How to Solve Quality Control Issues with Pinnacle Series

Quality control is a make-or-break issue for any company, but particularly ones in the AEC and manufacturing industries. Because architects, engineers, and construction and manufacturing professionals do such essential work, the stakes are high! If your organization is running into roadblocks, figuring out how to solve quality control issues is critical. 


Luckily, we’ve designed Pinnacle Series — our flagship AEC and manufacturing software training solution — to help! Let’s dig into how to solve quality control issues with Pinnacle Series.


  1. Identify the root cause
  2. Close knowledge and skills gaps
  3. Document internal standards and best practices
  4. Streamline group communication
  5. Provide on-demand solutions


Below, we’ll cover each step and why Pinnacle Series is the perfect AEC and manufacturing software training solution for your firm.


Identify the root cause

When there’s a breakdown in quality control, the very first step is to figure out why. At what stage of the process are problems arising? What kind of problems are going unnoticed for too long in the process? Which teams are doing the work or performing the checks, and are they trained well enough and communicating with one another throughout each phase? Is your employee turnover rate too high, resulting in employees or new hires creating errors in work they aren’t trained to do? Whether it’s any of these factors or something else, you have to find it to fix it!


Close knowledge and skills gaps

One common cause of quality control issues is simply that there are one or more missing pieces in a team’s knowledge or skill set. Or, maybe only a few people know how to do certain tasks, but they can’t do it all, so you need to train more employees to perform those functions. 


Either way, this is where Pinnacle Series comes in! Our AEC and manufacturing software training solution is exactly what you need to fill in crucial skills gaps. With expert-developed learning material on dozens of popular work software programs, business skills, health and safety, and more, we’ll help your staff learn what they need to know to thrive and produce quality, error-free work.


Document internal standards and best practices

Sometimes, the root cause isn’t a lack of knowledge or skill at all, but unclear standards from the top down. Your employees have most likely come from diverse educational and experiential backgrounds where the processes and standards are different. Make sure that internal standards, best practices, process workflows, and solutions to common quality control issues are all documented and stored where anyone can easily access them.


Streamline group communication

Lack of communication and miscommunication are two things that can sabotage projects, especially ones that involve multiple teams and have a lot of moving parts. We designed Pinnacle’s Work Groups feature so that everyone involved in a project can access relevant information and collaborate together. Instead of scattering information between emails, chats, calls, meetings, project details, and discussions, your organization’s most vital information can be stored in one place. This also makes it easier to identify if any mistakes or misunderstandings are taking place and correct them early.


Work Groups also allow you to communicate your organization’s standards and best practices to external contractors, so everyone is on the same page and the risk of error and rework is reduced.


Provide on-demand solutions

When an employee runs into a question or roadblock, where do they go to get answers? Do they have to search for it online, or ask another employee and pull them out of production to get a response? Or do they guess and risk being wrong so they can move on without wasting time? 


All of these options can lead to inconsistent results. With Pinnacle Series’ enormous collection of searchable short-form content, you can rest assured that your staff are able to find the correct answers the instant they need them.


Want to learn more about how to solve quality control issues with our AEC and manufacturing software training solution? Contact our team for a demo or free trial today!


If you’re already a Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to start taking advantage of features like document storage that can help improve quality control at your organization.



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