6 Pinnacle Series Features that Bring Value to AEC Organizations

Let’s take a look at some of Pinnacle Series’ valuable features and how they enhance our e-learning solution:

  1. Training developed by industry experts
  2. Robust on-demand content search abilities
  3. Custom content & branding capabilities
  4. Assessments & learning personalization
  5. Work Groups for employees & external members
  6. Built-in support from our teams

Let’s review each of these features and what makes them so helpful, plus hear from companies who have used them to great success!

Training developed by industry experts

The soul of Pinnacle Series is our collection of AEC software and topic training libraries. Our content is expertly developed by industry veterans who have worked as engineers, architects, and construction professionals themselves, and understand the challenges your team faces in their everyday work.

Having a source of expert training means you don’t have to scramble for subpar online courses or rely on your existing staff to train each other when new software releases are introduced. You’ll always have an up-to-date source of content you can trust.

Tracy Matteson, Design Technology Manager for Pinnacle Series customer Mazzetti Inc explained, “We didn’t really have an answer for the deluge of new [AEC] software features continuously coming out. It would take a team of 3-4 people working full-time to meet the training requirements of a company the size of Mazzetti. Pinnacle Series has become the ‘single source of truth’ for employees.”

Robust on-demand content search abilities

Having training easily accessible on-demand is a game-changer for busy AEC organizations. No more taking precious time off to fly people around the country for training seminars where they’ll only retain a fraction of the information. Instead, users can leverage our search feature to instantly guide them to the answers they need, whenever they need them.

This style of learning is much more efficient with time (and money!) and better reflects the way people best process information. They don’t have to memorize everything from a five-day session of information overload; instead, they can learn and problem-solve on the job!

This flexible, on-demand style of training is one of the things that drew MSA Professional Services to Pinnacle Series.

“It’s just a better way of learning,” said Mark Nyland, CAD Manager for MSA. “Instead of holding classes where you quickly lose the audience when the material doesn’t relate to them, Pinnacle Series gives you a training solution that your users can access when they need it. You aren’t just telling someone how to do something, and then they forget it. They find the information in Pinnacle Series, use it, and retain it.”

Custom content & branding capabilities

Pinnacle Series can be so much more than an e-learning platform for your AEC organization. Because we support total customization, you can turn our software into a full-fledged knowledge management system to house all of your internal documentation, training, best practices, project information, and more. You can even adapt the interface’s look and feel to fit your company’s branding.

These customization options help Pinnacle Series customers like P2S., Inc use the platform as their organization’s “single source of truth.”

“In the wake of witnessing the capabilities of the Pinnacle Series, I realized that P2S required much more than just a training tool,” explained Jon Dickinson, BIM Coordinator for P2S. “We also needed a consolidated knowledge base to store and share our custom P2S content. The Pinnacle Series offered P2S the opportunity to consolidate their multiple knowledge bases into one platform while helping share that knowledge with staff and new hires.”

Assessments & learning personalization

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way that people learn, so an effective e-learning solution shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all either. We’ve partnered with KnowledgeSmart so employees can take assessments of their current AEC software skills and receive a custom Pinnacle Series learning plan tailored to fill their skills gaps.

Furthermore, as David Throssell, BIM & Digital Engineering Operations Manager, at Skanska UK discovered, you can add custom content to create training paths for specific roles and to onboard new hires!

“Having taken on Pinnacle Series initially as a way of providing e-learning on-the-job support, Skanska wanted to move to the next level and use Pinnacle Series to deliver learning paths for individual job roles,” said Throssell. “This ensures that people can hit the ground running when they take on new projects or job roles.”

Work Groups for employees & external members

AEC organizations often need to loop in sub-consultants and contractors during jobs and projects for clients. But how do you seamlessly fit these non-employees into your workflow?

With our Work Groups feature, it’s simple. You can create team- or project-specific groups and add all involved employees so they can collaborate. For any outside contractors who don’t already have their own Pinnacle Series login, simply add them as an External User — this allows them to collaborate in the Work Group without giving access to the rest of the e-learning platform.

Built-in support from our teams

Do you find that your best employees often spend time helping others or putting out fires? When you’re a Pinnacle Series customer, our team has it handled. If employees can’t find the answers they need by searching the content libraries, we’re just a live-chat button away!

As MSA Professional Services‘ Nyland found, having Pinnacle Series to support employees in their project work helped reduce the amount of time he and his team spent answering support calls by 50%. By utilizing the e-learning platform and its support team, users can start a remote session and get a solution to the problem they’re facing.

If you’re a current Pinnacle Series customer, log in now to explore these valuable features or contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions you have.

Not a current customer, but interested in exploring these features for yourself and learning what kind of value Pinnacle Series can bring to your AEC organization? Contact us to schedule a demo or start a free trial today!


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