An Overview of Our AEC Health & Safety Training Content

Our flagship e-learning platform has a variety of construction health and safety training resources to help prepare your team for these unexpected scenarios! Let’s explore an overview of the AEC health and safety training available in Pinnacle Series:

Construction Health & Safety Training

Our content catalog includes 13 construction health & safety learning paths, which each include one to four courses going over the following topics:

  1. Crane and rigging safety
  2. Dealing with drug and alcohol abuse (for managers)
  3. Electrocution safety
  4. First aid in construction environments
  5. GHS container labeling
  6. Hand and power tool safety
  7. Hazards in construction environments
  8. Ladder safety
  9. Personal safety (eye, hand, wrist, finger, safe lifting)
  10. Planning and prevention (heat stress, personal protective equipment, fall protection, etc.)
  11. Scaffolding safety
  12. Aerial and scissor lifts in industrial and construction environments

DOT HazMat Safety Training

Pinnacle Series features two learning paths on DOT HazMat. The first path includes three courses covering a general awareness overview, safety training, and security awareness. The second learning path dives deeper into security training. 

Driving Safety Training

Any jobs that require driving – be it a car, van, or small truck – need well-trained and focused drivers. The Pinnacle Series learning path on driving safety includes three courses on driving safety, practicing defensive driving, and avoiding distracted driving.

GHS Safety Training

GHS, of course, is a much-needed abbreviation for the “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.” The first GHS learning path in Pinnacle Series introduces GHS, using safety data sheets, and container labeling. 

GHS is extremely relevant to AEC health and safety training in any work environment where chemicals are involved, so the rest of our learning paths zero in on GHS hazard communication in seven specific industries and workplaces:

  1. Auto services facilities
  2. Cleaning and maintenance operations
  3. Construction environments
  4. Healthcare facilities
  5. Hospitality industry
  6. Industrial facilities
  7. GHS safety data sheets in the laboratory


Another welcome short form for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, HAZWOPER is an essential set of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines that govern the handling of hazardous materials. 

Pinnacle Series features six HAZWOPER learning paths on the following topics:

  1. Orientation and basics of HAZWOPER 
  2. Hazardous materials (chemical hazards, HAZMAT labeling, safety data sheets, handling HAZMAT)
  3. Personal safety (protective equipment, respiratory protection, heat stress, electrical safety, confined spaces, PPE and decontamination)
  4. Planning and prevention (emergency plans, site health & safety, fire prevention, work practices, monitoring procedures)
  5. Emergency response (accidental release and spill cleanup, medical surveillance, decontamination, exposure monitoring, dealing with media)
  6. HAZWOPER retraining 

Healthcare Safety Training

Working in healthcare facilities brings a new set of considerations. Our healthcare safety learning path has courses on:

  1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Rules And Compliance
  2. Bloodborne Pathogens
  3. Tuberculosis
  4. Fire Prevention

Human Resource Safety Training

Pinnacle Series also has safety training for the human resource teams at AEC organizations to help resolve conflicts and keep their crews running smoothly! Pinnacle Series offers three HR-specific safety learning paths:

  1. Harassment and conflict
  2. Handling issues with managers and supervisors
  3. Dealing with sexual harassment investigations

Industrial Safety Training

Industrial environments are commonplace in the AEC and manufacturing industries. Our content library features three industrial health and safety learning paths on industrial safety planning and prevention, safe forklift and lift truck operation, and conflict resolution in industrial environments.

Laboratory Safety Training

Does your company deal with chemical production in laboratories? Train your staff with our learning paths on lab chemical safety, personal safety and dealing with emergencies, and safe handling of lab equipment.

Warehouse Safety Training

Warehouses can pose unique safety risks, thanks to the heavy items and machinery they tend to contain. Pinnacle Series features one learning path with a course that specifically focuses on working safely in warehouses. 

Workplace Safety Training

As you can see, our AEC health & safety training content encompasses a wide variety of information for just about any situation your teams may encounter on the job. Plus, our content is regularly updated as official guidelines evolve! 

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to check out these construction health and safety training courses for yourself.

If you’re not a current Pinnacle Series customer and are interested in learning how our platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing internal safety training, contact us to schedule a demo or free trial.


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