5 Must-Have Software for Multidiscipline Organizations

Using the AEC and manufacturing software training programs available on Pinnacle Series, your multidiscipline firm can train in all the latest technology, including:

  1. Revit
  2. Civil 3D
  3. BIM 360
  4. Bluebeam Revu
  5. MicroStation

Let’s dive into these software training programs and how you can use Pinnacle Series to upskill your multidisciplinary staff!


Autodesk Revit is one of the core pieces of AEC software for multidiscipline firms. This building information modeling software is used by architects, contractors, and all different types of engineers, from structural to mechanical to electrical. When you’re looking for AEC training software, you definitely don’t want to compromise on Revit. This software allows all your teams to work together using a unified, beautiful model of the project you’re building.

Pinnacle Series features comprehensive Revit training going over topics from basic to advanced. Our eleven Revit learning paths consist of more than 45 courses, 12 workflows, and 500+ documents and videos designed to help streamline the workflows of your professionals from all AEC disciplines. Check out our Revit software training page here.

Civil 3D

Civil engineers and infrastructure professionals typically work on a wide variety of subdisciplines at AEC organizations. Civil 3D allows them to design sites, highways, bridges, water systems, and more with ease, and bring architects into the loop as well.

In our Civil 3D content library in Pinnacle Series, you’ll discover eleven learning paths consisting of more than a dozen workflows, and 300+ videos and documents. Learn more about Civil 3D software training on Pinnacle Series here.

BIM 360

Part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM 360 is subdivided into Build, Coordinate, Design, Docs, and Plan. Using this AEC software in your multidiscipline organization helps to keep project teams informed and connected from the design stage to execution.

Our BIM 360 training includes several learning paths, courses, workflows, and hundreds of documents and videos covering each of these BIM 360 specialties! Discover more information about BIM 360 software training on Pinnacle Series.

Bluebeam Revu

At any multidiscipline AEC company, there are many documents floating around and being collaborated on, both within and between teams. Being able to efficiently create, edit, review, mark up, manage, and give feedback on these documents is key. Bluebeam Revu is a PDF-focused project management software with features that go far beyond a basic PDF editor.

Our training includes one learning path consisting of five courses, two workflows, and nearly 50 documents and videos to make PDF collaboration simpler than ever. Learn more about our Bluebeam Revu training here.


MicroStation from Bentley Systems is most commonly used by multidiscipline companies who want flexibility and efficiency in their workflows. Architects and engineers use this CAD software to design and draft projects in 2D and/or 3D.

Currently, our MicroStation resources on Pinnacle include a learning path consisting of 7 courses and 45+ videos on MicroStation fundamentals. Learn more about MicroStation software training on Pinnacle Series here.

The best part of Pinnacle Series is that our content is developed in-house, so we’re constantly reviewing, updating, and adding new things as the industry evolves. Visit our Software Training page to see all the AEC software training programs we offer! 

IF you already use Pinnacle Series, you can log in now to take advantage of these great AEC and manufacturing software training programs. If you’re not a current customer, make sure to schedule a demo or free trial with us to see Pinnacle Series in action for yourself and learn how it can level up your multidiscipline organization.


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