Corporate goal planning is more effective when goals are broken down into tangible, easily achievable steps.


7 Corporate Goal Planning Tips for AEC & M

Help your organization reach its goals with these tactics from our team.

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These construction goals can help propel your organization forward in 2023.

5 Goals to Set for Your Construction Company in 2023

Set these construction goals to help your organization thrive this year. It’s no secret that the AEC space is evolving rapidly, and nowhere is that more true than within the construction industry. With ongoing projects, staffing changes, and technology updates, it can be difficult to take a step back and

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Here are three great ways to learn to use Revit in your organization using Pinnacle Series.

4 Ways to Learn to Use Revit with Pinnacle Series

Find the ideal training methods for you and your team. Revit is one of the most popular architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing software programs available. But with so many different years, versions, and capabilities, it can perhaps start to feel a bit overwhelming to learn to use Revit for the

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Celebrate Get Organized Month at your firm by implementing one of these organization best practices.

5 Organization Best Practices for AEC & M Firms

Celebrate Get Organized Month with these tips from the Eagle Point Team. Your team’s organizational habits impact every aspect of your business, from client communications to the work your teams produce. And when things get unorganized, it can have a domino effect leading to project work mistakes, frustrated employees, and

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Pinnacle Series has the latest Civil 3D training your team needs to keep up with this vital software.

2022 Civil 3D Training Updates Recap

Revisit some of the new Civil 3D content additions to Pinnacle Series. A key part of offering the industry-leading AEC & manufacturing e-learning solution is ensuring our Pinnacle Series libraries are constantly growing and evolving. That includes updating existing content and adding new learning resources to keep up with changes

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The BIM training resources in Pinnacle Series are created by industry experts.

4 Benefits of Using e-Learning for BIM Training

Learn how e-learning can transform the way you provide BIM training to your team. For today’s architecture, engineering, and construction firms, having a team that’s up to speed on the latest BIM skills is essential for success. One key way of doing that is to create or improve your BIM

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The Civil 3D training resources in Pinnacle Series are created by industry experts.

5 Ways to Improve Your Civil 3D Training

Trying to set up a new (or improve an existing) training program in your organization can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!    Creating a robust Civil 3D training program for your organization can be easy and effective when you implement these tips —and  you can use these ideas

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The Microstation training resources in Pinnacle Series are created by industry experts.

4 Benefits of Using e-Learning for Microstation Training

You might have a few questions about getting started with a new or improved Microstation training program for your team. How do you start a training program? What are the benefits?  Even though it can be challenging to track the impact of training, you’ll see results if you create a

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Turn to Pinnacle Series for all the training you need to keep up with these AEC & M trends in 2023!
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5 AEC & M Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2023

It’s no secret that the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing spaces are constantly evolving, and AEC & M trends are changing as well. One essential way to keep up with new developments is investing in an e-learning platform that’s continuously updating with content to help keep your team stay ahead

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FAQs About KnowledgeSmart Assessments

Our Pinnacle Series e-learning system works great as a standalone solution — but when paired with KnowledgeSmart assessments from Eagle Point Software, it gets even better!   KnowledgeSmart offers assessments on key architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing topics to help gauge what employees already know, and where they might need

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