How to Improve Workplace Efficiency with Pinnacle Series

In this article, we’ll show you how our flagship e-learning system, Pinnacle Series, can help you improve workplace efficiency with features that:

  1. Train staff with content from industry experts
  2. Enable instant problem-solving
  3. House all internal training in one place
  4. Provide accessibility and individualized learning

Learn more about these steps to improve workplace efficiency below.

Train staff with content from industry experts

When your employees learn from the best, their efficiency and effectiveness skyrockets. The robust content library in Pinnacle Series features thousands of expert-developed training assets, including courses, how-to guides, and workflows, covering dozens of essential AEC software products. Whether your staff needs to learn or improve their skills with Autodesk, Bentley, Bluebeam, or others, they can do it with assistance from Pinnacle Series’ experienced content authors.

Enable instant problem-solving

If you do a word association with “efficiency,” one of the next words that probably comes to mind is “speed.” Your staff can’t be efficient if they’re spending too much time trying to navigate through a problem and find solutions. Their options should be better than scrolling for answers on Google, asking coworkers for help, or waiting for the next training event where they may learn irrelevant information or not retain everything. 

Pinnacle Series offers on-demand training that employees can instantly find with in-platform search tools. If they’re stuck on a specific task, they can quickly find solutions with our easy-to-find content and related content plugins for Autodesk products. Pinnacle Series puts the knowledge into their hands when they need it, which is what efficiency is all about.

House all internal training in one place

Having a centralized information repository saves time for everyone. Staff shouldn’t have to bounce around between different programs, buried emails, internal software, and physical documents to find everything they need to do their jobs.

That’s why we built Pinnacle Series with full customization abilities, so every company can make it their own. Our e-learning system isn’t just where your employees can take AEC software courses—it’s a full-featured knowledge management system. Upload your firm’s content and documents, edit our pre-loaded resources to fit your best practices, and allow employees to share their knowledge on the platform as well. Pinnacle Series even lets you schedule and manage your live training events from the same place. 

Provide accessibility and individualized learning

The most efficient way to learn is one that supports employees’ abilities and works around their schedules. We’ve designed Pinnacle Series to be as accessible as possible. Transcription is available for every video, so employees can choose whether to read or listen. Content can be downloaded and taken on the go for offline learning, so your staff can take the initiative to learn on their own during downtime in their workday or while they’re traveling for business. Employees can also take assessments to personalize their learning and fill in skills gaps.

If you’re an existing Pinnacle Series customer interested in learning how to improve workplace efficiency with our state-of-the-art e-learning system, log in now! Our in-depth library of on-demand content, robust search function, and customizable features are waiting to help boost your team’s efficiency.

Not a current Pinnacle Series customer? Schedule a demo with us today to learn all about how Pinnacle Series can help your AEC or manufacturing company achieve greater efficiency!


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