5 Reasons to Learn Revit Online

There are so many benefits architecture, engineering and construction teams can experience when they learn Revit online. Online Revit training can also have advantages for organizations compared to in-person training programs. 


Here are a few compelling reasons why your staff should learn Revit online through an expert AEC & M training solution like Pinnacle Series:


  1. Save time and money
  2. Allow training at the employee’s pace
  3. Increase learning retention
  4. Take advantage of helpful tools
  5. Personalize each employee’s training


Let’s explore these reasons to learn Revit online.


Save time and money


Traditionally, companies may have hosted in-person training days or sent their staff to expensive off-site conferences to learn new software. This can take a lot of time away from important projects, and costs can quickly mount if you’re factoring in transportation, lodging, food, and the costs for consultants, lecturers, or conference tickets. And even with all this, a single event usually isn’t sufficient to turn Revit newbies into experts! Online training tends to be a much more affordable, less disruptive way to train.


Allow training at the employee’s pace


The beauty of online training is that it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as the employee has a compatible device! Pinnacle Series even enables offline learning through downloadable content. Your staff can train when they have a less hectic day at work, take five minutes at a time to watch a training video, or fit in a course module while they’re waiting at a work site. You might even have some over-achievers who want to develop their careers and take additional courses on their own time.


Increase learning retention


When you schedule all-day training sessions in an in-person format, it can feel like a marathon. When that happens, information retention suffers. That’s why information overload is one of the most common employee training pitfalls. Bite-sized learning is much easier for employees to retain in the long run, especially if they get to apply it in a hands-on way directly afterward (e.g., they’re looking up information in the middle of a Revit project).


Take advantage of helpful tools


When you invest in a robust e-learning platform to help teams learn Revit online, you also get access to other helpful tools that in-person training can’t replicate! 


One of our favorites in Pinnacle Series is the Related Learning plugin for Autodesk products (including Revit, of course!). As users work or experiment with the software, the plugin will notify them about training related to the commands they’re running. It’s like the right learning gets hand-delivered to them when they need it! 


Pinnacle Series also allows you to modify or add custom content, so you can make sure our training fits your organization’s standards and best practices. 


Personalize each employee’s training


Usually, in-person training events mean that the trainer is responsible for dozens of people at a time. It’s impossible to personalize that learning unless you pay even more to have one-on-one sessions for everyone. Having each employee learn Revit online bypasses this issue, especially with Pinnacle Series. 


Our KnowledgeSmart integration allows users to take software knowledge assessments and “test out” of content they’ve already mastered. This way, if some of your staff already have basic Revit knowledge, others are intermediate, and others are starting from zero, this means you can train them all efficiently. No one will feel out of their depth or frustrated by repeating training unnecessarily.


Interested in having your AEC & M teams use Pinnacle Series to learn Revit online? Get in touch to Schedule a demo or pilot with us today!


If you’re already a Pinnacle Series subscriber, click here to log in and check out our library of Revit learning resources.


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