Introducing the Peak Experience for Pinnacle Lite eLearning

Our newest release is a pivotal improvement. It’s going to change how you think about our platform.

Our latest Pinnacle Lite update is a big one. The Peak Experience brings new features, a sleek user interface, and streamlined infrastructure for a system-wide boost. We’re describing it as a “foundational release” because that’s what it is: a comprehensive upgrade of our platform designed to set us, our users, and our partners up for success for years to come. Read on to learn more about what that means for you and your team.

What is a Foundational Release?

As a foundational release, Peak Experience provides a robust framework to support a more powerful, flexible platform. Specifically, that means that it:

  • Simplifies future feature and content development. By taking the program back to the fundamentals, we’re better able to align it with our priorities. Our goal has been to release an update that supports subsequent updates for many years while making it easier for our content team to share new course materials. With that vision realized, we’re excited to share it with our users.
  • Speeds up response to market and customer demands. A natural consequence of streamlined feature and content development is that the new platform will be capable of adapting with greater flexibility to the changing technological landscape. That’s an imperative for our own LMS, and for our users in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.
  • Enhances scalability for frictionless growth. Scalability is often a greater concern for small teams than large ones. Adding five new seats to an organization that already has a hundred users isn’t much of a lift. But if you only had five users to start, five more users doubles your size. Peak Experience makes scaling at a small level feel seamless, so that you can grow your team without feeling the pinch.

What does this mean for the future of Pinnacle Lite?

We like to be forward thinking. These updates weren’t just a tune-up of our existing platform—they’re a sign of what’s to come.

  • We’re committed to adaptability and longevity. No update is forever—which is why flexibility has been a high priority for Peak Experience. By making our platform easier to upgrade, we are preparing ourselves for necessary changes in the future, and positioning our users for ongoing success.
  • The under-the-hood updates make this a more responsive platform. Our platform looks different, but it also feels We’re excited to talk more about the new interface in our coming article, but we want to be clear: the upgrades are more than skin deep. You’ll notice the performance when loading courses and searching the library.
  • We also see this as a promise to our partners: we’re going to continue developing our platform so that they can remain competitive. First and foremost, we’ve built our platform to better serve our end users—the engineers, architects, BIM managers, and CAD specialists who depend on an accessible training platform to answer their questions quickly and reliably. But we also know that what’s good for our users is good for our partners, too. For those who rely on us as part of their business solutions toolkit, it’s our goal to keep you competitive for the long term.

Peak Experience for Pinnacle Lite brings an exceptional learning experience to the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.

We developed Pinnacle Lite for companies in the AEC&M sectors with training needs for 1–29 employees. Our content catalog includes twenty-five training libraries in leading industry software programs including AutoDesk, Revit, Procore, SolidWorks, and more. We’ve custom developed over 7,000 custom learning paths and 30,000 on-demand videos with the intent of delivering reliable, up-to-date answers to your employees. That means less time spent troubleshooting on YouTube, and more time completing tasks—and growing their skills while they’re at it.

Want to learn more? We’ve compiled the highlights in a downloadable infographic. Take it with you, and when you’re ready to implement Pinnacle Lite with your team, contact one of our partners for a demo.


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