of the content in Pinnacle can work for this learning style! Cheat-sheet and workflow documents come in written form, and the majority of our videos have transcriptions available for employees who would prefer to read along with them. 


Hands-on, or kinesthetic, learners, like to learn by doing. Because Pinnacle Series training is available on-demand, it’s an excellent solution for your employees who love to dive right into a job and problem-solve as they go. They can get to work, then turn to Pinnacle the instant they encounter something they need to learn. We also offer a plugin for Autodesk products that suggests training content based on the user’s commands. As your employees pursue longer-term learning goals, they can test their knowledge with quizzes built into Pinnacle learning paths, which also helps solidify what they’ve learned.


While this isn’t one of the “big four” learning styles, some people learn better in groups or when they have someone available to help. Using our AEC e-learning system doesn’t have to be a solitary activity! First, we offer in-platform live support, so we can help users solve problems as needed. We’ve also built in the ability for administrators to create work groups and designate subject-matter experts, so your teams can collaborate and assist one another on their topics of expertise. Finally, you can even schedule and manage live events right from Pinnacle Series when you want to host a more social training session.

No matter which different learning styles your employees prefer, Pinnacle Series will help them learn the AEC software and business skills they need. And you don’t just have to use our content— you can upload your own internal training resources too. If you’re a current customer, log in now to explore the different ways our learning content can accommodate your team’s learning styles.

Want to see how our AEC e-learning system can transform training for your organization? Schedule a demo with us today! 


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