How Our AEC E-Learning Solution Improves Employee Retention

Let’s explore how our AEC e-learning solution, Pinnacle Series, can help deliver the development employees are looking for and improve retention at your architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing organization.

  1. Promotes lifelong learning
  2. Makes workflows more efficient
  3. Personalizes training
  4. Helps you smoothly train new hires
  5. Empowers their career goals

Learn more about employee retention and Pinnacle Series below.

Promotes lifelong learning

Learning doesn’t end when we’re out of school—it helps us grow and achieve goals throughout our lives and careers. But often, employees enter the workforce and feel like they’re growing stagnant because they’re not in a company that supports their ongoing learning. If you provide the opportunity for them to learn new skills on their own terms, you’ll build the kind of culture that encourages growth (and helps grow your company too).

Makes workflows more efficient

Pinnacle Series is full of training videos, documents, and other resources employees can use to improve their skills at dozens of important AEC programs, health and safety knowledge, their business acumen, and more. And they can do it whenever they need, including the minute they need answers in the middle of a project. Instead of interrupting their work to do an internet search or ask a coworker, they can hop onto Pinnacle Series, watch a quick how-to video, and get back to work with confidence.

Personalizes training

Sometimes, workplaces provide learning and development resources just to say they did. Employees can tell when they’re getting a one-size-fits-all course enrollment or seminar day that doesn’t fit their individual needs. In addition, it can be labor-intensive for managers to figure out the required training needs for every employee, especially within larger organizations. With Pinnacle Series, the concept of personalized learning is built in. Users can take KnowledgeSmart assessments to generate a custom learning plan that fills their skills gaps without repeating information they already know.

Helps you smoothly train new hires

When you first hire a new employee, that’s your chance to make a great first impression and welcome them on their new journey with the company. Instead of overwhelming them with a bunch of training events, skills tests, and a ton of other information that they may or may not be able to remember, send them to Pinnacle Series! House all your internal onboarding materials alongside our training content so new staff can settle in and find all the info they need in one place.

Empowers their career goals

All companies want their star employees to stay forever. But naturally, those employees won’t want to stay in the same role for that long. By equipping them with new skills to move forward in their careers, you’re helping them and your organization. You can invest in and promote your high-achievers from within, and they get to climb the ladder and achieve their professional goals without leaving your organization.

Want to see for yourself how our AEC e-learning solution can help your organization? Schedule a demo or free trial of Pinnacle Series today! Are you a current Pinnacle Series customer? Log in now or connect with your Customer Success Manager to see how you can leverage our platform in your employee retention efforts.


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