When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters


Discover how to get leadership buy-in for an employee e-learning program in this blog.

How to Get Leadership Buy-In for an Employee E-Learning Program

Are you an employee or manager who’s stuck on how to get leadership buy-in for an employee e-learning program? The key is to make a compelling case for the value of the program to the decision-makers within your firm, sharing how it will benefit your organization as well as the users. Keep reading for our tips on getting leadership buy in for an e-learning program.

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Learn how to increase user adoption of your e-learning platform in this blog post.

How to Increase User Adoption of Your E-Learning Platform

If you’re planning to roll out a new e-learning platform like Pinnacle Series to transform training in your company, knowing how to increase user adoption is an integral part of the puzzle. After all, people can only learn and upskill if they’re actually using the platform! Fortunately, we have an entire department dedication to helping you increase adoption, keep reading to learn how!

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5 Must-Have Software for Multidiscipline Organizations

As a multidiscipline organization, you need a wide variety of AEC and manufacturing software training programs to cover all the knowledge your teams need. Using the AEC and manufacturing software training programs available on Pinnacle Series, your multidiscipline firm can train in all the latest technology. Keep reading to learn more.

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5 Benefits of Taking AIA-Approved Courses in Pinnacle Series

If you work in the AEC and manufacturing space, you know how crucial continuing education can be. The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, makes it easy to find high-quality training resources through their accreditation system. And we make it easy for companies to provide their users with AIA-approved courses and continuing education units (CEU) through Pinnacle Series.

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Find strategies for adapting to a hybrid work environment in this blog.

7 Tips for Adapting to a Hybrid Work Environment

As we emerge from an extended season of most employees working entirely remotely, many organizations are wondering what their new normal should look like. In many cases, companies are opting for an in-between solution and adapting to a hybrid work environment. No matter what you’re envisioning for your firm, use these tips for adapting to a hybrid work environment.

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Learn about AEC collaboration tools found in Pinnacle Series.

6 AEC Collaboration Tools in Pinnacle Series

Employees are part of teams, and in order for teams to be successful, they need to collaborate effectively. At Eagle Point Software, our industry experts are intimately familiar with the needs of AEC organizations and their teams. Keep reading to learn about some of the collaboration tools you’ll find in Pinnacle Series.

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Learn about ROI metrics for learning and development success here.

ROI Metrics for Learning & Development Success

ROI metrics for learning and development can be a bit tricky to measure precisely. How do you put a dollar value on employees with improved skills, more knowledge, and extra confidence? Well, our philosophy is that there are metrics that matter beyond dollar values. Keep reading to learn some more about the best ROI metrics for learning and development.

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Understanding how to create effective teams is the cornerstone of any successful project.

How to Create Effective Teams for AEC & M Projects

Assemble the best team possible with these helpful tips. In the world of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, knowing how to create effective teams is essential for collaborative design and

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