Enhanced Integration for Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart is Here

Our latest platform release includes the following updates to Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart:

  1. API Updates
  2. Unified Log In Experience
  3. Improve My Skills
  4. Improved Invites
  5. Score Bandings
  6. User Learning Path Enrollment

Keep reading to learn more about these updates and how they can benefit your organization.

API Updates

Our teams have created multiple new API calls to further improve the integration between the Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart platforms.

Unified Log in Experience

We’ve simplified the log in experience between Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart, making it easier for both users and admins to navigate between the two platforms. In various locations in Pinnacle Series, we’re presenting functionality to take the user or admin to the appropriate place in KnowledgeSmart and bypass the log in process.

Improve My Skills

Learners will be able to take advantage of the unified login experience to seamlessly navigate between their personal KnowledgeSmart dashboard page and the most relevant custom learning courses in Pinnacle Series. The new “Improve My Skills” user journey saves time and streamlines the process for taking assessments and leveraging results to improve knowledge and skills.

Improved Invites

Multiple updates have been made to improve the assessment invite process from the Pinnacle Series tenant, including:

  • Allowing users to select individual or multiple KnowledgeSmart assessments from the Pinnacle Series interface.
  • Allowing invite expiration dates to be assigned from Pinnacle Series.
  • Allowing invites to be deleted from Pinnacle Series.
  • Allowing invites to be resent from Pinnacle Series.
  • Allowing invite reminders to be managed from Pinnacle Series.
  • Allowing the use of KnowledgeSmart custom invite templates when assigned from Pinnacle Series.

This release also updates the invite process from the KnowledgeSmart admin dashboard, with an improved process for managing custom invite templates.

Score Bandings

This update allows admins to control the assignment of custom learning paths in Pinnacle Series, based on customizable score bands. For example, training won’t be assigned if a user’s KnowledgeSmart assessment score is above 85%, but all training topics will be assigned if their score is below 40%.

User Learning Path Enrollment

With this update, end users can initiate an assessment and personalized learning journey from Pinnacle Series. This gives users new control to self-enroll in a KnowledgeSmart assessment and create a custom learning path.

The assessment selection window in Pinnacle Series has also been updated to show which assessments have learning associated with them and which do not.

This release ushers in an overall improved user journey across both the KnowledgeSmart and Pinnacle Series platforms. Stay tuned for future releases as we continue to develop and improve our best-in-class systems.

If you have any questions about this new release and improved integration, please let your Custom Success Manager know or contact our team online.


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