New Pinnacle Series Updates Bring Value

Here are the top five August 2019 updates for managers and users in Pinnacle Series.

  1. Themes & Branding— This has been a popular request from our clients since we have moved to the web portal.  The key features are the ability to customize the appearance of the Pinnacle Series web portal to give it the “look and feel” that fit each client’s brand and culture.  Clients already had the capability to include their logo and corporate news. The new package of personalization includes custom colors and cards in the portal.  
  2. The ability to remove comments has been added for Administrators, Work Group owners and the user that left the comment—This is another popular request by our clients.  The ability to moderate comments that are made on assets, or within a Work Group, is now possible.  Clients were hesitant to leverage this previously, given comments could not be deleted.
  3. Users are now able to leave feedback/suggestions for content (located by the comments area). The feedback will be relayed to the content publisher—Another popular feature.  In our former desktop application users had the ability to provide feedback on assets.  When we moved to the portal this option was no longer available.  Clients were forced to find a workaround for getting feedback, which was always a struggle.  This update is important because it enhances knowledge sharing and improves quality of content.   
  4. New functionality has been added to the learning center to allow users to review information on previous enrollments. This includes the ability to review quiz attempts and drill down into the questions and answers given for each quiz attempt— This is also very popular.  Prior to this, users had no visibility into their completed learning.  Not only does this feature allow users to review their learning history, but they can review how they did on quizzes and learn what questions they missed.  Quiz answers were not captured previously so not only can they see which questions they have missed, but they can also see the correct answers.
  5. Management Utility and Course/Learning Path, Quiz Updates— These new features are appealing to existing clients, but also to clients who are looking at Pinnacle Series for LMS capabilities.  While Pinnacle Series is much more than an LMS, we often get compared to these platforms.  New features provide content authors more control and flexibility.  Now, prerequisites can be defined for courses and learning paths, and there are options to require courses be taken in sequential order and another to require quizzes to be passed in order to complete a course.

 The next scheduled release date for Pinnacle Series is February 2, 2020.

Don Quinn is an Engineering Consultant and Implementation Specialist here at Eagle Point. Don is a Civil Engineer and has worked for Eagle Point for 24 years.  In his various job roles at Eagle Point, he has helped hundreds of clients implement technology solutions into their business.  Don has served on as a member of our Pinnacle Series implementation team where he assisted and managed clients with their Pinnacle Series implementations.  Don is also one of our Autodesk product experts and a member of our Content Development, where his primary responsibilities include authoring and maintaining Eagle Point public subscription content.  While at Eagle Point, Don has been a technical support resource for our clients, a software trainer, project consultant, and Pinnacle Series content author and contributor.  He often leads webinars and presentations for clients.


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