Introducing Eagle Point Software’s Accredited Learning Library

What Is the Accredited Learning Library in Pinnacle Series?

The Eagle Point Software Content Team has rolled out the new Accredited Learning Library (or ALL for short). The purpose of this library is to house all of Pinnacle Series’ approved accredited content in one location.

The ALL will continuously be updated automatically as new content is added, certified, or content is retired. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with the American Institute of Architects AIA (USA), CPD Accredited (Global), CanBIM (Canada), and SACAP (South Africa). These organizations have agreed that specific content meets their standards for accreditation and professional development. 

The library not only lists the most up-to-date course content but also all the necessary information for submitting training for approval, including course IDs and Eagle Point’s member number with accreditation organizations.

Why Does Accredited Learning Matter?

Commitment to Quality
Our Accredited Learning Library is more than a collection of courses. It represents our dedication to delivering training that not only educates but also elevates the capabilities of AEC industry professionals.

Master Current Standards
Keeping up with current design, analysis, and project management standards and regulations is non-negotiable. Accredited Learning ensures your team is proficient and ahead of the curve.

Professional Growth
Taking Accredited Learning can be a tangible measure of your team’s growth. It reflects a proven path of learning that is recognized across the industry.

Innovation and Leadership
Accredited learning programs equip business leaders with the latest thinking in technology and management. This fuels innovation and bolsters leadership within the industry.

The path to becoming a leader in your field runs through a commitment to professional development. With Eagle Point Software’s Accredited Learning Library, you now have one more robust tool to help pave the way.

For Eagle Point Software, Accreditation isn’t just a badge—it’s a testament to our investment in empowering industry professionals.

How to Access Accredited Learning?

For current Pinnacle Series and Pinnacle Lite users, accessing the Accredited Learning Library is as simple as logging into the Pinnacle Series. Navigate to the Accredited Learning Library, choose your learning paths, and start learning. Always check the course description for the accreditation details before you begin.

Not Currently Using Pinnacle Series?

Get started with our Pinnacle Series LMS and eLearning platform! Don’t miss out, request a demo of the platform and the Accredited Learning Library today.


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