5 Industries That Benefit from Our E-Learning System

Pinnacle Series is the ideal solution, with thousands of on-demand training assets and tools built specifically for organizations in these industries: 

  1. Architecture
  2. Engineering
  3. Construction
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Multidiscipline 

Below, learn more about how our e-learning system can help companies in these industries!


The architects on our team understand the needs and challenges of building design and the importance of delivering a mistake-free project. The Pinnacle Series e-learning system features learning packages for popular architectural software including:

In our case study with architecture firm Noelker and Hull Associates, they had been struggling to implement Revit and needed a continuous training and support solution. When they found Pinnacle, they looked no further. 

As Technology Manager Michael H. explained, “Pinnacle Series helped improve the overall productivity of our design team. They could find answers to their questions almost instantly.” 


Our company was founded by two engineers driven to make life and work more efficient, and engineering is still a core part of our e-learning system and mission to this day. Pinnacle Series’ engineering software training covers:

“We call Pinnacle Series our ‘single source of truth,'” commented Tracy M., the Design Technology Manager for engineering firm Mazzetti. Their firm has turned Pinnacle into their one-stop-shop for onboarding and training, enjoying more efficiency and productivity in the process.


For many people, the word “construction” conjures up images of workers in the field wearing hard hats. The fact is, construction technology is becoming much more prevalent – and much more advanced.

Adapting to new technology is vital to the construction industry’s future, so you need up-to-date training for the latest trends and developments. Find expert construction software training in Pinnacle Series that includes:

Our case study with construction firm Skanska UK showed how our flagship e-learning system enabled them to pursue the digital transformation initiatives they needed to evolve. 

“Pinnacle Series gives us consistency in internal processes and professional skills. It also supports continuity since it makes the company less dependent on the knowledge that people hold in their heads,” said David T., the BIM & Digital Engineering Operations Manager for Skanska.


Product development and manufacturing software power the creation of everything from cutting-edge modern machinery to steel beams for skyscrapers. Some notable manufacturing software training packages in the Pinnacle e-learning system include:


Because multidiscipline AEC companies serve in various capacities for their clients, they need an e-learning system that can keep up with all their needs and offer full control over content and platform customization. We cover all the most common AEC software, including: 

MSA Professional Services employs teams of engineers, architects, planners, surveyors, GIS experts, and more, which translates to a lot of training demands.

“All the training they need is on their desktop with Pinnacle Series,” said Mark N., CAD Manager. “It’s just a better way of learning. You aren’t just telling someone how to do something, and then they forget it. They find the information in Pinnacle Series, use it, and retain it.”

If you haven’t checked out the Pinnacle Series content library lately, log in now to see the latest training content related to your industry!

If you’re not an existing customer, we’d love to have your AEC or manufacturing company join our list of Pinnacle Series success stories!  Schedule a demo of our flagship e-learning system today to see how Pinnacle Series can transform your organization.


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