How to Increase User Adoption of Your E-Learning Platform

Well, good news: we have an entire department dedicated to helping you increase the adoption and success of your e-learning platform implementation! With input from these talented Customer Success Managers (aka CSMs), let’s look at how to increase user adoption of your new e-learning software!

  1. Drum up excitement first
  2. Don’t expect a 0-to-100 rollout
  3. Build a communication calendar
  4. Create incentives to use the platform
  5. Host regular Lunch & Learns
  6. Develop an onboarding process
  7. Add custom content and company best practices

Let’s explore their tips below!

Drum up excitement first

Instead of just unveiling the platform one day and throwing everyone into the deep end, try creating a little hype for it first! Write an email sequence sharing information about the platform and its benefits. You can highlight how it will make everyone’s workday easier by providing more helpful answers than a search engine, and how it can provide a long-term career development opportunity through upskilling.

Also, every company has a few employees that can talk to anyone and get everyone excited. If you have people like that, consider rolling the platform out to them first and making them “super-user influencers” who can spread the buzz and teach others how to use the platform when it’s live.

Don’t expect a 0-to-100 rollout

People take time to adjust to changes — it’s only human! Be patient and plan a slow transition instead of pushing your staff to immediately start using their new e-learning every single day. Ramp up your efforts over the course of several months (using the tips in this post, of course)!

Build a communication calendar

You don’t want to go into any new software rollout without a solid plan and good communication around it. As our CSM Mary Forbes advises, “Develop a communication plan/calendar based on upcoming initiatives that includes links to content relevant to the ‘Monthly Topic’ or ‘Course of the Month.’” This can help ease people into the platform and get them comfortable. 

For instance, you could create a 10-minute course on “Our Company Values” and add a quiz at the end to get employees accustomed to how the platform’s courses and quizzes work with a short, easy topic. Or, you can make Revit the topic of the month and reward the top employees who learn the most Revit content.

Create incentives to use the platform

Gamification and rewards motivate everyone, regardless of age! Think of ways you can create a game that gets people accustomed to the platform. For example, our CSMs love the “scavenger hunt,” where you ask specific questions that require users to find answers inside Pinnacle Series. Everyone who correctly responds by the deadline could earn a coffee gift card, be entered in a drawing, or earn an extra hour of PTO, etc. 

Host regular Lunch & Learns

Sitting down with a tasty lunch is a great time to absorb new information in a fun, low-pressure setting. “Host monthly or quarterly Lunch & Learns on a specific topic or product,” advises CSM Renee Riffey. “This can include best practices, how-to’s, and FAQs.” If your employees are working from home, send them delivery gift cards instead of the typical in-office catering.

Develop an onboarding process

Once you have an e-learning platform, one of the easiest ways to increase user adoption is to get all your new employees using it right away as part of their welcome training! CSM Jill Meloy says, “Create and develop an onboarding process on your platform that includes all of the documents, videos, learning, and other assets needed for onboarding new hires. This introduces all new employees to the e-learning platform from day one as the organization’s trusted go-to resource.”

Add custom content and company best practices

If you use a generic one-size-fits-all e-learning platform, your company’s unique best practices and project standards aren’t going to be taught there, which can lead to mixed messaging. That’s why it’s ideal to use a platform like Pinnacle Series, where you can edit and add all content to make sure it’s teaching your employees accurate information for how processes work on their teams. 

Renee says, “Establish standards to be used on projects using workflows to create consistency at the organization.” Users will be more likely to love the platform if they can trust it as a “single source of truth” for the knowledge they need and won’t have to be constantly double-checking their info.

When you choose Pinnacle Series as your AEC and manufacturing e-learning platform, you won’t have to handle implementation by yourself. Our CSM team will be right there with you, from planning to execution to ongoing support. If you’re a current customer looking to increase user adoption of Pinnacle Series, reach out to our team for guidance.

If you’re not a current customer, Schedule a demo or pilot of Pinnacle Series today to determine if our software is the right solution for your organization!


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