6 Reasons to Make Pinnacle Series Your AEC Employee Training Software

  • Large content library developed by industry experts
  • On-demand learning to increase productivity
  • Full customization power
  • Personalized employee training
  • Internal development team for new features
  • Support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

Keep reading to explore more on these unique advantages of Pinnacle Series.

Large content library developed by industry experts

Most Learning Management Systems come with no pre-loaded content, or overly broad corporate content that isn’t specific to the AEC industry. It’s different with Pinnacle Series – we go right to the source. Our team of architects, engineers, construction technology managers, and other AEC pros have worked in the industry and bring valuable on-the-job perspective to our expansive array of training content. The Pinnacle library contains thousands of pre-loaded high-quality training assets covering dozens of AEC software products that are used by many of the world’s largest AEC firms. Our library also includes unique Workflows that document best practices for specific processes within software products, making finding answers more efficient than ever.

On-demand learning to increase productivity

Traditionally, AEC organizations might rely on in-person live training events to get users up to speed on new software. However, this approach can cause information overload from employees trying to memorize everything at once. Instead of cramming training into a single session, choose an employee training software that supports a blended learning approach.  There are benefits to live training events—employees can ask questions in real time, and work on exercises with other trainees. But providing more on-demand learning gives employees a way to find the information they need when they need it. If they hit a snag in the middle of a project, it’s easy to look up a quick tutorial or how-to video and efficiently move on to deliver error-free results to clients.

Full customization power

Every company has different training needs, so the employee training software they use should be adaptable as well. Even though we have a vast array of pre-loaded training content, we’ve also built custom content functionality right into the DNA of Pinnacle Series so that you can use it as a centralized information repository for your internal training materials and knowledge sharing. Upload your own content or customize ours so that the training material is specific to your firm and your best practices. You can also control the interface’s look and feel, so your employees comfortably adapt to a platform with familiar aesthetics and branding.

Personalized employee training

It can be hard for managers to know which training will be most effective for each employee. We’ve made it easy to assign targeted learning through Pinnacle Series. Through our partnership with KnowledgeSmart, employees can take assessments to gauge their current skill levels in a variety of most-used AEC software. Their results automatically generate a custom learning path designed to fill in skills gaps without repeating information they already know. Pinnacle Series also offers a plug-in for the Autodesk application which provides tailored training resources based on the commands an employee is running. By leveraging personalized learning, organizations save time and improve their employees’ skills.

Internal development team for new features

Our development team is entirely in-house, giving us the ability to build new platform features based on requests from our clients, partners, and staff. We always have a listening ear for your thoughts and suggestions, so we can make Pinnacle Series the best employee training software it can be for your company.

Support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager

Every mid-sized and enterprise account with Pinnacle Series has a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist with implementation and usage. In fact, we’re so invested in helping you succeed that our CSM team is the largest in our company. Whether you want to brainstorm how to increase employee engagement, talk about your company’s training goals for the future, or work through a question about the software, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more about the reasons Pinnacle Series is an excellent choice for your employee training software. Schedule a demo today.


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