The Importance of Corporate Standards

If you haven’t yet outlined or recently updated your corporate standards — also known as company best practices — we want to share how important they are (and how Pinnacle Series can help you share them with employees!).

Here are six compelling reasons to have corporate standards in place:

  1. Increases work quality and consistency
  2. Streamlines collaboration
  3. Reduces time searching for answers
  4. Improves the onboarding process
  5. Enables easier decision-making
  6. Captures knowledge on an ongoing basis

Let’s keep exploring the importance of corporate standards.

Increases work quality and consistency

Whether your organization is large or small, it’s essential to produce consistently high-quality work for your clients. However, without clear company standards, results can vary widely between different teams and locations or from one year to the next. Organizational best practices provide a framework that every employee, team, and office can use to shape their operations and deliver consistent results.

Streamlines collaboration

Similarly, if you’re not providing every employee and team with the same standards, it’s a recipe for miscommunication and friction when they try to collaborate. 

Reduces time searching for answers

When employees wonder about the best way to accomplish a particular task or process, they have a few options. They can ask coworkers, who may also be unsure, which takes valuable time away from their work. They can look it up on Google, which may return incorrect results that don’t apply to their specific situation. They can make their best guess. Or, they can check the corporate standards and training materials inside a knowledge management system like Pinnacle Series and get the correct answers as quickly as possible! 

Improves the onboarding process

Welcoming new employees to the team isn’t always straightforward. They’re arriving with their own sets of knowledge, skills, and history from other companies. Having corporate standards already in place when they arrive lets them know what to expect and easily adjust to the daily operations at a new organization. Using Pinnacle Series, you can upload custom onboarding courses to share your corporate standards and processes with them. Pinnacle Series also offers the ability to track who has viewed and completed learning with robust reports, so you can keep tabs on training progress.

Enables easier decision-making

The process of decision-making can really slow down a workday. Between doing research, consulting with others, debating the pros and cons, and so on, it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and making a choice! The inefficiency mounts when the same decision is being made multiple times because the precedent hasn’t been shared between teams, managers, or different offices. Setting corporate standards and keeping them up-to-date means management can decide once and eliminate the work for anyone who runs into the situation going forward.

Captures knowledge on an ongoing basis

Technology and industry standards are evolving quickly and constantly, especially in the AEC & M space. The goal of setting corporate standards isn’t to write one set that stays stagnant over the next 50 years but to refresh and add to them as needed. In Pinnacle Series, you can designate employees as subject-matter experts with the ability to share knowledge and add content to their area of expertise. This adds a more collaborative element to setting best practices! Pinnacle Series also has the ability to track which employees have accessed best practices and applied them to actual project work, so you can measure the practices’ impact.

Curious about how Pinnacle Series can help you share your company standards in a centralized knowledge and training system? If you’re not a current customer, set up a demo or free trial with our team today!

If you are a current customer, log in to Pinnacle Series now or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about how our e-learning system can help you with standards and knowledge sharing.


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