When Efficiency Matters
When Efficiency Matters


These AEC and manufacturing software training programs are perfect for enterprise-sized organizations.

AEC and Manufacturing Software Training for Enterprise Organizations

Effective AEC and manufacturing software training is vital for enterprise-sized organizations. With many different offices, teams, and individuals in the mix, you need training that’s flexible enough to work for everyone without sacrificing quality. This blog will take a look at the top programs and how Pinnacle Series can supply expert AEC and manufacturing software training for your enterprise organization.

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Learn about our February 2022 platform update for the KnowledgeSmart and Pinnacle Series integration here.

Enhanced Integration for Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart is Here

Once Eagle Point Software acquired KnowledgeSmart in August 2021, our combined development teams have been working to further improve the integration between the two platforms. Our goal is to combine the skills data capture features in KnowledgeSmart and the e-learning and skills development features in Pinnacle Series into a single, consolidated solution. That solution will help design, construction and manufacturing markets upskill and work even more productively.

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Use these best practices to enhance knowledge sharing at your organization.

6 Best Practices to Enhance Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is a powerful way to harness the talent that already exists in your organization. Your employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience that’s just begging to be shared! And it’s up to you to enable that by implementing best practices to enhance knowledge sharing. Keep reading to learn our six best practices to enhance knowledge sharing!

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Knowing how to improve learning retention can help improve your training ROI.

How to Improve Learning Retention

Long-term learning retention is essential to creating lasting behavior change and increasing organizational efficiency. We all know it’s valuable — but how to improve learning retention is a conversation of its own. Keep reading to learn how you can improve learning retention and how Pinnacle Series can help.

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Understanding how to create effective teams is the cornerstone of any successful project.

How to Create Effective Teams for AEC & M Projects

Assemble the best team possible with these helpful tips. In the world of architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, knowing how to create effective teams is essential for collaborative design and

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