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  • InfraWorks Content Updates
    • A new learning path on Analysis, Optimization, and Simulation has been added to the InfraWorks library. This learning path includes two courses and addresses important aspects of roadway design including line-of-sight analysis, corridor optimization, and traffic simulation.
  • OpenRoads Designer Content Updates
    • A new learning path on using Civil Cells is now available in the OpenRoads Designer asset library. This path includes fundamental courses on getting started with Civil Cells, grading an intersection with Civil Cells, grading curb ramps with Civil Cells, and grading driveway entrances with Civil Cells.
    • A new workflow process, “Grading with Civil Cells,” outlines common tasks and steps to follow when working with Civil Cells. You can find this process in the OpenRoads Designer Project workflow.

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It’s time to make 2021 the year you stop spending excessive time on manual, repetitive Revit workflows that can be improved, and the year you stop running into dead ends, productivity-wise. Not sure where to start? Get insider info on the powerful tools used by savvy BIM managers across the AEC space in this informative webinar on Wednesday, March 24th.

Director of Solution Development, Steve Biver, will be joined by panelists from Ideate and Enscape, and will discuss how to increase productivity and enhance deliverables at your organization.

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Join Customer Success Manager Mary Forbes as she shares the secrets to unlocking efficiency at your AEC organization during our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 26th.

Mary will dive into topics including how to clarify roles and responsibilities within your team, streamline processes, embrace new technologies, and measure improvements. You’ll also learn how our flagship e-learning system, Pinnacle Series, can be incorporated into your organization’s plan to boost efficiency.

For more information and to register for this free webinar, visit our website.

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Learn how Pinnacle Series can make employee onboarding more efficient in this blog. Learn More Watch for these architecture trends in 2021 and beyond. Learn More


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