How to Keep Employees Engaged During Training

Many organizations measure the success of their virtual learning programs by looking at engagement rates. Are employees accessing the learning resources regularly, completing modules, retaining enough information to pass quizzes or assessments, and so forth? Or are they only doing it when a manager reminds them or letting a video run in the background while they work because they feel like they have to?


For managers wondering how to keep employees engaged during training, it can help to reframe the question to how to make virtual learning engaging


Here are some tips for doing just that:

  1. Tailor company-specific content
  2. Provide short-form and long-form training
  3. Add interactive elements
  4. Make training easy to access
  5. Clearly communicate benefits and goals


Along the way, we’ll share how Pinnacle Series can help solve the problem of how to make virtual learning engaging at your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization. 


Tailor company-specific content


If you’re using a generic e-learning system, it’s likely going to be less engaging by default. The content may not all be directly relevant to company best practices and operations. If users are forced to learn irrelevant content, it can end up being confusing and distracting. 


That’s why we built Pinnacle Series, our flagship e-learning program, with complete administrative customization abilities. Not only can you add your own custom content in any format, but you can also edit any of our pre-loaded software training so it fits your needs. For instance, you can outline specific scenarios your users are likely to encounter during their work and explain how to accomplish those tasks while following your organization’s internal standards.


Provide short-form and long-form training


If an employee only has the mental bandwidth to absorb a short lesson, they’re not going to stay engaged for an hour of training. On the flip side, if they need to learn a complex skill that requires deep focus, you don’t want to be limited to an e-learning system that only offers short-form content. 


The most effective and engaging learning solutions have a mixture of both. Pinnacle Series has short, searchable videos and documents for simple on-demand solutions and extended courses and training paths to help users master a skill over time. Check out our article on improving learning retention here. 


Add interactive elements


It’s easy to zone out from learning when information is just being thrown at you, and you have nothing to do but sit there and watch the screen. It stands to reason that training won’t be engaging if there’s no way to engage with it, right? Making learning more engaging can be as simple as adding quizzes between modules or sharing a lesson via a live event instead of an article.


Even better, have them apply their learning right away in a real-world project. Pinnacle Series comes with a plugin for Autodesk products that suggests learning resources based on the commands users are running. This way, users can immediately learn a new skill, then implement it in a helpful way without needing to step away from the job. 


Make training easy to access


Engagement thrives when employees can access learning easily, from anywhere at any time. They need to be able to seize the moments when they come! Maybe it’s a quick task they need to learn, or they have a few moments to spare on a job site and want to knock out a course module. With a program like Pinnacle Series that offers mobile device access and downloadable content, that’s not a roadblock you’ll have to worry about. 


Clearly communicate benefits and goals


Do your staff know the why behind their training assignments? Sharing the benefits and integrating learning into your company culture are two great ways to motivate employees to pursue training. Maybe gaining new skills will put them on track for a promotion, eliminate annoying daily busywork, or help them feel more confident in their role.


Interested in exploring how to keep employees engaged during training with Pinnacle Series? Schedule a demo or pilot with our team today!


If you’re a current Pinnacle Series subscriber, log in now to explore some of the engaging learning resources available in the platform, including short, on-demand videos and self-guided learning paths.



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