How to Convince Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technology

Let’s look at how to convince skeptical employees to adopt new technology with these tips!

  1. Emphasize the value and benefits
  2. Keep it simple and gradual
  3. Recruit internal influencers
  4. Train employees effectively
  5. Understand where the resistance comes from
  6. Remain open to feedback

Learn more about each recommendation below. 

Emphasize the value and benefits

When it comes to making changes, most people won’t be motivated until they see how it will personally benefit them. Start making those benefits clear before you even roll out the new tech! Will the latest piece of software help them automate annoying busywork? Will the new e-learning system help them learn new skills to grow their careers? Once you figure out those benefits, be sure to communicate them effectively to your team.

Keep it simple and gradual

To help employees adjust to the new technology, don’t overwhelm them with it all at once. Consider a gradual rollout, full of lunch-and-learn tutorials and time for them to experiment on their own. Keep the technology or e-learning system they were using before but designate one or two days a week to work with the new one or take training. Introduce the easiest topics first before moving on to anything complicated.

Recruit internal influencers

Who are your employees that always get their coworkers on board with new ideas and initiatives? Involve them in the campaign to introduce the new technology! Get them up to speed on how everything works and ask them to help teach their teams and create buzz. These employees can be your “super-users,” leading the way and championing the technology. 

Train employees effectively

When you’re introducing new tech, the worst thing you can do is just give employees their login info and let them sink or swim. Make sure you have a training plan in place, using an e-learning system like Pinnacle Series to teach employees how to accomplish vital tasks.

Understand where the resistance comes from

If you’re still noticing a lot of skepticism about the changes after your user adoption plan has been underway for some time, it’s time to dig into the reasons why. Send out a survey asking people to rate their experiences, how confident they are in the software, what types of training they’d like, and so on. If the software in question offers analytics, you can also check those to see where the potential roadblocks are.

Remain open to feedback

Communication and honesty are vital to successful functioning in any workplace. Encourage people to share their ideas for improvement, any concerns they have, what they liked better about the former tool, and so forth. If they seem reluctant to be completely honest in person, offer an anonymous online suggestion box.

When you’re a Pinnacle Series customer, we don’t make you sink or swim with the rollout of our e-learning system either! Our Customer Success Management team has helped many organizations create and implement successful user adoption plans. They know how to convince skeptical employees to adopt new technology, and they’ll share that expertise with you! 

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