How Pinnacle Series Benefits BIM Managers

We chatted with Eagle Point Software Business Managers Steve Link and Jake Meyer about how BIM managers can leverage our e-learning system to make their jobs easier and more efficient:

  1. Save time putting out fires
  2. Establish good communication
  3. Automate training
  4. Track team progress
  5. Streamline workflows 
  6. Record and upload lunch-and-learns 

Let’s explore why BIM managers love Pinnacle Series!

Save time putting out fires

Sometimes, a manager’s day can feel like it’s just solving one problem after another.

“Many times, BIM manager’s days are spent putting out fires, either dealing with questions from users or trying to fix problems,” Meyer says.

With Pinnacle, a lot of this problem-solving can instantly be outsourced. 

“Pinnacle provides a single resource, a centralized repository, where everything is easily found and tracked for accountability,” he explains. 

It’s a win-win: users are empowered to become more independent, while managers’ time can be spent on more pressing issues.

Establish good communication

As every manager knows, miscommunication costs time and money. 

“A critical part of a successful project is communication,” Link says. “BIM managers are responsible for creating, storing, and communicating standards, best practices, and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to the organization.” 

The problem is that those items are often stored in various locations, making them hard to maintain and difficult for the staff to find. Furthermore, if they aren’t constantly updated, the same errors may be repeated from project to project. 

“All too often, rework is the cause for project delays and budget creep,” Link says.

Solution? “Pinnacle Series allows the BIM manager to store all the standards in one location, making it easy to modify and continually update without delay!”

Automate training

In many AEC organizations, training requires a lot of hands-on work and oversight from managers. BIM managers have to assess their staff’s current skills, figure out where the gaps are, assign suitable training, follow up on it, analyze the results, and more.

“Instead of trying to personally assess and train users, taking up a lot of time and effort, Pinnacle can be that resource to streamline this process and create an automated training regimen,” Meyer says. “As users’ knowledge and skillset increase, so does the quality of work being produced, many times being completed ahead of time and under budget.”

Track team progress

Efficient and successful management is built on understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses. What parts of a project tend to cause delays? Where could communication and training be improved? 

“Pinnacle allows BIM Managers to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening with their team,” Meyer explains. “Through reports, they can see common searches, identifying potential training opportunities. They can also track the progress and results of those trying to develop and improve their abilities. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member also ensures each project team will be assembled correctly in order to achieve the best results possible.”

Streamline workflows 

Pinnacle Series has a variety of training resources, including courses, videos, documents, and workflows. Workflows are essentially step-by-step guides or flowcharts that teach users how to accomplish specific things. 

“Workflows are a great way to establish best practices by providing step by step instructions on how to properly execute a task or specific steps within a project,” Link says. “This allows for standardized projects to match each firm’s unique way of doing things to be produced, while preventing mistakes and thus time-consuming rework.”

Record and upload lunch-and-learns 

Lunch-and-learn sessions are a great way to train employees on a new process or concept. But what if a team member can’t attend or you have staff working remotely? With Pinnacle Series, it’s not a problem! Just record the sessions and upload them to Pinnacle Series, so employees can catch up or re-watch the sessions anytime.

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